Nicole Kidman responds to radio host’s “personal” questions about hubby Keith Urban

Like most celebrities, you’ve probably heard a lot about Nicole Kidman’s personal life. From interviews she’s given about her divorce
Like most celebrities, Nicole Kidman is used to being asked quite personal questions in interviews. Source: YouTube

Like most celebrities, you’ve probably heard a lot about Nicole Kidman’s personal life.

From interviews she’s given about her divorce from Tom Cruise to her love for the two children she adopted with him and her hubby Keith Urban’s battle with alcohol addiction.

But like many of us, it seems there’s only so much Nicole wants to talk about her personal life.

During an interview on BBC Radio’s Woman’s Hour, Nicole was speaking about her new film Lion when the questions began to turn towards her personal life.

Nicole started talking about her adopted children with host Jenni Murray.

“When you receive any sort of [adoption] counselling, which they give you, the conversation is always about: Being adopted isn’t a word you don’t use; you use it all the time so there’s no big drama attached to ‘suddenly discovering’ you’re adopted. That’s what I was counselled to do. But you love the biological parent from the minute you hold their child — there’s love, enormous love,” she said.

But then Murray asked her about reports that she had “strained relationships” with her two adoptive children, now adults.

“I don’t discuss any of it. I don’t discuss any of my children in terms of their privacy,” Nicole said.

“All I say is there’s unconditional love, and it’s that simple.”

The radio host then asked Nicole what she meant in past interviews when she said some of her greatest work came during great personal pain.

“Well I just… I need to shut my mouth,” Nicole responded.

“I’m reluctant to emphasise it, it’s just the path of life.”

The topic then turned to her divorce with Tom Cruise, before Murray asked about Keith Urban’s alcohol struggle.

“How do you support someone who’s struggling with alcohol in the way that he did?” Murray asked.

And that’s when Nicole seemed to have had enough.

“God, you guys are personal,” she said.

“I mean… that’s for him to talk about.

“He’s always said that I can talk about it publicly, and I think our marriage in an example of working through it with an outcome where you can be together and he’s sober and very happy.”

But it didn’t end there.

Murray then asked Nicole how much a partner has to stand back and leave it to the person.

“Well that’s a whole, we could do a whole program on that,” Nicole responded.

“I’m very much involved in supporting and loving [him], but it’s not something I can put into a catch phrase, other than: I don’t believe you can save a person. They can save themselves.”

What do you think of Nicole’s responses? Do you think the radio host’s questions were getting too personal? or should celebrities be used to being asked personal questions?

  1. veronica  

    i’m not a fan of Nicole but I do think it’s no ones business but there’s…
    Quite frankly, there are more important issues in the world than celebrities!

  2. Inappropriate and personal questions about one’s family are inexcusable, However, if one wants free advertising for a new
    movie they are prepared to put themselves through such invasions of privacy so no sympathy from this quarter.

  3. julie braddock  

    Nicole is a true lady and someone that has sperated her personal life from her professional life. She has always shown dignity and courage. This is just one example. Well done for holding it together when you could of put this person in their place. You are a true Australian and are loved by us all

  4. Dianne Evans  

    She has a lot of patience I fell they do overstep the mark when asking questions

  5. Eleanor smith  

    its her life and she owns it no matter what her status is. In life we dont need to justify ourselves to anyone. The media is full of trash and gossip and why should she be part of it. I admire her for being .smarter than the journalist.

  6. ken  

    Those are personal questions that are nobodies business but the parties involved and are intrusive on Nicole and Keith and their children’s privacy. I think as usaul Nicole handled these awkward questions well with dignity and personally i think both her and Keith Urban are wonderful examples of success tinged with maturity to all of us.As a kiwi/Aussie i am proud of both of them.

  7. I didn’t know that Keith what is an alcoholic but good for him 4 turning himself around I like your singing love his guitar playing and he’s pretty darn good looking that’s all I can say

  8. Laura Niermann  

    I am a fan of Nicole Kidman (despite supporting DT as the new President). However, I do believe the interviewer was being far too personal and precocious (she simply did not want to give up). Nicole – my advice to you is just as you said “you need to shut up” and stick to the topic in hand. Keith is an amazing person, an amazing husband and father, and I absolutely love his music. You are a strong family.

    • Maureen  

      Nicole as never said she supports Donald Trump . She said she supports the Democratic process .

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