MPs enjoy another annual pay rise while pensioners only get measly fraction

While pensioners are earning less than $1,000 a fortnight, it appears that pollies are enjoying a better deal. In Queensland alone, salaries of

While pensioners are earning less than $1,000 a fortnight, it appears that pollies are enjoying a better deal.

In Queensland alone, salaries of MPs have been awarded a pay rise of 2.25 per cent a year for three years, taking their current base salary to more than $152,000, reports ABC News.

That figure works out to approximately $3,000 a week, a mammoth of a salary compared to the $436 weekly a pensioner makes.

Below is the breakdown on annual salaries for each state.

MP salaries by state. Source: Queensland Independent Remuneration Tribunal.

Compare with the 2016 pension rates below.

Pensioner rates 2016. Source: Australian Department of Human Services.

Additionally, on top of the base increase, The Independent Remuneration Tribunal also announced today that Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk would get an additional 1.5 per cent.

Both the MP and the Premier’s raises would be backdated to September last year, taking it to 2018.

It comes after the State Government gave the public service a 2.5 per cent boost this year.

In its determination, the Tribunal said it was especially important that base salary levels for Queensland MPs should remain broadly consistent with representatives in other states and territories.

“At the same time, we recognise community expectations, and those of the members themselves for that matter,” it said.

“We are confident our approach will avoid the need for more significant adjustments in the forward years.

“Additionally, we considered that in the prevailing economic circumstances of uncertainty and concerns the global economy has entered a period of sustained low growth, restraint is called for.”

The Tribunal said it had taken account of economic factors in determining additional salaries for office holders.

“We consider they have particular responsibilities in line with their office, as well as greater capacity to shape policies to address the softening outlook highlighted in the Tribunal’s analysis of economic indicators,” it said.

“We think it is reasonable that office-holder salaries should be subject to the wage restraints being experienced by high-income earners in other sectors.”

Many pensioners are upset and they believe that they are continuously being left out when it comes to increase of funds.

Do you think this is fair?

  1. Woopie doo, we get a massive $5.20 a fortnight extra, the first rise since Kevin Rudd. Pollies in ACT get the equivalent of our total fortnightly pension as a rise each fortnight, or $16,969 yr. How long have these leeches been in power? We have worked our buts off for all of our lives paying our taxes for this pittance, it stinks. Maybe all us pensioners should go out and do a crime or something, then we can all go to jail and be treated like royalty with the government paying our bills.

  2. Sandra Mason  

    I’m not sure that saying pensioners “earn” an amount is doing our case any good – it’s a bit like some Centrelink unemployed who want their ‘holiday pay’. Pensioners have earned the right to a pension, but I’d prefer something less emotive, like ‘allotted’ or ‘receive’. The word “earn” takes away the responsibility from the government and puts it on the pensioner – you want more, then earn more. Governments do not accept that it is their responsibility and that is the major problem with the way pensions are allocated.

  3. jeff delaney  

    remember.pensions are not right unless you are a polllie.leave parliament you should then go on same as the rest of .but as we all know that wont happen as they make their own rules just for them.

  4. He'd schorer  

    Australian pensioners party. .? Only way to look after elderly. We have. Big numbers

    • Yes, there should be an Australian Pensioners Party, only way we will get a decent pension, the pollies should take into account, that we are a fast rising age population, wish someone had the temerity to stand up, and create this party, sure they would get heaps of votes.

  5. Polies should get same pension as everyone else. We have probably worked much harder and contributed more to the country than they have

  6. Exactly what have they done to deserve a pay rise?
    Have they worked overtime? Or 365 days a year? Do they have to pay their own air fares, taxi charges, dry cleaning, hair treatments, postage, office charges, stationery, clothing, accommodation? NO. NONE OF THE ABOVE. Plus they get so many perks, overseas conventions (so called but often HOLIDYS with family ) Invites to gala dinners, Balls, Converts, stage shows (all in premium seating) and many more which I have no time to detail here.
    Sooooooo the short answer is NO, they do not deserve automatic increments every year, especially while the gov makes such tragic messag as the NBN and census.

  7. Paul Hoolihan  

    Members do not work overtime, they work 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and get no holidays. That being said, how much did pensioners contribute to this country while working, many worked with no Union and were preyed on by employers. They raised families and they should get at least 25% or average weekly earnings before any politician gets a further rise. Come on Scott and Malcolm, make that happen.

    • Manfred Ihms  

      You are living in dreamland if you think that Scott and Malcolm will do anything for you. Why should they, they get voted in time after time

  8. shazza  

    Good morning
    We the aged pensioners had the opportunity to change this extortion by the polies, in July .
    I have been known to say when consumers complain about the banks, walk with your money., now I am saying , walk with your vote.

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