Senator’s “sickening” comments about Melbourne car rampage

Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm is no stranger to controversy after he has made comments about child care workers which

Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm is no stranger to controversy after he has made comments about child care workers which saw him criticised by people online and other politicians.  This time many claim he has gone way too far as he has appeared to make light of the tragic events that happened in Melbourne yesterday.

After Dimitrious “Jimmy” Gargasoulas viciously slammed his car into a crowd of people in Melbourne’s CBD killing four people and injuring many others, Mr Leyonhjelm took to Twitter and posted:

Mr Leyonhjelm, who wants gun control lifted in Australia was obviously making a thinly veiled stab at gun control while pointing out that a car was used to kill innocent people.  The tweet was made less than a half hour after the incident prompting many to fire back at the politician.

Not backing down, Mr Leyonhjelm engaged with the public.

And even encouraged one to make a formal complaint.

Mr Leyonhjelm did have his supporters.  One National representative Malcolm Roberts told the media that he thought the tweet was “brilliant”.  Mr Roberts only complaint was that he hadn’t “thought of it first”. 

Talking to the Australian Associated Press, Mr Leyonhjelm said people who were upset were “too stupid to get it”.

Do you think what David Leyonhjelm was wrong or just the wrong time to say it?

  1. John Clapton  

    He is a Senator, not a Minister and these kind of expressions are shameful for anyone who represents the people of this nation. He brings all his parliamentary colleagues into disrepute with this kind of thing.

    • Neil Kandelaars  

      There should be an entrance exam for political positions, but then could we form a party. I don’t think so as we appear to have a Parliament of idiots.

  2. This senator is nothing but lowlife trying to score political points. Get rid of him and his comments..

  3. No the people are not stupid, it is just that unlike you. we respect human life, a 6 month only baby died in that rampage. You should step down as a politician, becasue you are not want the people want.

  4. Ailsa  

    Appallingly callous – a dreadful man and so is Malcolm Roberts – people who voted for them should be ashamed.


    And we pay for his political existence – I don’t believe it !!!!!!

  6. elaine hardie  

    that was extremely bad timing for such a comment as people are hurting really bad

  7. Bruce  

    He’s that stupid he doesn’t realise he is giving a good reason for gun control, imagine what would have happened if that psycho in Melbourne was able to get his hands on one of Leyonhjelms beloved assault rifles, which are designed to kill as many people as quickly as possible.

  8. Martin  

    Who voted this man into the senate?

  9. Kevin  

    How low can you go?
    I would not have believed that such low comments could happen in Australia.
    He needs a muzzle and a real job. Replace his guns with water pistols.

  10. Bill Peacock  

    Surely this man has no respect, integrity or any brains. This is so sad and causes the greatest pain to family and friends of those killed and injured. Why are we subjected to someone who is supposedly representatjve in the Australian Senate. Paukene Hanson came publically stating it was a terrorist attack to boost her own stupidity regardless of fact. These two politicians should be given kne way tickets to nowhere.

    • Gay Macdonald  

      So true, god forbid this should happen to their families , they wouldnt be so cruel. Empathy means putting yourself in anothers place, obviously they have none.

    • Paul walter  

      So you know that the guy driving the car wasn’t in fact yelling Allah Akbah as was witnessed by a number of people at the scene and that he had no connection with the Islamic terrorist influence that has suggested that driving into crowds of people is a way to cause the most harm to infidel?
      You don’t know that but you can still feign outrage that someone has different views to you! This is still a free country and we are not a Nazi State yet so we are allowed to hold a different view without being ridiculed! Get outraged about things that really matter like domestic violence and child abuse.

  11. richard  

    If this idiot does not want gun control laws he should go live in America where his wishes are allowed. We do not need him or others of the like

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