Most people believe he did the wrong thing but Bill Cosby will ‘never be prosecuted’, says DA

Bill Cosby was in court today looking frail – supported on both sides and carrying a cane – as his

Bill Cosby was in court today looking frail – supported on both sides and carrying a cane – as his team of lawyers attempted to have a lawsuit against him dropped. In this case, a woman called Andrea Constand alleges that the actor gave her pills that knocked her out, then sexually assaulted her in 2004.

In a curious twist that speaks volumes about the messy, hazy situation Cosby find himself in, a different case against him that also involved drugs and sexual assault in 2008 was dropped just as he fronted up to court, Entertainment Weekly reports.

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These more recent cases have drawn a lot of attention – and also hope for as many as 50 women who have come forward with similar allegations of incidences that occurred in the 70s and 80s – however, it looks like these cases will end much the same way as those that went before; with nothing happening.

Cosby, 78, was charged in December with drugging and violating the former Temple University athletic department employee Ms Constand  in 2004. the 78-year-old could get up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

When Cosby fronted up at court today, he must have been feeling nervous. Particularly when the key witness told the court he was not on Cosby’s side.

“I’m not on your team here,” he told Cosby’s lawyer Brian McMonagle. “I want them to win.”

Former Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor was on the stand for six hours and said that even though he declined to charge Bill Cosby when the allegations were brought to him in 2005, and that Ms Constand’s story had “inconsistencies,” he still believed she was telling the truth, reports People.

“I believed Ms. Constand’s account,” Castor said. “What I think and what is provable in a courtroom are two different things. What I think is that Andrea Constand was inappropriately touched by Mr. Cosby.

“I’m analyzing back in 2005 what I can prove,” Castor said. “All of those combined together in my mind created a situation where she had ruined her own credibility and would not be believed by a juror. That does not mean she was not telling the truth.”

Cosby’s lawyers argued that the actor was granted immunity by the DA after which he agreed to appear in a deposition. His lawyers argue that the December 30 charges in Pennsylvania against Cosby “violate an express agreement” between Cosby and authorities, in which authorities agreed Cosby “would never be prosecuted with respect to the allegations of sexual assault made by complainant Andrea Constand,” reports People.

“Cosby would’ve had to have been nuts to say those things if there was any chance he could’ve been prosecuted,” Castor said, referring to the damaging testimony in which Cosby admitted to giving women quaaludes in order to have sex with them.

The DA said in doing what he did, he had hoped his ruling would encourage Cosby to testify in the deposition and help Constand win damages. This is what happened and the lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed amount.

The judge today ordered Cosby to appear at another deposition, and the case continues.

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  1. So why did 50 odd women wait so long.. Pretty frustrating if he’s guilty and got away with it

    • Too long ago and very muddled versions I don’t think he is totally innocent but I think that the times were different. Everyone knew that the casting couch was the order of the day for Hollywood and for top jobs. Hence the term sleeping their way to the top.

    • Yes and a lot of the young actors parents actively condoned this practice . I was such a fan of the Cosby show, it’s like hearing that Santa was a child abuser

    • So why did all those children wait 50 and 60 years to tell their stories about chikd rape in orphanages and schools. Maybe because they knew that people like you wouldn’t listen and it would be shoved under the carpet.

    • A number of these women did make complaints about him back then but nothing was done about it.

    • Actually Ruth I would listen, it was a job I did for many years.. It was a question I know the answer to and it’s still frustrates me..

  2. I think that they should abandon this now – Bill Cosby probably did give the women pills but they were very different times and I can’t believe that ány of these women did not know what was on the agenda. Seems odd that Bill’s wife was his manager surely she would not have condoned a stream of sexual partners for him.

    • I didnt know it was ok to give pills to women then rape them because it was different times back then . You weirdo

    • What do you mean these were very different times. Do you think it was ok because he did this a few years ago?

    • No you misunderstand I am saying that during the 60, 70 and even the 80’s it was common for aspiring actresses to have sex with movie stars, this pills thing is unsettling but who do you know who would ever swallow pills they know nothing about? I believe that these women are at least 50% to blame, Bill Cosby’s reputation is shot to pieces and he will live the rest of his life as a virtual recluse. I believe it is pertinent that his longtime wife is still very much at his side, these women all took a very long time to come forward still hoping for stardom one suspects?

    • How do you know he handed them the pills to take? He could have dissolved them in a drink or similar. There is no excuse whatsoever for his behaviour regardless of which decade it was.

    • Ruth Sullivan
      Hopefully none of your female relatives have a pill dissolved into their drink without their knowledge and as a result are raped.
      Maybe then you will understand how these things happen.
      To have someone, especially a female, make a statement saying that women are 50% to blame if they are raped, is sickening.

    • Ruth Hourigan I think you will find if you read the evidence they all willingly took the pills he gave them – of course I don’t condone rape but I have seen jobs and contracts won on less and in New Zealand.

    • Some of these comments are just assumptions. Unless you were there you don’t know what happened and yet some of you are claiming he gave them pills dissolved in a drink. How do you know? After 40 or 50 years peoples’ memories get a bit clouded and whilst some of these women may well have a case, however tenuous, most of them just seem to be on a money grab. I doubt if many men could remember who they had sex with that long ago so it boils down to he said, she said. I’m not defending or accusing Cosby because I don’t know what happened. But this case (or cases) is costing a ton of money, that could be better used looking after the homeless. His career is finished, his life is pretty well stuffed. Let it be!

    • To anyone questioning why it has taken so long for these women to come forward, all I have to say is until you have been in that position you cannot comment.
      Most probably they tried to move forward in their lives and to see him get away with it as the big boys would believe them before the women. Then most probably tried to have a normal life but as it was never resolved thought NO this is not acceptable.
      Just because it happened a long time ago does not mean that it should not be investigated and applicable punishment applied no matter their age. These women have had decades to try & live with it. If they were knocked out & raped then NO it should not be swept under the carpet. Look at Rolf Harris, he has not really learnt anything.

    • Judy Green
      You really do need to learn to read comments properly.
      No one made that claim with regard to this case.
      Learn to read what is written rather than putting your own interpretation onto someone else’s words.

    • Victoria Alexandra D’Arienzo I am sorry I just don;t think all women are innocents there are some really cunning, contriving ones in our midst they are not all victims.

  3. He is guilty and should be in jail, he has hurt so many people

    • I didn’t know the case had been settled and that he’d been found guilty !! And don’t forget some of the women have dropped their claims!

    • I understand that, don’t you think with so many victims the evidence is overwhelming

  4. i dont get why these women waited until now to stand up… i guess in the old days it was something to bragg about until you grow up and think otherwise $$$$

    • A number of them did complain about it but nothing was done, it was all covered up, as these sort of things were always done back then.

    • It takes an enormous amount of courage, and strength to come forward about sexual assault. Very often the victim is not believed, or is made to feel that they are to blame. Also, in this case, there was the added factor of the accused being such a high profile person. I applaud these women for feeling they can now pursue justice. Good luck to them

    • Power Male privilege not wanting to jeopardise their careers. It doesn’t matter how old he is he should have to answer to his crimes

    • Maureen Hogan Well look at some of the comments from the public now down the track, can you imagine what it would have been like back then at the height of his popularity? Money talks, always has, always will. I agree that it would take enormous courage to come forward as they would know the backlash from some sectors of society. As for some wanting financial compensation? why Not, they most probably have to get some therapy and have to cope with the backlash as well. Most probably suffered for years seeing him smarm his way around, then to see so many women coming forward has to make you think it is too much of a co-incidence and I do not believe they agreed to take a pill to knock them out and find they had been raped.

  5. Guilty is guilty no deals should be made, hear the evidence let the jury decide, !!!!

    • You’re contradicting yourself. You say he’s guilty and then you say let the jury decide. Which is it?

  6. Lock him up and throw away the key about time he paid for what he did. So disgusted with him I used to be a fan.

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