Former Wimbledon champion urges fans to embrace Nick Kyrgios’ personality

Here we go again – Nick Kyrgios has been fined $3360 at Wimbledon for unsportsmanlike behaviour. To be specific, he apparently yelled

Here we go again – Nick Kyrgios has been fined $3360 at Wimbledon for unsportsmanlike behaviour.

To be specific, he apparently yelled “bulls**t” after losing the third set to Czech Radek Stepanek, reports Courier Mail.

Kyrgios was reported by umpire Mohammed Lahyani, an official renowned for showmanship.

It is not known if Kyrgios, who is guaranteed $50,000 in singles prize money ahead of his second-round clash with Dustin Brown, will appeal.

This isn’t the first time Kyrgios has been fined, in fact, he had to pay $4370 at the Australian Open for swearing and $6200 at the French Open for bad language.

Mr Lahyani warned Kyrgios and Stepanek pre-match to “be careful with the language…and try to keep the racquet in your hand.”

It’s not clear whether Mr Lahyani’s pre-match directives are unique with each players, but apparently his warning to Kyrgios and Stepanek is considered rare.

Kyrgios,was challenging the Swede when he was handed his code violation, while clearly believing he was being singled out by the official, reports ABC.

“What did I say?,” Kyrgios kept on saying repeatedly.

“So you’re telling me every single person that has said that in this chair has got a code violation?

“You are telling me that? In the history of tennis? Every single person? You tell me that. That’s rubbish.”

Many think that Kyrgios should really look at his behaviour and do something about it before it ruins his career.

But former Wimbledon champion Pat Cash says forget trying to rein in Nick Kyrgios and said his fire was all part of the package.

“The bottom line is that Nick is Nick and he’s going to blow up – and that’s his personality,” Cash said.

“He’s unbelievably interesting. A mate of mine said to me ‘when that Kyrgios kid comes on, I can not turn the TV off’.

“One, (because) he’s super-talented. Two, because you just never know what’s going to happen.

“But he is an unbelievable talent.

Kyrgios joins Sam Querrey, Dan Evans, Adrian Mannarino, Nicolas Almagro and Eduoard Roger-Vasselin as players who have been fined at Wimbledon so far.

Do you agree with Pat Cash?

  1. Mary Heffernan  

    I disagree with Pat Cash. Why should Kyrgios think he can exhibit such “spoilt brat” behaviour just because he can hit a few balls over a net with a tennis racquet? Doesn’t he realise that as a sportsman he is a role model for young people and should act accordingly? Or does he have such an exaggerated sense of entitlement that he thinks his behaviour has no consequences? I mourn for the “old timers” like Laver, Hoad, Rosewall and Rafter, who exhibited great sportsmanship in both on court behaviour and in defeat. I certainly would not buy any product that Kyrgios endorses until his behaviour improves. Our country is getting a bad reputation through his shenanigans.

    • Helen Boyd  

      When my son played soccer as a young lad many years ago, I told him if became big headed I would pull him from the sport – in fact he kept his feet on the ground, got a scholarship to A.I.S. and later became a top coach. Sounds to me as if Kyrios’ parents have pandered to him instead of instilling good manners and sportsmanship to him. Has Pat Cash had a brain storm? No way is Kyrios’ to be lauded for bad temper, bad sportsmanship and bad manners. Not to worry – Karma will follow him I’m sure.

  2. Paul  

    Let him go and play baseball in the US. They can have tanties within 10cm of the umpire’s face and nothing happens.

  3. Trish  

    I can’t stand ‘spoiled brats’ in any way be it in sport or just general life. If he wasn’t that good a player would people be defending him??? These people are what the future generation have to look up to and they should be held responsible!
    I used to be an avid tennis supporter until John McEnroe spoiled it for me. I heartily agree with Mary about the wonderful players that Australia has produced in the past.
    Having said all that I could watch Federer til the cows come home. What a superb sportsman!

  4. Annette  

    Why should the public tolerate his childish, bratish behaviour, he isn’t a two year old.

  5. Lesley  

    Isn’t Kyrgios’ behaviour just a symptom of today? Poor behaviour and lack of consideration are excused from the moment kids are born. It is a reflection of the “it’s all about me (and my kid and my car and my house) mentality. It’s not. It’s just self-absorbed bad behaviour and the sooner we start calling it out as such the better.

  6. R Roberts  

    Having watched Kyrgios for the last couple of years it appears to me that he is an egotistical yobo who should pull his head in or be excluded from the circuit.

  7. Joy Anne Bourke  

    Leave NIck alone, you are hypocrites, don’t tell me that when you were 20 that u did not let off steam, that is if you are playing championship games in any sport.
    I really think that every time Nick walks on the field the umpires have it in for him. I agree with Pat Cash. I can remember a lot of players that let off steam over the years.
    UMPIRES need to leave him alone. U can’t tell me that everyone hears what Nick says, as he moves his lips the umpire thinks he is swearing.

    • Barry  

      Nothing hypocritical here. Of course we let off steam but that didn’t include throwing our toys out of the cot when playing sport. Federer is a champion and a dignified sportsman; Kyrgios is just a spoiled, indulged and reasonably good tennis player who hasn’t grown up yet and he’ll never be in the same universe as Federer as a player or a person.

    • Joanne  

      I was in Swimming Championships’ from age 8 to 22. The latter years’ at State level.
      At no time did I display, even as a child, the behaviour this immature git displays.

      I was involved in many different Sports’ at School, way too many to list.
      Was Team, School, & Interschool Captain in Swimming, & several other sports’.
      Was an Equestrian Champion, from age 20 to 23.
      One doesn’t become a Sporting Captain, & Champion, through being an idiot, a brat, mouthing off, throwing temper tantrums’.

      He needs to go to a good ‘shrink’, & work through his behavioural problems.
      And quickly, before they get worse.

  8. Jonathan  

    The sooner we don’t hear, or see, this ‘Richard Cranium’, the better.

    Total ban is what he needs, for his behaviour.

    Too bee stupid to realise nobody’s going to give him endless chances.

    He’s proven enough times that’s he’s way too immature, & bratish.

  9. Hanna Craven  

    I think Pat Cash was a bit of a fireball himself. Birds of a feather etc…….

  10. Susan Hullock  

    Bad manners. He should grow up & realize he isn’t so very special.

  11. Glenda Simpson  

    No he is an embarrassment to Australia – he has no class, no manners and is a bad sport – get rid of him.

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