Nick Kygrios says “If it doesn’t get better, I’m done”

We’ve seen him angry and immature, but Nick Kyrgios painted a sorry sight this afternoon in the US Open. The Aussie tennis

We’ve seen him angry and immature, but Nick Kyrgios painted a sorry sight this afternoon in the US Open. The Aussie tennis star broke down in tears at a change of ends in the third set of his third-round clash against Ukrainian Illya Marchenko.

At a set-all and down 4-1 in the third, Kyrgios was struggling massively with a hip complaint. He took a medical time-out at the end of the second and told the trainer: “If it doesn’t get better, I’m done.”

After three games in the third, Kyrgios looked towards his box and appeared to tell them: “Two more (games) then I’m done.”

After those two games the trainer visited him again. Kyrgios explained how much he was struggling, but for a long part of the exchange he didn’t say anything at all. Instead, he buried his face in a towel as the tears arrived.

“I’m down 4-1, this is b******t,” he said.

Unsurprisingly he went on to lose the third 6-1 and retired, ending his run at the year’s final grand slam.

Kyrgios breezed through the first set and looked on track to do the exact same in the second before he was broken late and couldn’t regain the momentum as Marchenko took it 6-4.

He started showing signs of being in considerable pain midway through the set, and the discomfort only got worse as the match progressed. He resorted to keeping points shorter and shorter, but ultimately Marchenko came out on top.

Earlier, Kyrgios showed just what makes him such a rare talent, by displaying how well he could fight to the finish.

“No way. No way in the world!” said commentator Adam Peacock. “How has he made that?

“Look at the zip on that from an almost stationary ball, and the pace he was running at.”

“(That is) the rally of the tournament,” added Wally Masur.

“That was a piece of brilliance from Marchenko.

“It’s just a different level of skill that Nick has than a majority of players on tour.”

What do you think of Nick Kyrgios? Is he just staging everything or does he genuinely wear his heart on his sleeve?

  1. Kirsten  

    He’d be NO loss, in ANY way, shape, or form!

    I, like many 1000!s of others’, am fed-up with this immature, selfish, idiotic brat, & his grossly stupid behaviour!
    AND, he’s not that good a tennis player, anyway, IMHO!

    Go, Nick, ASAP, & do NOT come back!

    Good riddance, & I hope that other immature d@&$head, Tomic, follows you!

    Why T.A. haven’t banned these two for life, I’ll never know!

    Oh, to just think of Newcombe, Hoad,, Laver, Roche et al, who were TRUE SPORTING Gentlemen, is delightful, & brings back fond memories’ of excellent Tennis players’.

    • Lea  

      You are an idiot to make such comments. He is an amazing talent. I just wish he would get a coach and start a proper routine. You sound like a loser who has never achieved anything in your life. I watch all his matches and am amazed at his talent. Not just the 15 seconds of a blow up they show on the news where obviously you make your uninformed opinion from.

      • Brian Lee  

        Whether he is talented or not isn’t the point. The fact is he is ill-mannered, arrogant and selfish, thinking only of himself – good riddance to him!

  2. Mary Heffernan  

    Kirsten, I agree with you 100%.

  3. John Matthews  

    How can this bloke be a star. What has he done.

  4. Brian Lee  

    I don’t think there will be many tears shed, if he’s never seen on a tennis court again!

  5. I hope you are done and dusted and we never have to hear from a prick like you ever again. If I was offered a free corporate box to watch you and the other mouth TOMIC that box would be empty.

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