New Holiday scams trying to ruin Christmas

While it is the time of the year to share gifts and good times with friends and family there are

While it is the time of the year to share gifts and good times with friends and family there are still people out there that want to take advantage of you. Scammers are coming up with new ways to try to get vital personal information and credit card numbers.

Some of the ways that are being reported on this Christmas are new takes on some older concepts.

Fake deliveries
Some scammers are posing as delivery people that have a package but want to check make sure of your identity so are asking to see credit cards for proof. With special scanners, they can actually take photos of your cards. Always check your statements for any strange activity.

Dodgy charities
If a door knocker comes to your door working for a charity, it is a good idea to excuse yourself from the conversation to quickly Google on your phone the name of the charity and the word “fraud” as people are quick to put information online about any fraudulent activities. If you are still unsure tell them you want to think about it and if they could give you a website you could donate on later. Legit charities will offer this information, but fake ones will insist you have to sign up now with your credit card.

Gift Cards
If you receive an email saying that you have received a gift card just in time for the holidays, you might want to Google the name of the company and the email address that it has come from to check the legitimacy. Most of these scams will also say you need to use a credit card to confirm your ID and pay the “small delivery fee” this is to get your details. Best to just delete them.

Have you seen any other online scams this holidays? If you see any make sure to report them to Scamwatch.

  1. Barry Turvey  

    This is not a Christmas scam but it is circulating at present Emails telling you that you have been issued with a traffic infringement Gives you an infringement number ,fake camera address ,date of detection and an amount of the fine -(-mine was $527.79 AUD.)
    Download notice declaration

    The fee shall be paid within the statutory period of up to 12.12.2016
    name and email where email came from can be supplied, I have left that off.
    Do not know details of the fine as I deleted it and showed it to the police

    • Barry Turvey  

      The above scam for the fine to be paid was 12.19.2016 which is not how we print a date eg 19.12.2016.

    • Barry Turvey  

      Sorry the the statutory period for the fine to be paid was 12.19.2016 which is not the way we write the date.

    • Yep got one of those this week the name of the sender sent me of in hysterics before I even read it but anyone who drives would know that infringement notices do not come over the net so its just another attempt from idiots to on people .I did send a reply to the email but I wasn’t nice or polite so I hope they got the message and were not to offended by my reply .

    • Trevor shelley  

      Saw that one come through Barry. Deleted. The net is just drowning in scams. I delete all unless I am sure it’s genuine. The is an electricidy one going around with false billing. Thanks for sharing you info

  2. Shanti  

    I’ve received 2 or 3 of these recently – interesting, seeing I neither drive nor have a car! Delete, delete, delete!

  3. Margii MOORE  


    I also received two of these with the same details only my ‘fine’ was $989.00 and had to be paid by 19.12.2016. I deleted it straight away as I KNOW Infringements do not come in emails. Lots of people would be caught though.

  4. My brother-inlaw received a text from “his” electricity supplier for an under payment of $40. He was going to get me to help him pay it with his credit card. I asked him does he usually receive a paper account, he said yes. I said then its a scam. Unfortunately there are too many vulnerable people out there.

  5. Joan Marshall  

    Quite often I get e-mails saying $25,000 and sometimes larger amounts have been deposited in to my account to get me to give my card details. I just delete the e-mail. People are being scammed by making you respond to a picture of Oprah Winfrey or some awful remark on the Royal Family to get you to get on to the site only to read it is an advertisement for skin care. How dare they trick the public like this? needless to say a fair few women have been scammed by dating sites of Guys saying they are coming in for a lot of money from a relative but has to pay enormous death taxes to borrow money which you never get back. Twenty years ago you never heard of all this the world is going from bad to worse.
    Competitions from various stores I delete because it is a scam to get your details like your mobile number then you have numerous mobile calls the worst being from Insurance companies. The answer to this do not partake of competitions.

  6. Jeanette JamesonRice  

    Unfortunately I am the victim of two scams both were advertisements on Facebook. The first, namely Bellapax, offering a trial sample of a wonder cream for $1.99. It arrived with an advice note that it would take from my bank $69.99 twice over for two creams each month! Luckily I traced the company working out of Melbourne and was able to put a block on this. The second scam was again an advert for soft toy elephants at a reasonable price of $27.93 US$, I purchased 2 with delivery to my young grandchildren in Sydney which they never received. I have since found out this is a fraudulent company, namely Cool Stuff Emporium again working out from Australia. Both these companies placed their ads.within days of each other in October. My advice to anyone is to google the advertiser’s name, check out their phone number and ring them before entering any transaction with them.

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