More cruise ship tragedies: Passengers call for extra safety measures

There have been multiple reports of cruise ship tragedies this week, and these startling events have left some passengers calling for

There have been multiple reports of cruise ship tragedies this week, and these startling events have left some passengers calling for additional safety protocols. Please note this article contains content which may be distressing for some readers.

On board a recent cruise throughout Miami, passenger Matt Davis was disturbed to find blood pouring out of an elevator. The graphic amount of blood was left sheeting down elevator doors and walls, following a tragic accident which left a 66-year-old crew member dead.

Jose Opazo had been performing electrical work in the elevator shaft before an accident occurred. The exact circumstances leading to his death are still under police investigation. It took 45 minutes for the scene to be cordoned-off from passengers.

“I’d describe it as the nightmare after Christmas”, the passenger Matt Davis said. “To look and see the elevator with blood coming down like a sheet, and not stopping. It was a real-life scene of The Shining”.

Mr Davis and his family have been offered just three counselling sessions free of charge, to help deal with their heartbreaking discovery. This is despite the company involved, Carnival Cruises, having a market valuation of $59 billion.

Other people have questioned the cruise liner’s safety protocols, with one Facebook user writing online, “accidents like this reiterate the importance of locking out equipment while it’s being inspected or repaired”. Whilst another added, “it sounds like there could be multiple OSHA violations”.

Meanwhile in Australia, the family of a Brisbane boy who fell from a ship gangway are suing Carnival Cruises. William Lawson was four years old when he reportedly “slipped or tripped” on the Dawn Princess, falling 5 metres onto the concrete dock below.

William fractured his skull, and although he survived, delayed brain damage is still a possibility. His family are claiming that the gangway handrail was “too high” above a child’s height, to prevent them from falling. The family is seeking damages and want safety measures improved.

With further reports of widespread food poisoning aboard P&O Cruises, and other passengers falling from dangerous heights, all this begs the question of whether enough is being done to safeguard passenger safety.

Do you think that cruise companies do enough to ensure passenger safety? Have you ever had a risky experience on board a cruise? Are some accidents simply unavoidable?

  1. Cruising is great, I love it but passenger and crew safety should always come first. Most of us use common sense but there will always be someone who has no common sense or a child to young yet to reason things out

    • Agreed, but one cant help stupidity and as for children – that is what parents are for, to look after and protect their children. Do not expect anyone else to do the job for you.

  2. Safety measures can always be improved. Until the facts are known one can only assume. All I can say about kids on ships is that on the cruises that I’ve been on after about the 3rd day they run wild most of the time. Not saying this is the case on the one mentioned. Hope things work out for their son.

  3. Considering the huge numbers of people cruising the accident rate is remarkably small.

  4. Yes I agree children need to be restrained a little more by parents. They do run wild at times on board. It is a huge ship in the middle of an ocean,not a big playground. A little more consideration for other passengers wouldn’t go astray either. Some said that they would never travel on a cruise again because of the noise from children running up and down outside cabins at all hours. We had a ball but maybe we were lucky.

    • Jan Edwards  

      Yes I would be really annoyed cruising and having to put up with children running around without restraint.

  5. Is that all? In that case the thousands of passengers on a ship are safer on board than at home and on the roads.

  6. Don’t put all the blame on the kids they all have things called parents who once they step on board they think they can let the kids do as they like most parents keep their kids under control I found the worst time is meal time they let them run wild pick up the food with their hands

  7. Sorry wrong button just to finish off a ship is a dangerous place if a kid went overboard or was seriously hurt the crew would be the first they would blame control the parents fine they if the kids step over the mark

  8. Yes assume … Large ship, moves in rough seas, mature passenger or drunk passenger. Over you go…. My suggestion…. Wear Doc Martin shoes for best stability…

  9. WithWith 3 to 5 thousand people aboard these cruise ships I believe the accident rate is extremely low, specially considering the average age of the passengers. Cruise 4 coming up for us, and yet to see an accident.

  10. Cruised many times. Accidents happen when people do stupid things. The safety on ships is quite good

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