Most of you are in favour of this controversial new measure, but Bill Shorten disagrees

Four days ago New South Wales premier Mike Baird called for an end to the greyhound industry after an inquiry into the industry

Four days ago New South Wales premier Mike Baird called for an end to the greyhound industry after an inquiry into the industry following revelations of live baiting.

Many of you came out in support of such a hard-line decision, especially when it was revealed by former High Court judge Michael McHugh that between 48,000 and 68,000 greyhounds – or almost half of all greyhounds bred to race – were killed in the past 12 years because they were deemed uncompetitive.

However, others called for the industry to be forced to clean up its act rather than just shut it down completely. Their views are supported by the Labor Party, including its leader Bill Shorten.

“There’s been scandalous behaviour in NSW and the welfare of those animals is most important but whether or not it’s taking a sledgehammer to this issue, I don’t know,” Shorten told The Guardian.

“There’s (sic) people who have done the right thing and they’re being unfairly tarred with the same brush as the scallywags, scoundrels and criminals.”

The New South Wales Labor leader Luke Foley says there are an “overwhelming majority” of people in the industry that have only ever done the right thing, and will join forces with the Shooters Fishers and Farmers party and the Christian Democrats’ Fred Nile to oppose the legislation when it’s introduced in August.

In announcing the ban, premier Mike Baird says the State Government found no alternative after the Special Commission of Inquiry report revealed “chilling” evidence of animal cruelty within the industry.

Do you think the industry can be cleaned up or is shutting it down the only solution? What considerations do you feel are being overlooked with this decision?

  1. Anne Adams  

    So disappointed in Bill Shorten for his view. It should be banned. Full stop.

  2. Yes keep the ban, it’s a good decision.
    cruelty is never accepted anywhere, anyhow,
    it is always, about the money!!!!

  3. marilyn flynn  

    ban it statewide. Very disappointed at Labour for not supporting this. Of course it a political decision, (hanging onto voters). If some powerful lobby group suggested bringing back whaling, you can bet there would be some pollies who would be all for it, if it got them votes. I don’t know how half of them sleep at night.

  4. Jennifer Dickson  

    Clean out the bad trainers and let the others keep the racing going. Out of all the trainers in this sport, only 8 were charged and tossed out for life, so now ALL trainers and owners are penalised because of the very few who deserved it.

  5. elena  

    Again, money and jobs…(jobs? are those jobs dignified?) are above any humane values. Stop all sorts of activities which involve use and abuse of sentient beings. I cannot spot any difference between bullfights and greyhound industry!!! these two and any other animal abuse are grossly cruel.

  6. colin  

    meanwhile horse racing continues, animal murder to provide”meat” continues.etc etc.. hypocritical to say one thing on dog racing yet continue to eat met and turn a blind eye to everything else

  7. Hettie  

    I am glad this”sport” which is not a sport is banned.The only thing that I am very worried about is what are going to happen with all those thousends of dogs? They are beautifull animals but how on earth are they going to find homes for them all? I have three customers with grey hounds and I now the one have 40 dogs. And there are a lot of trainers and breaders with a lot of Greyhounds.

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