New poll revealed preferred leaders of Australia’s political parties

It appears that more voters things Julie Bishop and Tanya Plibersek would make better leaders for their respective parties than

It appears that more voters things Julie Bishop and Tanya Plibersek would make better leaders for their respective parties than the current leaders, that’s if a poll by Roy Morgan is to be believed.

The survey was conducted with more than 550 voters and found that Bishop had moved passed Malcolm Turnbull as the preferred leader of the Liberal Party with 34 per cent of the voters favouring her to 25 per cent in favour of the current leader.

Perhaps not surprising is that both Bishop and Turnbull are streaks ahead of former leader Tony Abbott, who has just 14 per cent of the support from voters for the top job. However, since Abbott lost his position as prime minister his popularity is now at its highest.

Tanya Plibersek on the other hand is well out in front of current Labor Party leader Bill Shorten.

She has 25 per cent of the vote, just 1 per cent ahead of Anthony Albanese, while Shorten holds firm on 14 per cent.

Interestingly, Plibersek has come out on top of the poll for preferred Labor leader in the last four surveys.

Who is your preferred Liberal Party and Labor Party leaders? What do you think of the job being done by the current leaders?

  1. Carolyne Moran  

    Mark my words, if Turnbull gets in again then Aussie will end up like NZ, sold off to the Chinese…..
    Turnbull and Key are tarred with the same brush, both only there for the top 1%
    NZ is now so far in debt, for 8 yrs they have been saying every year that we will be in surplus, yet every time we get a few million they give it away not to the needy, but they have not reduced our debt they just keep growing it.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Yes agree, need to get rid of LNP and Turnbull Govt. They are destroying the country and only want to be there for themselves and their mates and could not care about the people at all and especially the pensioners and Medicare.

  2. Gary Fox  

    I don’t think NZ has really ever been out of dept. NZ simply does not have the resources power other large countrys have.

  3. desleigh clarke  

    I like both Tanya & Julie bishop, can’t stand bill Shorten & his whining voice and not too keen on ego-manaic Turnbull either, both of them backstabbers and not to be trusted. Pity we can’t have some people who put the country first for a change, someone who will go after the billions of dollars tax cheats and “churches” have ripped us of for over the years & change the bloody laws so it doesn’t happen in the future. How about Australia for the every-day Aussies for once.

  4. Guy Flavell  

    Both Julie and Tanya perform well in their portfolios but I cannot agree they would either be sound leaders … far too much subterfuge in their backgrounds and both are
    definitely highly factionalised within their parties. Sadly, Mr. Turnbull must go, and very soon to ensure the LNP are not totally decimated in the 2019 elections.
    I firmly believe that the person this country is screaming out for to lead us out of the present budgetary crisis is CHRISTIAN PORTER. His track record, especially in the economic arena, is impeccable, he is non-factionalised, speaks directly (no waffle) and would not accept non-performers in his Government. Under his centralist type leadership he would be our only hope of uniting both left and right of the LNP and offer overwhelming success in 2019 to the benefit of all Australians. Unfortunately, due to the huge challenges he has in restructuring and reforming our shambolic welfare system, we may have endure Mr. Turnbull for another 12 months. But, don’t be surprised after this that CP is not THE prime contender for PM.
    Hopefully the Shorten leadership will not change to ensure that we’ll never have suffer another dreadful period of Labor’s economic mismanagement. It really would not matter who the Labor leader was as the Party is totally controlled by the despicable, corrupt
    union movement. However, one shining light in the Labor party could potentially destroy my theory on this … ANDREW LEIGH !!! (watch out for this guy, he’s brilliant).

    • Christian Porter? Give me a break! I have not recovered from his latest lies and spin. His portfolio should be Minister for Denigration and Kicking the Poor when they’re Down and Lying to the Public. Don’t we have enough liar PMs in the LNP? Howard (Children Overboard and Weapons of Mass Destruction.) Abbott (Lied about Everything.) And Turnbull, (jobs and growth, innovation, just for starters.)

      • Guy Flavell  

        Trudy, do us all a favor and go chant your leftish twaddle on the Guardian site with all the other morons.

  5. Is that the most intelligent comment you could come up with? Unable to rebuff my post with facts, so resort to abuse? Thought so. Seen it many times before from dull-minded Liberal supporters.

    • Guy Flavell  

      Like a few undisputable facts Trudy?
      1) 6 years of gross economic mismanagement by your comrades.
      2) $667 billion of national debt left from this 6 years after inheriting a healthy surplus.
      3) Totally union controlled … run foul of this and you are immediately chucked out.
      4) Absolutely NO worthwhile solutions for reduction of budget deficits … only increases of
      5) Disgraceful track record on borders. 1200+ deaths at sea and the black hole wastage
      of billions of taxpayers’ dollars with Manus and Nauru.
      6) Obstructionist tactics constantly against sensible budgetary repair in both houses.

      These should be enough “intelligent comments” to rebuff your dull-minded, pathetic Bolshie claptrap. I repeat what I said before … give us all a break on Starts at 60 and disappear over to the Guardian or maybe even join the audience on Q & A … they’d love your Commie mantra over there.

      • First of all, piss off yourself, you ignorant twat.

        As for your “facts” you seem to be very confused. The situation the LNP have got us in is many, many times worse than Labor left, as you well know. And the LNP are not dealing with a global financial crisis. Did you lose your home during the GFC? Did you lose your job? Like people in other Western nations did, in the millions? That’s because Labor got us through the GFC with barely a tremor. As for Manus and Nauru, it is the LNP who’re paying criminals billions of dollars to imprison vulnerable people for the rest of their lives! This was never Labor policy. And the LNP have never passed a Budget! Because they have been too awful to get through Parliament. Talk about “claptrap.” How silly you made yourself look.

        You wouldn’t know an intelligent comment if it slapped you in the face.

        • Guy Flavell  

          ” Piss off you ignorant twat” … what a classy comment Trudy. I obviously did strike a nerve and initiated the ignorant response I expected from such a politically uneducated and crude person.
          Won’t be responding to any more of your drivel as there are just too many balanced and interesting people on Starts at 60 to waste my time debating with morons.

  6. Carole  

    Id never vote bishop! Shes a back stabbing, stuck up ego driven woman! Tanya anyday….

      • Guy Flavell  

        Trudy, Julie Bishop has political brilliance and enviable CLASS … very special qualities that people like you would never be able to achieve in a lifetime.

        • As if you knew what class was. You’re an oaf, a misogynist oaf who doesn’t like women disagreeing with him. Go cry a river.

          • Guy Flavell  

            What’s the matter Trude … my “intelligent comments” rebutting your Labor
            claptrap strike a nerve ???? As to my comments being misogynist, I don’t give a fig whether you’re male or female … it’s just your stupid oafish comments do offend my intelligence. Go cry a river of embarrassed tears for being made to look the wally you obviously are.

  7. Why don’t you try to come up with your own words or phrases so you don’t have to steal mine? And you think you’re “intelligent!” Well you’re easy to fool! I wonder how many times you’ve been the object of laughter spouting that rubbish you posted. Well, you’re good for a laugh. Night, Sad Sack!

    • Guy Flavell  

      Yeah Trude, it’s been lots of laughs but now it’s just plain old boring. Not much of a challenge for me to be demolishing crude gutter-snipes like you in print. Ho hum … maybe tomorrow
      will find some sane people on SA60 offering intelligent arguments.
      Get thee hence you obnoxious creature !!!

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