Nicole Kidman walks the red carpet in ‘grandma’ dress

She’s known as one of the most glamorous women on the planet, but Nicole Kidman has copped a load of
Nicole and Keith posed on the red carpet together.

She’s known as one of the most glamorous women on the planet, but Nicole Kidman has copped a load of criticism over her latest red carpet effort.

Nicole was attending the premier of her latest movie with her husband and fellow Aussie Keith Urban when she turned heads in a blue frilly dress.

The extravagant number had a very Victorian feel about it with a high neckline, button details, and long sleeves.

While it was certainly frilly, many have branded her as a “grandma” saying the outfit looked “like something an old lady would wear”.

Well we don’t know who these people are, but if there’s one thing we know it’s that grandmas these days definitely don’t dress like old ladies!

While many took to social media to make fun of the dress, others said they thought she looked lovely and noted how the colour perfectly matched her piercing blue eyes.

#nicolekidman in #erdem for the #lion movie premiere. πŸ‘ŽorπŸ‘?

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The appearance comes just days after Nicole teared up in an interview while talking about Keith and how he helped her through the death of her father.

Anyone who has lost a parent knows how difficult it is and Nicole said Keith was actually on the other side of the country when she got the news.

You can always plainly see the affection that #KeithUrban and #NicoleKidman have for each other. 😍 (πŸ“·: Getty Images)

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“When my father passed away, I was literally down, saying ‘Please, give me the strength just to be able to wake up tomorrow’,” she told CBS.

“I was shattered beyond belief at that. I didn’t even know how to get up from this.

“I called him screaming and crying and he was about to go on stage, and he walked off stage and he got on a plane. He’d just gotten there. He flew six hours and he was right back there and he literally picked me up and carried, pretty much carried me through the next two weeks.”

Nicole and Keith have become known as one of the most admired couples in Hollywood in recent years, with Keith saying his wife was the driving force behind getting him sober and helping him learn to love again.

Are you a fan of Nicole and Keith? What do you think of her dress here?

  1. Marie millhouse  

    She looks gorgeous, I wouldn,t mind looking that good

    • M Gaskins  

      She looked elegant and beautiful. If ladies would only realize they do not have to advertise their body parts to look nice. Nicole showed how it is done!

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      I totally agree. This is not a grandma dress, a lot of styles from way back are coming into fashion again.
      She looks gorgeous and always does. No matter what she wears.

  2. Sandra Joy Devos  

    Nicole looks beautiful always does, pick on some one else & leave our Nicole alone.

  3. Kristie  

    I think that it is sad that the media won’t ever leave them alone. They look for dirt in every area of their lives. Relationships are difficult enough without that sort of added pressure.
    As for the dress, what does it matter? Can’t we like someone enough without pulling them to pieces????

  4. Judy Polain  

    She looked lovely, personally I’m not keen on the dress a bit too frilly but if she felt good in it that’s all that matters. She defiantly didn’t look like a grand mother,love the both of them but I wish the media would leave the celebrities alone.

  5. Anika  

    As always “our Nicole” looks beautiful.They are a gorgeous couple , let’s now leave them alone. I wish I could look like that as a grandma !

  6. Lee Mcguire  

    Love Nicole ( so beautiful ) adore Keith, saw his concert in Sydney last week, unbelievable. Nicole you look stunning.

  7. Brenda  

    Stunning it doesn’t matter what Nicole wears she always looks amazing, love the dress and no it’s not something old people wear…..

  8. Wendy Crawford  

    Love the dress she looks amazing as usual

  9. Jeannette  

    It’s not one of her better dresses but she can carry it off — her inner beauty outshines anything she ever wears. I am a big fan of this lady – she is a woman of substance – immense courage and strength – with a beautiful soul – this is why Keith fell in love with her – he saw her heart very early on. I admire them both greatly and wish them every great blessing in life!!

  10. Lynette  

    If she looks like a grandma, then i guess everyone wants to be a grandma. Nicole is beautiful.

  11. Rosie  

    No granny would have a figure like Nicole. She looks gorgeous as usual.

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