New Zealand outshines Australia on the world stage

We’re used to a little bit of friendly competition across the ditch between Kiwis and Aussies – who has the

We’re used to a little bit of friendly competition across the ditch between Kiwis and Aussies – who has the best weather, who has the best cricketers and footballers… just to name a few.

But now a new global ranking has settled the score for 2016.

The Legatum Prosperity Index for 2016 has placed New Zealand ahead of Australia as the most prosperous country in the world.

New Zealand tops the list of 149 countries, with Australia placing sixth behind Norway, Finland, Switzerland and Canada.

It’s the fourth year in a row New Zealand has been ranked the most prosperous country in the world.

So, why are the Kiwis beating the Aussies?

Well, New Zealand was ranked number 1 across two section including social capital and economic qualities.

The Properity Index’s report described New Zealand as “a nation with the strongest social capital in the world, where 99 per cent of New Zealanders say they have family or friends to rely on in times of need”.

The report also praised New Zealand for having a high level of personal freedom.

In fact, New Zealand ranked higher in every category than Australia except for Education and Health.

You might be wondering why Australia is ranked 6th?

Well, the Aussies actually used to be Number 1 back in 2008 before dropping to a low of Number 9 in 2014.

“Australia is the only country in the global top 20 to have seen prosperity decline over the past decade, the result of weakening economic openness and the increasing terror threat affecting the country‚Äôs Safety & Security performance.” the report reads.

Australia performed best in Social Capital, ranked second behind New Zealand, and in Education, ranked fourth behind Switzerland, the Netherlands and Finland. 

So there you have it.

What do you think of the rankings? Do you think New Zealand is more prosperous than Australia?

  1. As a great percentage of FIFO WORKERS are in Australia, and sending or taking their income back to NZ…. No wonder NZ s Economy is above Australia at this point in time..

    • B J Maglis  

      It’s not an even playing field for New Zealander’s in Australia so I doubt they are sending money back to New Zealand. The amount that would be sent wouldn’t make any difference to the NZ economy anyway. You still have to eat and drink and put a roof over your head if you live in Australia, so there’s not going to be much spare change. The prosperity isn’t much about monetary wealth either.

  2. Maureen Mealings  

    And Aussies are deporting NZ criminals back so that should help Aussies financially .I am not complaining criminals choice to do the crime..
    The Exonomist are still spreading doom and gloom to us here so I really do not know if figures are accurate for us to have this ranking.

  3. Greg Hills  

    Ummm. Statistics can be misleading I think. The reason why New Zealanders can answer that 99% have family to help support them us quite simple really – most of that support network lives and works in Australia!
    It is no coincidence that Sydney just happens to be the largest New Zealander populated city in the World, outside of Auckland.
    Then, there a many more Kiwi’s that are fly in- fly out workers in the Australian Mining Industries.
    So yes, they may be above us on the rankings but they use our resources and quality of life to get there!

  4. Joy Rhodes  

    I think everything they do is smarter and better! I doubt very much if the resources industry is manned entirely by Kiwis in Australia! They also have a political system which they don’t find insulting and mediocre! They also have a lot more respect for their politicians than we do here. Try going over there for a visit, you may be very (pleasantly) surprised.

  5. What alot of rubbish being written here, just accept the facts, Nz is a better country then Australia, it has nothing to do with fifo workers, that is a very lame argument.

  6. Appears to be a few sour grape posts on here: Maureen Mealings – are you inferring there are no Aussie criminals in NZ? Tr walking through Sydney at night!
    Marilyn Mason – FIFO WORKERS, take a reality check. Where is your evidence for this comment?
    Greg – What mining? Haven’t you heard the mining boom is over? Kiwi workers paid their taxes in Australia,
    worked hard and sweated. You know the moisture you exude when you work hard!!! WA unemployment in WA is 6,9%, so there is doom and gloom, as reported nightly on Aussie news. The workers who “fly in and out” as you point out, pay their own airfares, accommodation, and as health care is reciprocal, they are entitled to use this benefit, just as Aussies who come here use our resources. So try not to be so one-eyed, it doesn’t become you or Australia. I have many Australian friends and relatives in Australia, and loved my years there, but you need to recognise there are problems there.

    Having lived in Australia for 21 years, and New Zealand for 20 years, I think the report is spot on! NZ is a great place
    to live, bring up children and away from the rat race. So I know which place I prefer to live.
    So Greg, if you read this, who uses your quality of life? Absolute rubbish. Quality of life in NZ is by far more peaceful, pleasant and relaxed, and we don’t need to blog how wonderful NZ is, we already know it!

  7. Maureen mealings  

    To Pauline Stewart.There are plenty of Aussie criminals here but they don’t get deported back to Aussie the Goverment are still only thinking about it.

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