New poll reveals the one issue Australians really care about

When it comes to the big issues Aussies are really worried about, it looks like we’re not as fussed about

When it comes to the big issues Aussies are really worried about, it looks like we’re not as fussed about immigration as everyone would have believed.

An annual poll by the Lowy Institute has found that immigration has drastically dropped down the list as fears about other issues rise instead.

When asked what the biggest issue was to them, a whopping nine out of 10 Australians said they oppose foreign investment in farmland.

It has become an increasing issue for many people over the past few years, with fears that too much farmland is being bought up by Chinese buyers in particular.

The poll found that overall our views on China are shifting and we are valuing our relationship with the country as just as important as with the United States.

In fact, our views on the US have diminished drastically with many people weary of what a Trump presidency would mean for international relations and our military commitment in the Middle East.

According to the poll’s results, 65 per cent of us believe “dysfunction in Australian politics” rates up there with terrorism and national security, at 68 per cent, as very important.

The fact that most Australians oppose foreign investment in farmland has come as a surprise to some, with many people failing to realise just how important this is to many Aussies.

It’s an issue that has plagued pollies for a number of years now, with many voters crying out for the government to stop selling off Aussie land and businesses.

Across all of the big issues, voters say they trust the Liberal Party to handle them better than the Labor Party, with the Opposition only coming out on top over the issue of climate change.

Do you agree with these results?

What do you think is the biggest issue Australia faces? What is the biggest issue for seniors?

  1. Aileen Ferguson  

    Yes I would agree with that, we are loosing control over our land and it needs to stop. My second issue would be Gas Fracking as it is also badly damaging our land. I live in a town and I am not a green supported but these issues are real and should concern us all.

  2. Rosanna Salle  

    Who are these people they poll ?? I never get polled

    • [email protected]  


    • aussiebird  

      I was thinking the same thing. Yet it is over all the main media. I want Trump. Australia would be far better off with Trump than the left leaning Clinton.

  3. Thela  

    I am opposed to foreign ownership of Australia wherever it may occur. Selling our country is not he way to go!

    • Jean Kiem.  

      Yes, I am dead set against selling our farmland to foreigners. Australia belongs to people born and bred here. I was born here and have seen a lot of changes over eighty years, not all good unfortunately.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      I agree, we will have no farms left if this continues. Then the Govt will have something to answer as they let it happen.
      If the Chinese buy our land then they can bring in their workers and send all the produce back to their country. What will happen to Australia. I and many others are angry the government is letting this happen.

  4. Trevor  

    All of these issues are important,I think immigration is very important .What is happening with climate etc is that we have too many people world wide and growing fast the world needs to get this under control.The politicians and economists keep saying we need a large Australia,Why our infrastructure cant keep up our air pollution gets worse there is more poverty than ever.
    The polys do it thinking the new people will vote for them or their party because they brought them in.
    The business people think their profits will go up,but no one looks at the big picture.
    What is happening now is that the immigrants all group together in communities and they dont have to learn the Australian way or the language ,We need to slow down on the numbers each year.
    I was born overseas and I love Australia and dont want to see it destroyed by greed.

    • Immigrants do tend to flock together and live in major coastal cities like Sydney and Melbourne. The native Australians live in the bush. We are those immigrants who come to Australia but are afraid of Chinese because they look different to us. If it was British investors we wouldn’t worry so much. The first thing we say is that we are not racist, but then wait for the but…. they should think like us. I agree we shouldn’t be selling our farms and houses, we should be caring for the environment and not selling coal to anyone, certainly not to Indian businesses as India is planning to double it’s number of coal powered plants. I do realise that the majority of Australians don’t believe in the climate change theories, but what if…Climate is no respecter of opinion polls.

    • Becky  

      So you were born overseas and came here and now you’re here you want to stop others doing the same thing? How is that fair?

  5. rikda  

    I don’t know who they polled that “voters say they trust the Liberal Party to handle them better than the Labor Party, ”
    Have they been told what John Howard done with our assets.
    Privatization & disposal of assets is in the DNA of the Liberals.
    I wonder if they were told of Joe Hockey’s planned to sell off 130 Billion dollars worth, which is almost twice of what Howard did.
    These people must live in caves.

    • Brigitte Gilbert  

      Well said! Liberals are all about selling and privatising, in other words shirking
      responsibilities. I don’t trust them at all and find their pre-voting slogan laughable. Jobs and growth! Where are the jobs suddenly supposed to come from? All I hear is that people get laid off and we all know that from a certain age onwards, you just can’t get a job. Oldies are not wanted, even though they make the best, most reliable workers.
      No Liberals for me, thanks.

  6. Rosie Ottevanger  

    I totally agree, I oppose foreign investment of any type of farms, to me this is growing out of hand so much is in the hands of China, why????? Even the fruit farms of Tasmania, I just don’t understand.

  7. Bette Campbell  

    I am totally against any of our assets being sold off to anybody and allowing mining to take place in our food bowls and prime beef country is disgusting.All the future generations will have is a big hole in all of Australia and importing 2nd or 3rd grade food from else where and when there is not enough food for their population it will be sent over to them and Australians will starve. I think that our politians live in GaGa land.

  8. Pam Bodger  

    My biggest fear is the immigration and the muslim problem. And no I am definitely not racist, but I see this as a huge threat for the future. I really fear for my children, grand children and great grandchildren.

    • Please qualify your statement with “Radical Islam”. Muslims have lived peacefully amongst us for three centuries – they were here in the early 1800’s to open up the inland for us, guiding the explorers. And Islam is not a race – it’s a religion.

    • Kevin C  

      The biggest problem we face is the threat posed by Islam ideology in Australia. It is not a peaceful religion and never has been. Islam just doesn’t fit in with western democracies such as Australia.

  9. Maureen chellis  

    I am not sure why people are concerned about who owns what. The land is still here, they don’t pick it up and take it to their own country, our country is made up of people from other lands we are all foreigners .

    • They can’t take the land to their home country but they can send all food etc grown on that land back to their country. We will end up having to import all of our food from goodness knows where and watch the prices go through the roof then.

      • Kay  

        Not to mention sending their profits back home too, instead of ploughing them back into the Australian economy.

  10. Joy Anne Bourke  

    I agree with all that is said. Stop selling our farms off to the Chinese. Our Government has sold off everything and now letting our farms being bought and destroyed. We want our Australians farmers to survive. Not destroyed by our Government.

  11. Totally agree, if you look at many other countries especially the ones we are allowing to buy here, we are NOT allowed to buy in their countries.

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