Nick Kyrgios just admitted he is “pathetic”

Nick Kyrgios has suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of his friend Andy Murray in Wimbledon overnight and it

Nick Kyrgios has suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of his friend Andy Murray in Wimbledon overnight and it looks like it’s finally tipped him over the edge.

Nick was at a press conference after the game when he admitted his performance was “soft” and “pathetic”.

He admitted to not being committed to the game and said he doesn’t have a coach because he can’t find anyone that is OK with him only training when he feels like it.

“One week I’m pretty motivated to train and play,” he said.

“I’m really looking forward to getting out there. One week I’ll just not do anything.

“I don’t really know a coach out there that would be pretty down for that one.”

One man who is definitely not “down for that” is tennis legend John McEnroe who was commentating the match for viewers at home.

He slammed Nick’s performance and attitude in what might be the young player’s most brutal take down yet.

“What’s he’s giving, 80 per cent?,” McEnroe said.

“This is Wimbledon, centre court; you’ve got to give 110 per cent to try to get back into it.
“I tell ya, this is hard to take a whole lot of positives out of this.

“It’s not just the mental part, he needs to work on his game.

“He doesn’t know what it takes to be a top-10 professional to win grand slams.

“I’m hoping he sees the writing on the wall before this becomes chronic, irreparable, because to me it’s getting to that point.

“He’s got a lot of thinking to do, a lot of work to do.”

But he wasn’t done yet.

“Kyrgios came out focused, looked to be playing well, served big but got tight and played some loose shots,” McEnroe continued.

“Right now mentally Kyrgios is not even on the court. He’s just snapped.

“How long will it take him to get back?

“Give credit to Murray because he has gotten into his head and it doesn’t look like Kyrgios wants to be out there.

“This is not doing our sport any good. This is Wimbledon centre court, you have got to give 110 per cent to get back into it.

“Kyrgios has got a lot of thinking to do and a lot of work to do.

“I think this would be an important time for his parents to look him the eye and people like Lleyton Hewitt, these are the people who have got to force him to look in the mirror.”
McEnroe questioned why Kyrgios talks constantly to his support box.

“Kyrgios has got to take responsibility for what is going on. He is doing a lot of talking to the box at the moment,” he said.

Do you think it’s time for Nick to grow up? Should he be playing competitive tennis if he’s not willing to give 100 per cent?

  1. jane jefferies  

    I really don’t think he realizes he has a talent that could really go far …He’s to up himself and needs to be brought down a peg or two…You have to crawl before you can walk..He won’t listen to any advice is rude and obnoxious . And wants it all his own way…This I’m afraid isn’t the real world…If a young person wants something bad enough .He has to have the passion to go all out and strive hard for it…I think he needs to wake up to himself..he could have a wonderful future with the right guidance ..he is still young and has a wonderful talent he doesn’t know what to do with…He needs mentoring badly…..None of us can have our cake and eat it too. Especially when starting out in a career .You have to earn rights of passage ……

  2. Geraldine  

    Hey, Nick, hasn’t anybody told you, or didn’t you bother listening, a Coach is paid to make you work to your potential.

    You don’t want to do what Coach says, then why don’t you just
    take your racquets, go home, & stay there permanently,

    It would give someone else, who WANTS to commit to 110%, as McEnroe says, a chance.

    Yes, you ARE pathetic, & in many, many ways. Try growing up. It might help.

  3. Pat Zammit  

    I read somewhere that he doesn,t really like playing tennis if this is the case he is only out there for the money and he,ll never be truly successful

  4. Maree  

    As a tennis player nick has all the attributes of a beach bum BUGGER off I say and be a beach bum. I won’t watch him or Tomic anymore because they don’t play for their country just their egos.

    • Geraldine  

      ……….& MONEY, Maree!

      If there wasn’t money involved, we wouldn’t have to be subjected to the two WORST non-sportsman-like immature male brats in Tennis!

      I concur totally with your comments, too, Maree! Thank you.

  5. Del Dance  

    For the first time I actually do feel sorry for Nick. He looks like a lost kid not knowing where to go. He has so much talent but not the right attitude, maybe he was not mentored at the beginning. He sure has to learn anything worth having has to be worked at, nothing in life is handed to you. To abuse his talent is such a shame, I hope there is someone out there he will listen to and encourage him to take his tennis seriously because to lose such a talent would be a loss to the tennis world but if he can’t give his all he is best to walk away.

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