Newspoll reveals how Aussies really feel about Malcolm Turnbull

The Australian recently ran a Newspoll and the results have revealed a big change in voters preference –While Malcolm Turnbull remains the
Malcolm has some bad news following the newspoll from The Australian.

The Australian recently ran a Newspoll and the results have revealed a big change in voters preference –While Malcolm Turnbull remains the preferred prime minister over Bill Shorten, less than a third of voters are satisfied with his performance while more than a half are ­dissatisfied.

The Newspoll also revealed Labor has a two-party preferred lead of four percentage points over the Coalition whose primary vote has dipped below 40 per cent – the first time under Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership.

That’s lower than where Tony Abbott was when he was dumped as leader a year ago, the poll for The Australian reveals.

It reveals Labor has a two-party-preferred lead of 52 per cent to the coalition’s 48 per cent — the opposition’s biggest lead since Mr Turnbull took power.

The poll shows the Coalition’s primary vote has fallen three points in the past fortnight to 38 per cent and is down four points since the election 12 weeks ago.
In the final Newspoll under Mr Abbott’s leadership in September last year, the Coalition’s primary vote was 39 per cent.

Primary support for Labor has risen one point in the past fortnight to 37 per cent, while the Greens have gained one point to 10 per cent and other parties and independents have climbed a combined one point to 15 per cent.

The only measure where Mr Turnbull has consistently remained ahead of Mr Shorten is on the question of who is the better prime minister, where his support rose one point to 44 per cent while Mr Shorten gained two points to 33 per cent, reports The Australian.

Mr Turnbull has lost 20 points since his peak of 64 per cent last December while Mr Shorten has more than doubled his support since reaching the equal-record low for a Labor leader of 14 per cent.

What do you think of the poll results?

  1. Susan Marsh  

    He is totally out of contact with what the people want. Very arrogant persona and has achieved nothing since pushing into power and pushing Tony Abbot out. This was not what the electorate wanted in general and this was shown in the recent poll. If labour had a more proactive leader the liberals would have lost power. Hence people have moved over to the far right. This is not only happening in Australia but world wide because people feel unsafe and realise the world is going in the wrong direction. Poor leadership, poor common sense. I am an unhappy past liberal supporter.

    • Rosanne Newton  

      Dead right.

      • John Powell  

        Great comment Susan you hit the nail on the head with your comment and I for one would say the Australian public would be overwhelmingly in agreeance with every word you have said congrats Susan

  2. Lorraine Simpson  

    He also lied to the people of W.A about getting our fair share of the GST w.a. are now seeing him for what he is nothing but a lier were once W.A. would have supported Turnbull and the LNP are now seeing for a lier he is While Tassie and S.A GET 90 cents in the Dollar W,A, gets under 30 cents is that justice no

    • Ken Smith  

      WA is squealing about the GST now because they squandered the royalties from the mining boom.They vociferously campaigned against sharing that bounty with the rest of the nation via the Mining Tax yet now want to share in the income that is earned by the rest of the Nation.

  3. Stephen Sturgeon  

    If Turnbull does not Wake up and listen to what at least half the population are saying, feeling and wanting, this government will lose more ground, respect and ability to Govern.
    They are sitting on their hands whilst an ever bigger wedge is being driven into the community.
    A good place for Turnbull to start would be to openly accept that there are problems in Australia and the Western World, relating to National security, border control, laws, culture and Foreign ownership of our farms, ports and essential infrastructure,
    He needs to allow and encourage open and frank discussion on subjects now considered taboo. Instead of denigrating people who try to have frank and open discussion on these subject, he should take a leading role on finding a solution. Thus bringing the people closer together. If nothing is done I have little doubt that we are in for a sad, violent decline in our lifestyle and prosperity over the foreseeable future.
    If he is unable or unwilling to undertake the tasks he should step aside or pushed!

    • He isn’t a leader at all, he struts around like a peacock and does nothing, He won’t listen to the people and is a self serving parasite. If he doesn’t pull his socks up he will find himself voted out next elctions.

  4. Royce R. Baucke  

    I think M.Turnbull lacks leadership qualities and is too easily swayed by members of his party and the Nationals. He needs to show the Australian people he has the “Stuff” to make a decision and then go with it – the government is trying to be run by too many back seat drivers and Turnbull allows them to do it. This country will go no where with that sort of political leadership. Take the reigns man – and lead your people – its what they are looking for and its what they want!!

  5. Stephen  

    Turnball doesn’t care, he really doesn’t.
    He won the election, just; did nothing before it and will do nothing after it, and he doesn’t care, not one iota. He looks smooth in a suit and is smooth with his mouth whilst continually blaming every one else and in reality achieving not one single thing.
    Even his BIG U.N./Washington visit was to an empty U.N. hall and meetings with a variety of under-neath secretaries made to look good, oh yeah and the quick photo op with Obama, that was all just a photo op along with the hundreds of others Obama did that day. No one cares and no ones listening, even though he tells us what wonderful things he told them, (mostly Abbott stuff anyway), but no ones listening so it is all just hot air blowing nowhere.
    We all now know he doesn’t believe in anything except his own money. Comes on as Mr will do, and doesn’t, it’s all empty air slogans that if he does do anything it is usually the opposite of what he says.
    Jobs ‘n growth, yeah for overseas, innovation actually being UN-funded, and he doesn’t care because he looks smooth in his very expensive suits and very expensive hair cut, and that is really all he is, an empty smoothie.
    Now if we could just harness all that useless wind bag hot air, we could definitely meet our global environmental requirements

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  7. Joy Rhodes  

    Did we really expect anything else from the Liberals? And Labor is not much better. I will never, ever vote Liberal ever again. I am tired of both the mainstream parties. They still just don’t get what the people want and we have overwhelming evidence to prove that they simply don’t care. They’re in there to feather their own nests and enjoy a wonderful retirement at our expense. Until all these ridiculous rules (all in their favour) change, neither will their attitudes. They are totally out of step with the entire community, other than the wealthy who don’t give a damn about anyone else anyway. And they support the Libs – of course.

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