New Zealanders vote to get rid of the Queen

They’ve been leaning towards the idea for a while now and a new poll out over the weekend has shown

They’ve been leaning towards the idea for a while now and a new poll out over the weekend has shown that the majority of New Zealanders are sick of being under the British Monarchy.

A whopping 59 per cent said they’d rather get rid of the Queen and have their own elected head of state instead.

The poll was conducted by campaigners NZ Republic and asked a random selection of 1,006 people aged over 18 who they want as a head of state.

Only 34 per cent said the British royal family should continue in the role, while 44 per cent wanted a directly elected New Zealand head of state and 15 per cent wanted a leader elected by MPs.

The results have some people calling for a vote in Australia to decide whether or not we should stay in the Commonwealth.

It’s an issue that has divided many for years, with some people saying it’s high time we stood on our own and others saying there’s nothing wrong with the current system.

Last time Australia voted on the issue in 1998, those who wanted a republic lost 55 per cent to 45 per cent. But would things be different this time around?

With Britain choosing to leave the EU earlier this year and Australia trying to cement its place on the world stage as a political influencer there are suggestions that the results could be very different if there was another referendum.

What are your thoughts?

Should Australia stay as part of the Commonwealth? Or should we leave the Royal Family behind and stand on our own?

  1. The watcher  

    Australia is being left behind by the world. Nz is showing us the way. The Saxe coburg gotha dynasty is irrelevsnt to modern Australia.

    • ken braines  

      The last pole whether NZ should keep its current flag KIWIS overwhelmingly voted to keep it….AGAINST JOHN KEYS WISHES…..This comment that most kiwis wan out of the monarchy flies in the face of this fact.

      . More likely false statistics from good old john key who wants us out of the monarchy so his corrupted corporate Zionist cronies and tpp can take out NZ democracy.
      Beware this is just another attempt to get rid of our sovereignty to leave us exposed to a puppet president … and further loss of our democratic rights. At this time the best thing for Kiwis is to leave things as they are and treat any comments that polls favour getting rid of the queen with great suspicion..

    • Pamela  

      At the local republican movement headquarters, Rose!

    • Shona  

      Yes Yu are right……what poll?!!! It’s a load of rubbish.look at the majority of people that voted the old flag back in.

  2. Rosemary Wolski  

    Only a few months go there flag was going to change !!!!! People are fickle, just think they might get a Trump type as a head of State and since when has a poll been a “vote” a poll is just an opinion.

  3. Regina Christey  

    New Zealand did not vote to get rid of the Queen. What was the sample numbers – 125 people, drawn from republican supporters. Who organised it?

    • Heather Maw  

      I agree – the poll is not indicative of NZ wishes – 1000 people polled – 59% wanted out. It’s rubbish. Leave her alone. She’s a great lady.

    • Shona  

      That’s right …..we have NOT voted to get rid of the Queen!!!!!

  4. Why would we ever want to get rid of a system that provides a check on politicians greedy power grabs? Let alone replace it with another egotistical, mediocre time serving politician!

  5. Alan  

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the current system and a lot in favour. Some say that the current flag and head of state are not relevant to many modern Australians who come from a wide variety of countries, but that is quite incorrect. They are relevant because it is thanks to the (originally) British system of law that they enjoy the level of freedom we enjoy in both Australia and NZ today.
    Also, as Jerry Venables mentions, the British monarchy provides us with a check on political activity in the country. Remember the Whitlam government, wasn’t working, so…after much deliberation, the Governor General, the direct representative of the Queen in this country, asked her for authorisation to dismiss that government. You may wonder what the point is, but if you want to consider a “republican” alternative, with no governor general and his power to dismiss a government, just think back to 1973 in Chile. They still have not recovered fully from 16 years of military government, not have they discovered the whereabouts of everyone that “disappeared”.
    Personally, I prefer the system we have. It works just fine, and I do not consider Australia needs to be a republic to achieve its own importance in the world.

  6. Gillian Campbell  

    New Zealand did NOT have a poll or a vote by the whole population.Articles like this are very miss leading.

  7. Fay  

    A poll is not a vote, so there is no way of knowing the views of all citizens on any issue unless a vote is actually conducted. Being a part of the Commonwealth does not limit member countries at all. Australia, as an island nation, is relatively small in population and fairly distanced from the majority of the developed world. We are in a changing world environment, so I think it is important to have strength in numbers through the Commonwealth of nations with its shared values, to strengthen allies and capitalise on the unity of a collective force.

  8. Stephen Southerton  

    Becoming a republic does not mean leaving the Commonwealth. A majority of Commonwealth countries are republics.

    • Marie  

      Like America who the Monoracy still owns! Get rid of all royalty, put the corrupt in jail! We don’t need them!

  9. Angela Anderson  

    no leave the queen alone she dose a lot of good.

  10. colin  

    keep the current monarch then get rid of these parasites, who wants to kowtow to that adulterer. It also costs us a lot of money, governor general etc to keep them . The British did not care much for Australia when they were in the EU. and now Scotland wants to flick them away.

    Australia is such a back water in many things, a relic of the past and I don’t mean Christianity no I mean the inbred Royal Family an then there is the equal rights issue…

    and the polls , they are indicative.

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