Mike Baird will miss out on pollie pension after retiring from politics

Mike Baird will have to live without his special politician's pension because of rule change.
The former premier will have to make do with his salary.

Former New South Wales premier Mike Baird will have to live without the luxury of a politician’s pension after retiring from politics last week.

The 2004 changes to the rules around the generous scheme mean Baird will have to make do like the rest of us and rely on his salary and superannuation in his old age.

Of course, unlike most of us, Baird is likely to be raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars at whatever job he picks up next thanks to his credentials and past experience as a high flying financier.

The news that Baird will be relying on the system and his own work ethic to go out there and make a buck has been met with approval by many who say politicians have been getting it too good for too long.

Past pollies, like Bronwyn Bishop and Barry O’Farrell, retired on upwards of $150,000 a year for the rest of their lives – even if they never put in another day’s work.

It’s drawn the ire of many voters who say they’re sick to their stomachs that thousands of seniors are doing it tough after a lifetime of paying taxes while retired politicians rake in the cash.

The changes brought in in 2004 mean that only politicians elected before then are eligible for the Parliamentary Contributory Superannuation Scheme, which costs taxpayers around $40 million a year.

There have been joking suggestions in the past our politicians should have to try surviving on the regular pension instead and see how they handle themselves there, with many saying they wouldn’t last a day.

But is the fact that Mike Baird will have to take care of himself without taxpayers’ help a step in the right direction?

What do you think about this?

  1. Roy Bridges  

    The way it should be ,just like any other job. Only thing it should have been back dated look at Rudd, Gillard,Bishop

    • Greg Walker  

      Rudd & Gillard combined draw less money than little Johnnie from the public purse .Howard draws more than 150,OOO ABOVE an retired Prime Minister through Polie Pension and expenses.

  2. Deb Stribley  

    All politicians pensions should be subjected to means testing just as the rest of Australia’s workers are and be paid accordingly. There should be no exemptions or exceptions.

    • Filbee  

      We should confuse the ‘aged’ pension with that of a politician super entitlements. The politician paid into a super scheme that he/she can draw down on once they reach retirement age. The ‘aged’ pension is paid to those who do not have super in retirement, or not enough super to assist them in retirement.

  3. Bob Ramsden  

    They should get no pension until they reach the age at which an ordinary citizen becomes entitled to a pension

  4. Kenneth Evans  

    I know theirs is a tough job, but so was mine. Why should they have special privileges which the hoi poilloi do


  5. Murray Walker  

    As it should be. Mike was one of the few with good polies with business sense and integrity. Let’s face it there aren’t many doing such a good job we want to give them a bonus for life.

  6. Ailita Pang  

    Exactly the way it should be, just like everyone else!

  7. Pauline Kilkenny  

    My job was tough as a teacher and it became progressively harder but I don’t think any politician would have managed a day at the chalk face. They should only get their pension at retirement age and also be subject to the assets test just like everyone else.

  8. Yes! they should have to live by the same means as us average folk do.

  9. Judith  

    End of job … end of salary, perks, etc …. just like anyone else…..the drain on the citizens of Australia MUST STOP.

  10. Joy Anne Bourke  

    Judith, You are so correct. End of job, end of salary, perks, etc …. live on the pension if entitled to it like we pensioners. This should also apply to all past Prime MInisters and Politians. Including Gillard, Rudd, Hawke, Abbott, can’t think of his name last treasurer for Liberal party as he receives a wage in USA. and any other politians living off this huge pensions and perks.

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