Morcombe family ask coroner to reopen inquest into Daniel’s death

The heartbreaking image of Daniel Morcombe’s smiling face continues to haunt many of us, 13 years after his disappearance. We

The heartbreaking image of Daniel Morcombe’s smiling face continues to haunt many of us, 13 years after his disappearance.

We all remember the feeling of wanting to know what happened to him, the fear that it could have been one of our owns kids and grandkids.

Even now after his killer has been put away for life, there are still questions for many people – including his parents Bruce and Denise Morcombe.

Despite the fact Daniel’s killer is serving a life sentence and the case is closed, the family have asked a coroner to reopen an inquest into their son’s disappearance and death this week.

You might be wondering why they want to reopen the inquest?

Well, the couple released a statement yesterday saying they wanted the coroner to examine aspects of the case.

Nine reports that the family are happy with the police investigations.

“Now we have the answers, the resumption will focus on investigative methodology,” the family’s statement reads.

“What systems worked and what could have been done better.

“If we help one family’s tragic case reach a conclusion and not have it destined to become a cold case, then the resumption has a purpose and is worth it.”

The inquest begins today in Brisbane and will run over two days.

It comes just a week since the 13th anniversary of his disappearance.

The Morcombe family posted a touching tribute on the Daniel Morcombe Foundation Facebook page to mark the anniversary.

“13 Years today, feels the same as 13 days. Rest peacefully Daniel love Mum and Dad.” they wrote.

Do you remember Daniel’s disappearance? Do you think there should be another inquest into the case?

  1. Wiso  

    Oh..for goodness sake !!! Let this dear boy rest in peace !! Stop playing the victim people and move on with your life. You are not the only ones who have lost a child, and no matter how much you waste time and money on invoking public sympathy, it is not going to bring Daniel back. You both need psychological help to deal with your loss so that you can get on and lead a normal life again.

  2. Stop wasting our money on more pointless investigations. They should be glad that Daniel’s killer is behind bars. I think they thrive on the media attention.

  3. Kay  

    Your comments would be very hurtful to Daniels parent who have done a marvelous job in bringing attention to the terrible things that can happen to children. I would also want to know if things could have been done better to bring about a quicker response from those who were informed of Daniel going missing and the time it took to find his killer and eventually his body . Daniels parents have dealt with his murder in a very positive manner and would be the last people to need psychological help.

    • Gavin Weston  

      Good on you, I agree with you and your sentiments. The fact it has taken 13 years to finalise this murder says that the system of investigation needs a good look into it to improve the performance in these types of investigations.

  4. I feel so sorry for Daniel and his family. But this story this week made me think “Are the parents seeking attention to themselves” ? I honestly thought that after the birth of their grandson they would have another little person to think of. Never in a million years am I saying they should forget Daniel but maybe not so publicly now.

    • Gavin Weston  

      It took the authorities 13 YEARS, to bring someone to court and a sentence. You consider the trial of 13 years is acceptable? I do not and if the system of investigation can be improved then do so. Also you must remember the Public finance these investigations and people have to give there worth during such trying times for family and investigations. All investigators do not subscribe to this idea, so they need to be reminded that they are also answerable.

  5. I think it’s time to let this little boy rest in peace and the parents need to stay home and get on with life

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