Nicole Kidman outshone on the red carpet by Julie Bishop

The pair walked the red carpet together at G'Day USA and a glamorous Julie Bishop proved by sexy and your 60s mix!
Nicole and Julie were flying the flag for Aussies in LA.

She may be regarded as one of our most stylish exports, but some are saying Nicole Kidman was just outshone on the red carpet by none other than Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

The pair were in high spirits and both looked absolutely lovely for the occasion, but it was Ms Bishop who really caught everyone’s eye thanks to her fabulous frock and her effortless style.

Nicole and Julie were attending the annual G’Day USA event in Los Angeles, both with their partners, Keith Urban and David Panton.

While Nicole kept it demure in a beautiful soft pink long-sleeved gown, Julie showed off her amazingly toned arms in a glamorous navy dress.

Nicole couldn’t wipe the smile off her face as she arrived at the event with Keith on her arm and the couple appeared to have a ball all night, laughing and talking with friends.

The event is actually a very special occasion for the pair as it’s where they first met in 2005!

Ms Bishop was well and truely flying the flag for over 60s style and it was quite wonderful to see someone as accomplished as her representing Australia (and its stylish seniors!).

While it was all fun and games last night, she has been working hard on her trip to America, meeting with President Trump’s team to discuss our relationship going forward.

“I’ve had two very constructive conversations with Vice-President Pence and I know the Prime Minister was pleased with the outcome of the discussion he had with the President today,” she said, before revealing Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will travel to the US soon to meet with Trump.

Putting aside diplomatic affairs, Ms Bishop seemed to have a grand old time last night and was photographed chatting with stars and enjoying the night with guests.

Are you glad to see someone of Julie Bishop’s stature flying the flag for stylish over 60s? Are you a fan of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban?

  1. Rosanne Newton  

    I hope we, the taxpayers, are not paying for her “grand old time”.

    • Rosemary Lynch  

      Off course we are, and considering past polo matches, paying through the nose. How long is this tolerable, with a deficit nearly at $500 million, Australia?

    • Of course we are ….. And for her clothes, hair style, make up, shoes etc: because pollies can claim extra allowances for those things, especially when representing their country.

    • Anne  

      More to the point we are paying for her plus 1 who appears at every venue including the UN and we have never been formally introduced to him as her partner . His claim to fame apparently is as a developer. Why isn’t anyone asking the obvious there as to how her job affects his living.

  2. Diandra  

    Why is a politician required at this event?
    Love Nic though.

  3. Janice Mallett  

    It is an Aussie/ USA event. Why wouldn’t she be there, especially at a time when we need to try and keep a good relationship with USA?
    I think she shines as an ‘ambassador’ for Australia and she did meet with the Vice President.

    • Robin Giacovani  

      I agree totally, she looked beautiful!

      • Mareela  

        She looks anorexic and bony. Not an attractive look. Wonder who paid for the escort? No doubt the Australian tax payer.

  4. Jeanette Smith  

    Anyone can be the best dressed when someone else is paying for it.

    • Adele. Ford  

      Not anyone over 60 can wear a frock, no matter what the cost. It is obvious that she keeps her body in shape and that dress was such a good choice….Adele F

    • Lynn  

      Not necessarily! Sometimes Nicole has some revolting frocks” . Nicole obviously didn’t have a say in what Keith was wearing. If you wear a tie then do io the top button on your shirt and fix your tie OR don’t wear a tie!!!!

  5. Kate Mora  

    I am ashamed that she is there, and also to talk to Donald Trump, but then knowing her methods not really surprised. Would rather see our government stand up to that evil bully, and put aside trade deals to instead respect humanity. Disgusting – the two of them. Sad that Nicole had to stand beside her and to me will always outshine Julie Bishop.

    • Eric Brodrick  

      Oh Good Grief – As Australia’s Foreign Minister it is her job to talk to leaders of other countries whether you approve of them or not. In your view, which countries leaders is she permitted to speak to ? Zimbabwe ? Saudi Arabia ? Iran ? China ? All much more oppressive regimes than Trump’s. You’ve been paying too much attention to the MSM propaganda…..
      In the pragmatic world of Foreign Affairs “Social Justice Warrior” sentiments are pretty well irrelevant


    Pity about the body, just when they are trying to change the starved look for the catwalks !

    • Anne Takiari  

      Meow catty remarks can’t you say something positive.she is doing her job and a good one at that. No need to get so personal about her appearance she looks great and keeps herself very fit

  7. Keitha Granville  

    Julie Bishop tarts herself up – and after her total destruction of Julia Gillard for doing the same, it is pathetic to see her trying so hard to look young. Toned arms ? Scraggly. And “partners”? , Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are married. Julie Bishop is unmarried and barren. ( apologies for stealing that line but it was used against another female in our parliament from JB’s side )

    • Faye Cross  

      Do I hear a little green eyed monster? Julie Bishop is very elegant. And what is her marital or parental status got to do with her job?

    • Don  

      and you are probably a great lump of lard who cant talk because your mouth is constantly full of smiths crisps and coke

  8. Mary  

    Such nastiness is not necessary. They both looked lovely and were there for all the right reasons – Our politicians (border protection) have been vetting people from overseas for years and especially targeting some countries – all for our good. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I haven’t seen him turning back the boats yet – and again these people have to be carefully vetted. Thanks heavens for our way of life

    • Nildy  

      Who is Ms Bishop? Is she representing ‘our’ Australian Government or she is a Hollywood starlet????? Is this another taxpayer expense??

    • Kessa  

      Unbelievable comments from those who just don’t understand and maybe a tad ignorant…Agree with you Mary, Eric and Henrietta.

      • Mareela  

        Kessa and co it’s a pity you all have such short memories. I guess you were all happy about the way this woman vilified Australia’s first female PM. Well sorry but she is no example to Australians, let alone as a role model. If it’s too hot in the kitchen Asbestos Julie needs to get out.

  9. Henrietta  

    There they go again, dragging women down with their nasty comments, and all women at that. No wonders ‘feminism’ is laughed at, the put down gender.

  10. lyn clark  

    We the tax payers will certainly be paying for her ‘grand old time’!!!

  11. Cheryl  

    Julie Bishop is there is her official capacity as Australia’s Foreign Minister, so of course it will be funded by the taxpayers whether it’s a ‘grand old time’ or not. Cut her some slack. She looks fabulous.

  12. Diana  

    In this particular case she was there anyway so she really could attend the G’Day America event as it was an Australian occasion.

    • Seni Vasserman  

      So we define our women by married or not. Baron or lots of children….how shallow. Saddens me how women judge other women. Julie Bishop is a source of confidence to women who has none.

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