New development in Bali murder case spells trouble for Aussie mother

It’s been 10 days since Australian mother-of-two Sara Connor, and Briton David Taylor were taken into custody after Balinese policeman, Wayan Sudarsa, was

It’s been 10 days since Australian mother-of-two Sara Connor, and Briton David Taylor were taken into custody after Balinese policeman, Wayan Sudarsa, was found dead on Kuta Beach with more than 40 wounds.

On Kuta Beach on last Wednesday morning, the body of officer Wayan Sudarsa was found with 42 wounds, including to his head and neck.

By the following Saturday, 45-year-old Sara Connor from Byron Bay and David Taylor, 34, were named suspects under charges including murder and assault causing death.Little was known about the incident at that point but Ms Connor was spotted with what appeared to be a bite mark to her thigh sparking questions from the public if a sexual assault was involved.

Then, Mr Taylor has told police that murdered cop Mr Sudarsa had held Ms Connor down in the sand and that she had screamed, attracting passersby who came to her aid.

Now, Ms Connor claims that she was the one who tried to protect Mr Sudarsa.

The plot thickens as Bali investigators now say that six new witnesses have come forward.

Police say these new witnesses were actually at the site where Ms Connor and Mr Taylor allegedly burned the clothes they had been wearing on the morning of Wayan Sudarsa’s death.

Their input is crucial as police try to produce a full reconstruction of the officer’s death.

Both suspects are also expected to be returned to the scene of the alleged crime for the first time since it happened. It will be the first time they will be confronted with each other’s version of events, after different stories emerging over the course of investigations.

“Our agenda is of course to prepare the dossier. We will do the reconstruction in the future and we will tell you about this,” Bali’s crime unit chief commissioner Reinhard Nainggolan said.

“We will see there how the suspects committed their acts.”

Ms Connor and her British boyfriend are still being detained at the Denpasar Police headquarters, about 10 days after they were named suspects in the case.


The Australian woman faces an additional charge of being an accomplice to murder.

Lawyers for Connor insist she is not guilty of murder and that she had tried to protect the victim from Taylor.

She has now also employed Australian barrister Peter Strain to assist in her defence.

Commissioner Nainggolan said there were only two suspects in the case and murder was the predominant charge they both faced.

“It’s the lawyer’s job to defend their clients, but we are the investigators and if we found a victim who lost his life we use the charge of murder,” he said.

Taylor will undergo psychological examination this morning. His co-accused was assessed late last week.

What do you think really happened?

  1. Mark  

    This case is still a mystery and eventually the truth will unfold but it’s obvious given the “right circumstances” that any person is capable of murder. I am well aware that it’s premature to declare them gulity as they still have the right of presumption of innocence, but the evidence seems to be overwhelming, so only a miracle will save either both of them or one of them. What this case clearly demonstrates is how quickly and easily tourists can find themselves caught up in their worst possible nightmare. However some people will never learn. I will never understand why a mother of 3 children could be so irresponsible to leave her children behind to have a fling in Bali. If convicted and incarcerated she will spend 5,500 days asking herself the same question.

    • Ray Thornton  

      I agree with many aspects of what you say but am sceptical about the truth ever coming out. Corruption is rife amongst these police. They are more interested is getting the conviction they want than in truth and justice, especially if the truth hurts their image. How much faith can we have in these new witnesses that have emerged I wonder?

  2. Mary  

    I am flabbergasted as to why a woman is blamed. How is it her fault that a man has been murdered? She would not have been physically capable of harming this man (may he rest in peace and his family). Yet, nothing is mentioned about the man in custody.

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