New Australia Day lamb video called the most political yet

Every year the creative minds behind the annual Australia Day lamb ads roll out their latest offering and this year
The Australia Day ad is back and better than ever.

Every year the creative minds behind the annual Australia Day lamb ads roll out their latest offering and this year is just as clever and funny as ever.

In what is being called the most political version yet, it centres around a group of Indigenous Australians firing up the barbie for a delicious lunch.

It isn’t long before ships start appearing on the horizon and pretty soon the French, the English and a whole host of other nationalities are jumping on shore.

There are more than a few cracks about who the first settlers of the land are, with the cheeky script poking fun at the English arrivals who try to claim it as their own.

While Lee Lee Chin was hailed as the star of last year’s controversial ad, this year sees ‘lambassador’ Sam Kekovich, Olympian Cathy Freeman, former NRL player Wendell Sailor, former cricketer Adam Gilchrist, comedian Rhys Nicholson and MasterChef’s Poh Ling Yeow all make appearances.

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At one point someone points out to sea and exclaims, “Here come the boat people!” to which Poh quickly replies, “Hang on. Aren’t we all boat people?”.

The tongue-in-cheek ad has already won fans with many saying it’s the best one yet to come out of classic campaign.

Others were quick to note that one major thing was missing from the video though: Australia Day. There is no mention of the words ‘Australia Day’ at any point throughout the video.

Over the past few years there has been rising aversion to the name of the national holiday, with many Indigenous people calling for their own culture and recognition as the first inhabitants of Australia to be celebrated more.

It seems the people behind the ad have listened to their concerns and decided to make a video that was just as funny as ever, but importantly included all the people that make this country such a wonderful place to live.

Take a look at the video and tell us what you think!

Did the ad put a smile on your face? Do you like the message it’s sending this year?

  1. Merilyn O'Neill  

    I love it especially the line that we were all boat people. So true.

    • Sue  

      We might be boat people or a lot actually flew here, but we were legal migrants. Big difference to so-called boat people now! Also the Aborigines in the ad have a lot of “white” in them. Full blooded Aborigines are blacker! Just saying! Other than all that, ad is entertaining!

  2. Ken Clifford  

    Fantastic ad I love it, Great humor.

  3. Karen Myers  

    Love the Ad, however it is and always will be ” AUSTRALIA DAY”.

  4. sue southouse  

    Best Australia Day ad i have seen for a long time, but isn’t every day AUSTRALIA DAY

  5. Laryssa Faulkner  

    Absolute Crap…Australia Day isn’t mentioned and it’s all kinds of wrong. I was born on Australia Day as well, so it’s extra Craptastic for me.

    • Diana swift  

      Could you try to support your comment with a few reasons as to why you thought it was so wrong .

      • Russell Fry  

        very well put Diana Swift. asking for substance rather than just a vague comment. I would have just told him to put his head back in the sand…. 🙂

  6. John Cutler  

    Brilliant ad .. could someone send to Mr Trump!

    • TP  

      Fantastic add and then John cutler had to stuff it up

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