MP blows up at Karl Stefanovic on live TV

Karl Stefanovic is no stranger to tough and awkward interviews. Nor is he a stranger to controversy. But he got

Karl Stefanovic is no stranger to tough and awkward interviews.

Nor is he a stranger to controversy.

But he got more than he bargained for during this morning’s Today show segment with MPs Christopher Pyne and Anthony Albanese.

If you missed it, things got pretty fiery when Karl compared Christopher Pyne to Sam Dastyari over LNP donations from a Chinese company.

Pyne accused Karl of defaming him.

And Karl shot back accusing Pyne of defaming him.

You might be wondering how it got to that point?

The discussion started about the topic of foreign political donations and the Sam Dastyari Chinese donation scandal.

It was going well until the talk turned to reports the Chinese Firm involved in the Sam Dastyari scandal also made a $65,000 donation to the Liberal party – as reported in the Daily Telegraph this morning.

Mr Pyne insisted there was nothing wrong with the government receiving donations from the Chinese company – Top Education.

He said it was “completely different” to a personal debt being paid and claimed he had never personally received a donation from Top Education.

And then Karl questioned him, saying Pyne’s dealings with the company looked “completely suss.”

“I don’t receive donations Karl, donations come to the Liberal Party. I represent the Liberal Party in parliament, I don’t personally get donations put back in my bank account, and that’s wrong, and that’s what Labor doesn’t get,” he said.
“You’ve actually tried to put up a straw man Karl and it needs to be broken down. What you’ve said is wrong. Don’t defame me on national television.”

In true Karl Stefanovic fashion, the TV host laughed if off.

“Don’t defame by saying I’m defaming you.”
“That’s not defamatory, you know that, Karl,” Pyne retaliated.

Anthony Albanese didn’t escape the fire either.

He was forced to defend reports he allegedly spent $3000 of taxpayer dollars going to two AFL grand finals.

Albanese dismissed the reports as “ridiculous” and said he was in Melbourne for his appearance on the Today show and to meet with newspaper editors.

He insisted he “didn’t charge one single dollar” for the AFL grand final, including accommodation and travel to the game.

What do you think? Was Christopher Pyne right to claim Karl was defaming him?


  1. Christopher has always held a holier than thou attitude in regard to what the Liberals say, do and now receive. But, the point is the Liberal party is now splitting hairs over what is acceptable and what is not. They have acknowledge the Labor Party has broken no laws on this situation, the same as the Bronywn Fisher situation, now they say Anthony Albanesse should not have gone to the footy, but is different for others of Liberal persuasion to go. Stop the rot now, MP’s get very nice wages and perks to go with it, accept money from no-one, pay your own way and concentrate on ruling the country, if possible.

    • Couldn’t have put it better! It is the greed that irks me. Most of us feel they have no morals, generally, when it comes to extremely generous entitlements, but the greed is sickening. I was stunned when I saw that part of the on the street interview with Dastyari and he said he just didn’t want to pay the bills. Personally, I agree with Karl, and see no difference. I am waiting for the new Senators to speak up against the very generous entitlements, but won’t hold my breath.

    • Granni Anni  

      Well said Christopher Pyne is a sanctimonious person and gives the impression that all he is interested is what is in his best interests

    • Judy Drysdale  

      Yes, yes yes. I quite agree.

  2. Karen  

    I watched the interview & think most of it wasn’t much to talk about. However when it was mentioned about overseas donations & whether Mr Pyne had accepted any he coughed & sputtered and didn’t really answer the question.

  3. [email protected]  

    I missed the interview, any program with Karl Stefanovic is really not worth watching, regardless of what side of politics, Karl really has his own agenda & ego in mind, totally useless questions & unless the answer is what he wants to hear he talks over the answer then keeps on with his ridiculous bombardment.!!!!!!

    • Jan  

      Agree completely – Karl lowers the standards of any show he appears on. I refuse to watch the show & turn it off as soon as my husband leaves for work – he watches it to get a news report. If Karl is off on one of his jaunts then I’ll leave the TV tuned in.

    • Huia Smyth  

      Totally agree…never watch the channel 9 morning show since he was an absolute rude ignorant pig one too many times for me. Give me Sunrise any day.

      • Joy Anne Bourke  

        well, Huia, I never watch Sunrise after what they did to Melissa, so you watch the crap that come from that show.
        I love Today show, and I think Karl asked a reasonable question to PYNE, he is more corrupt then any of them. That’s why he did not want to answer. Karl is not Rude, arrogant he asks the questions that people want to know.
        Our PM Turnbull is the most arrogant, rude and pigheaded man of all. PYNE very close to him, I have no idea why he is asked the questions on a Friday, he is not worth asking as he is a liar, corrupt Politian.

    • Roger  

      I would suggest that Karl maybe has learned from the politicians he has interviewed how to create your own agenda and over inflate your ego. After all, it is the politicians who are masters of those arts.

    • Jannell  

      Agree totally. Very full of himself and in my view puts Lisa Wilkinson down by belittling every comment she makes. Lisa is far superior in professional reporting and standing on the show. I often switch to Sunrise now.

    • Cliff Marsh  

      Wendyf669, You have it so right, I cannot watch the morning show on Channel 9 because he is such a waste of oxygen, well said.

    • Deanna  

      agree 100% spends most of the morning checking himself out, only watch on rare occasions

  4. one might be of the opinion chrissy pyne is receiving donations from foreign sources ,politicians should be audited at random, its blatantly obvious that corruption is rife within our political system, time to clean out the pig pen ,we pay these dishonest idiots to represent the australian public ,not for them to have several other vocations on our time ,turdball and moronison are selling our country to any overseas investor who will pay,there might be some improprieties regarding the approval of who is allowed to buy ,our country is not for sale ,the multicultural idea is a dismal failure

  5. Michael  

    Why do media personnel seem to always know everything? They talk as if they are political experts, and could run the country single- handedly. Pity they don’t just try to entertain and not always impress – especially at the expense of their guests.

    • I always think the same. But I do understand that they have to fill the role of Opposition, in most cases of representative wrong-doing, because there is really very little difference between the political parties and none when it comes to their very over-generous entitlements and jobs for life. How can it be that any representative doesn’t face automatic expulsion? From the Parliament if not from their own party! It is because they make the rules to suit all of them.

  6. James  

    This is news?
    Get a life!

    • Mareela  

      Libs seemed to think it was news when Dastyari was in the hot seat. Whole different story when their corrupt morals are put under the microscope though. Sick of their holier than though attitude I must say. Turnbull and co are the most corrupt government Australia has ever known.

  7. Mary Heffernan  

    AND NOW the education system in our gaols is to be OUTSOURCED. Get real! How can outside providers possibly know the problems and pitfalls associated with working with prisoners, when the teaching staff especially hired to provide these services go through years of training courses learning how to manage this group of people? What next???

  8. Bruce Taylor  

    How can anyone believe anything Pyne says. Come on look at his record.
    Don’t know enough about Albanese to comment on him.
    We have to make it illegal for political parties or politicians to receive donations from anyone in any way shape or form.

    • Jannell  

      Agree. If it’s illegal for developers to donate then it should also be illegal for unions to donate.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Yes Bruce that is correct. No more donations to be received by any party in politics.

  9. brian  

    the facts are so clear christopher pyne is a programmed robot needs help?????

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Agree, and PYNE is corrupt as all the LNP are. He does need help, and always changes the question around and ends up blaming LABOR for all the pass and has nothing to do with the LNP. They have ruined this country.

  10. Stephanie Cocks  

    I think you’d have to ask a lawyer that question.

  11. Trevor  

    Its clear both sides of politics are on the take its about time the whole system is cleaned up.First start by fixing the system where politicians dont pay for anything out of their own pocket always find away of saying its business ,if a taxpaying worker did this they would be sacked

  12. Neil  

    Karl S is the reason I stopped watching The Today Show. He’s a moron. One of the “Blokey blokes” that rule at Channel 9. What Pyne did was totally different to what Dastyari did. I don’t know how Lisa Wilkison (who I think is terrific) puts up with him.

    • Robert Green  

      I agree Neil. Karl is a self serving moron who makes incredibly stupid statements, lasciviously comments on any good looking male that appears in the show and giggles like a silly girly girl. You couldn’t compare him to stupid schoolboys, they have, on average, more sense. Lisa must be a saint resisting the urge to slap him (I nearly said senseless but he is already that). You can see her straining agsinst the urge regularly.

      Get rid of the self-centred giggling fool. Replacing him with his brother or one of the temporary leads would lift the tone of the show and ratings exponentially.

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