Nick Kyrgios tanks out of the Australian Open in epic match

The ever temperamental Nick Kyrgios has crashed out of the Australian open in what many are describing as one of
Nick Kyrgios just couldn't hold on in the end.

The ever temperamental Nick Kyrgios has crashed out of the Australian open in what many are describing as one of the worst tanks in history.

Nick was up two sets to love against Italy’s Andreas Seppi, when somehow it all fell apart and once again he let his mental state get the better of him.

After double faulting, he earned himself a code violation fine from the umpire, which he quickly backed up with another fine for slamming his racquet on the ground.

He fought back to get to match point, but when Seppi ended up winning the game he appeared to give up.

With the commentators, including Lleyton Hewitt, watching on in disbelief he stood still has Seppi served his final ball, not even bothering to have a go at it.

The loss is just the latest in a long line of similar instances for Nick, where he lets his attitude get the better of him and it seems other pros in the sport are fed up.

After the match ended, Tennis legend John McEnroe said Nick was a “black eye for the sport”.

“What I don’t understand, what I can’t accept, is when he stops trying. It’s a black eye for the sport,” he said.

So should we be standing behind him and encouraging him to deal with this, or have we had enough of this.

Nick has openly spoken about his love hate relationship with the sport before and is the only player in the top 100 who doesn’t have a coach.

Even he seems to know it’s time for a change though, saying after the match it was something he was considering.

With sport such a big part of Australian life, many have been disappointed to see his bad attitude time and time again with some telling his to shape up or ship out.

After blowing it last night, should we stand behind him? Some are pointing out that he is only young and can overcome his issues if the country rallies behind him, but others are saying he’s blown it one too many times.

Did you watch last night? What did you think? Do you think Nick will outgrow this behaviour?

  1. Wendy Watson  

    What a pathetic and petulant piece of humanity! He does not deserve to be in the same company as other tennis/sporting pros who take their losses and bad days on the chin and learn from it. How much longer do we have to put up with this display of extreme lack of sportsmanship and adult tantrum……..he has no place in being in the sporting public eye where he is in a position of priveledge by being a ‘role model’ to our young athletes. Pack your racquet up dude, you are a disgrace to the sporting worl – no matter how talented you are. Come back when you’ve grown a pair and can take the lows with the highs!!!!

    • Margaret  

      Totally agree Wendy, we don’t need the likes of him representing Australia. Nothing worse than bad sportsmanship shows a persons character.

  2. Anne mangraviti  

    I feel with so many up and coming young players such as Thompson, De Minaur, an many more who as far as I have seen have a wonderful attitude to the sport maybe it is time if he is not truly passionate about tennis to retire. His attitude does nothing for the sport and he is not better than the sport. Personally I will not be watching another one of his games not that that makes any difference to him not because he lost but because he has a very poor attitude to the game.
    I could watch Hewitt, rafter, and all the other Australian great over and over win or lose because they had a heart for the game and gave it the respect it deserved even McEnroe with all his on court antics never quit and that is what sport is about giving it your best 100% of the time.

  3. Mary  

    Everybody has been making excuses for this individual for too long now. Time he grew up or got out.

  4. Beverley McCall  

    Cannot believe the applause for this person after each point ,,he deserves no applause because he dosent want to try ,,any one else that serves a double fault just cops it and carries on playing…Even the commentators seemed to be on his side ,,,well one anyway …Should be banned from playing in any major tournement ,,he has no respect for the game and the paying public……

    • Trish Bolton  

      What worries me about that was that they were mostly youngsters, this is the message he is sending out ‘It’s okay to be rebel’ Not okay at all.

  5. Trish Bolton  

    Shame on you Nick, and totally unfair for Seppi. Nick gives the sames problems every time he plays it’s not just a ‘one off’ My opinion Sack him. Enough is enough you have blown all your chances.

  6. Why on earth this spoilt brat was even picked for the team I do not know. Everytime he plays, he has a tantrum if things are not going his way, or he retires “Hurt”, I for one am sick and tired of people saying “Well he is young and it is a lot to handle” bulls… I have seen others just as young ans the handle the pressure very well. He is an absolute disgrace to this country, and should retire from tennis permanently. Let someone who does deserve the chance to take his place. He seems to think we owe him something, well I have got news for you buddy we friggin don’t. And while you continue to act like a child, no one in their right mind would stnd behind you to cheer you on, if anything it would be to boo you off.

  7. Denise Schutz  

    No we should not support him, he his just a disgrace to all Australian sports, he should not be allowed to step on the court again and play for Australia, spoilt brat and deserves nothing

  8. Angela  

    He simply does not have the head for the game and I doubt he ever will. Apart from being embarrassing to watch it gives the impression he has a mental health problem which needs attention before he totally falls apart. For his own good, time he sorted himself out before he disintegrates.

  9. Jennie  

    We don’t want people like him representing our country, he is a bloody disgrace and he should get no more chances.

  10. I read recently that he was having professional help from a Phycologist for his mental attitude but last night showed there’s been no improvement. He should go – he is ruining a fabulous tournament.

    • I will never ever again watch this blight on our Australian tennis! Supposed to be the best we have to offer!! Please get rid of him! He must be banned from ever appearing on a tennis court in any country. Maybe it is his aim to embarrass us!

  11. Suse Melville  

    Was this really a shock – No !!! I watched the game just waiting for him to implode – and he did !! Well done Seppi for just playing tennis and having to deal with the petulant little brat at the other end of the court. I have never and will never barrack for Kyrgios – I always support his opponent, no matter who they are or what country they represent – I believe Kyrgios should be forced to retire for bringing this wonderful sporting event into disrepute. He is just too embarrassing and not worthy of any support.

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