Nick Kyrgios to pay dearly for his actions

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios has been making headlines for his antics on court, and sometimes even off it. But

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios has been making headlines for his antics on court, and sometimes even off it. But with his latest display of bad behaviour at the Shanghai Masters where he suffered a bizarre straight set loss, tennis officials have had enough and have banned him from playing – for the rest of the year.

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The 21-year-old has been banned from the ATP Tour for eight weeks, and was also slapped with an additional $US25,000 ($33,000) fine for “conduct contrary to the integrity of the game”, the ATP said in a statement, which comes on top of $21,810 in fines he had already received.

The ban can be reduced to three weeks, but only if Kyrgios “enters a plan of care under the direction of a sports psychologist.”

“Following the completion of its investigation into Nick Kyrgios’ second round match last week … the ATP has announced that Kyrgios has been found to have committed the player major offense ‘Conduct Contrary to the Integrity of the Game’,” the ATP said in a statement.

“The offense means that Kyrgios receives an additional fine of $US25,000 and is suspended from ATP tournaments for eight tournament weeks, effective from today, Monday 17 October, 2016, through to Sunday 15 January, 2017.”

The announcement follows a probe into Kyrgios’ performance against German Mischa Zverev, in which the Aussie fell 6-3 6-1 in 48 minutes and appeared to give up on a number of occasions.

At one point, he lobbed a serve over the net and walked off the court before his opponent fired a winner.

Later, he engaged with the crowd after they began booing him, telling fans that if they knew what they were talking about they would be on the court, not in the stands.

He tweeted an apology after the match, admitting it was “not good enough on many levels”.

Kyrgios, who became the first player to be suspended for behavioural issues since John McEnroe in 1987, released a statement on Monday afternoon apologising for his behaviour.

“The season has been a long one as I battled several injuries and other challenges towards the end of the summer.

“The Asian circuit was particularly tough after the long week and win in Tokyo and with the travel throughout the continent, my body finally just gave out in Shanghai both physically and mentally.

“This is no excuse, and I know very well that I need to apologise to the fans – in Shanghai and other parts of the world – as well as the tournament organisers in Shanghai who do an amazing job.

“I of course know how important the fans are to the success of our sport and I personally love the interaction with fans in the many different cities throughout the world on the tennis circuit.”

What do you think about the punishment and Kyrgios’ statement? Is it enough?

  1. Truth 13  

    The problem with this uneducated buffoon is, he can play a bit of tennis, but he was born an idiot, due to that, he lost his head & have ended with a swollen head, and thinks, he is the best. He just can’t take a defeat. He was loosing to a much lower rank player, but had no brains to take a defeat gracefully. Such people can only behave like what he did & not in a better way. People born idiots, always react like that. He should be given the LAST warning, and if he repeat his ‘antics’ he should be banned for life. Everyone knows he is an idiot, but he should not be allowed to run the whole country down. If this man is unable to play tennis for a living, he will not be fit for any other job, than begging or robbing. Time for him to wake up & realise, he is just another person, who can play a bit of tennis, and far far away being the best in the world.

    • Manohar  

      This idiot will play in IPTL promoted by Mahesh Bhupathi in December. Earnest request to Mahesh. PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE him in your circus.

  2. Wendy  

    What a very silly man, he is an excellent player, unfortunately he has to learn the hard way and hopefully this MIGHT teach him a lesson (may be) He has several greats who have praised him for his tennis abilities perhaps this has gone to his head. If he keeps up this bad behaviour it will be all over for him. Lets hope he will wake up to himself and we will watch another great player become a champion of the court.

  3. Nita kent  

    I think the punishment is appropriate. I am tired of seeing his tantrums and rudeness on court. ore to the point he seems to not see much of a problem with his behavior. A sports psychologist is a good idea..I’d even say no more tennis till he has worked with one.

    He is a very talented player and it would be good to see him play…but not if he is causing so much ill feeling.

    • Susan Jones  

      I agree Nita
      He needs psychological help and maybe a coach.
      He is a good player but unfortunately he is not doing much for sportsmanship and the image of other Australian sports people
      Give him a chance but he does need help and should not represent Australia until he has dealt with his issues.

  4. judy  

    This guy is such a big head that I don’t think he will ever learn. He will laugh it off and the fines won’t hurt him at all. He has no respect for anyone!

  5. Aileen  

    Ban him for life he is suc an embarrassment to Australia and all those people who do play without acting like spoiled brats. Can’t stand him.

  6. Charlene  

    Damn shame ban’s not for LIFE!
    And fine should’ve been ONE MILLION dollars!
    The governing Tennis body didn’t go far enough, IMHO.

    Who does he think he is, purposely ‘tanking’ a game?
    Absolutely disgraceful behaviour, practically bordering on ‘criminal’.

    Can you imagine, Hoad, Roche, Laver, Court et al, behaving like this?
    NEVER, as they were TRUE Sportspeople, not ‘nut-jobs’, like this imbecile!

    This guy’s totally ‘whacko’, & shouldn’t EVER be on a circuit tennis court, again, no matter how ‘good’, & what his ‘potential’ is.
    He’s a TOTAL disgrace to our Country, & just one of his problems’ is he couldn’t care less.
    He’s not the ‘type’ we want representing Australia, in sport.

    Along with many, many people I’m sick, & tired of his continual moods.
    Other commenters’ have expressed enough wordage to describe him.
    I totally concur!

    One wonders how he was raised. His parents sure have a lot to answer for!

  7. Sue Taylor  

    If he’s not sure whether he wants to carry on as a Professional tennis player, then this ban might be a good time for him to go on a ‘boot Camp’ to help him mature a bit & then go get an ordinary job, working 50-60 hours a week for peanuts. ….. Then he can decide if the tennis world is for him or something completely different. Draw a line and move on. Ordinary people pay good money to watch good tennis, why should we waste it on someone too
    big headed, who throws games because things ‘are a bit tough’ Come walk in my shoes NK, I’ll show you tough!!

  8. neale  

    october 17 to jan 15 is not 8 weeks more like 12 weeks december would be 8 weeks so which moron screwed that up

    • Cate  

      If you read a bit further into the article it actually says “8 tournament weeks” which is only the weeks when the tournaments are held.

  9. Jennifer Godwin.  

    If he learns his lesson well and good.The next time banned for life.

  10. Swhirley Winsor  

    I totally agree with Charlene. It is sad that he treats people this way when he could be a good player. I don’t think the ban
    or the fine is enough. We don’t need people like the representing Australia. Let’s get rid of him for good.

  11. Jonathan  

    This d@&$head is so poorly educated, in every way, that he doesn’t even know that when a person says ‘sorry’, for their objectionable behaviour, they’re meant to IMPROVE said behaviour!
    He does the opposite….his behaviour gets WORSE!

    Notice his parents’, especially his mother, haven’t been ‘heard or seen’ for quite some time. Don’t tell me they’ve actually realised what a poor human being they’ve raised!

    He’s some really serious mental health issues’, especially anger management, which he needs to get sorted, permanently, before he’s on a Tournament Tennis Court, ever again!

    I’m sick of his saying ‘sorry’. It’s just a word with NO meaning to him.

    About time he was got rid of, from the world of Tennis, for GOOD!

  12. Jim  

    I don’t think the fine was anywhere near high enough. Hit him hard in his wallet every time he plays up. They earn so much money now that a small fine is just pocket money for these guys. An 8 week ban was ok but keep the pressure on him to behave when he returns.

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