Neighbour furious after receiving angry letter about front yard

A woman in the Victorian suburb of Hamilton has been left fuming after receiving a rather aggressive note from someone
What happened to looking out for your neighbours?

A woman in the Victorian suburb of Hamilton has been left fuming after receiving a rather aggressive note from someone on her street.

Ebony Ackroyd said she came home to find the anonymous letter ripping into her about the state of her front garden.

The neighbour told her to “observe every house, there’s none in the deplorable lazy as yours”.

“In fact walk all over Hamilton and your front yard is the worst, a disgrace to both you and your husband,” they said.

“People say they have never seen your husband doing any work, no excuse.

“Across the street see how that elderly lady keeps her front garden with little effort.”

It went on to berate her for spending her money on haircuts instead of paying to fix the garden.

“There is no reason why you can’t move your kids’ playground to the rear of your house, like other people do, better for them and better for you. Throw those old tyres out.

“If you and your husband can afford fancy hair cuts, you can dam (sic) well afford six shrubs for your front. People say wake up clean and tidy up, that goes for you both,” the note said.

While we all know bad neighbours can be a major inconvenience, Ms Ackroyd has hit back and slammed the note writer for doing it anonymously.

“So to receive this letter in my mailbox I am absolutely furious! I mean seriously! I would never do this to someone no matter how bad their yard looked because we don’t know their story. We don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors! We don’t know if they are ‘lazy’ or if there is something wrong,” she said.

She went on to say herself, husband and three-year-old son had all been sick with gastro over the past few weeks, which was why the yard had been left in such a state.

Either way, the whole thing has certainly raised debate and left people asking who’s really in the wrong.

It certainly seems the days of looking out for your neighbours and getting to know them are over for some!

Would you ever confront your neighbour if you had an issue with them? Are you friendly with your neighbours?

  1. Sue  

    How about the neighbours get together and have a working bee to help clean up the yard that so offends them. I’m all for neat and tidy, but I’d be more inclined to knock on the door and ask if they ever needed help cleaning up, beautifying the front yard to give me a hoy, that I’d love to help. As she said, no one knows what’s going on behind the gate, so don’t pass judgment!

    • Sue  

      Also, in looking at the photo, the tyres are being used to conserve water on the plants that are in the front garden, there’s a a rubbish bin and that’s it apart from kids toys. I seriously don’t think it’s a problem, I’ve seen yards with grass over a foot high, car bodies in the front yard etc. these people need to take a serious look at a ‘how to be a good neighbour’ guide.

    • Rob  

      Just a bit rude, but the neighbour is probably a matron at the local hospital. To sign ‘anonymous’ is cowardly. All care and no responsibility.

  2. Delma  

    Tell them to get a life I would rather have neighbors like you than neighbors like the letter writer.
    I have had some terrific neighbours whose yards look like swap meet but they would do anything for you. No bodies business just make sure you don’t rush out now to clean it.

  3. stef  

    What a shame they cant enjoy seeing your kids play,as you do. Maybe they could help keep an eye on the kids too(all the kids in the street). Take a deep breath and try to make friends with these folks. They might have spare time and if they got to know you could have some ideas and assistance they could give. They obviously don’t know your story and i bet they’re embarrassed and ashamed they jumped to conclusions.(They should be) Id try to turn it around to something positive. You’re going thro some hard times and i feel for you. In my experience once people have a chat with you (face to face) and get to know you it can turn around. Shame they didnt come over so you could say “Sure, id love to do a few of those things (or these ones) but at the moment all this is happening…” Emptying the trailer so someone could borrow it… sounds like you’ve got a heart of gold. It’d be nice for these neighbours to get to know you so you could help them develop their positive community attitude 😉

  4. We have a problem with our neighbour, his yard is absolutely disgusting, the window slats are braking and just hanging, he is too lazy to mow, so he sprayed the whole yard with poison and now one of his trees’ has died, doesn’t pick up rubbish, it stays where it lands and he lets his dog at home to bark and bark and yet we remain dignified in our behaviour but it dismays us, it could be worse, we could live right next-door, they have built a six foot fence.

  5. mary  

    Never move into a complex on the central coast because bullying is rife & power is supreme ohhhh dear get a life of your own people !!!!!!!!!!

  6. Joan Marshall  

    I have the same problem living on a block of four where young people live in a state of dirt and untidiness. I have helped a young 28 year old clean up once before. I refuse to have people visit me and remark on the dirt and untidiness. This particular neighbor did not know what she had to pay in rates and taxes or insurance for her villa on our block of four. I sent her an e-mail and told her she will pay for her insurance because the rest of us refuse to pay for an irresponsible individual and that I would sue her if she did not pay her amount for insurance. The strata title insurance has to be paid together. The neighbor came to the party and paid her insurance. It simply requires assertiveness from one person and that person is me. If neighbors on a block of four cannot show consideration to others on the block then my reply to that is LIVE BY YOURSELF in filth and untidiness in a house by itself.

    • Jenna  

      Glad you’re not my neighbour Ms Marshall.

      • Jude Power  

        Me too: threatening to sue another owner in a block of units is hardly likely to be conducive to good neighbour relations!

  7. Jude Power  

    Personally I wouldn’t take any notice of someone so stupid they write such rubbish as “in the deplorable lazy”! Seriously though, I’d be ignoring them pretty much, because people like that aren’t usually open to a reasonable approach, because they’re not reasonable themselves.

  8. How sad that someone thinks they can judge others. I know you could just dismiss this rubbish letter, but it hurts and will for a long time as you try to get your brain around this insult. You don’t have to answer or give a reason. Put you chin up and live life.💗

  9. Marlene Pert  

    The neighbour needs to get a life, worry about their own piece of turf and mind their own business. How narrow minded are these people. There is nothing nicer than to see happy kids playing outside.
    Ignore people who are so narrow minded.

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