Mike Baird announces retirement from politics

In a surprise announcement this morning, New South Wales premier Mike Baird says he is retiring from politics and will
The premier is stepping down. Image: Youtube NOMKONGREY

In a surprise announcement this morning, New South Wales premier Mike Baird says he is retiring from politics and will step down as premier next week.

He posted a statement on his Twitter page, saying the time had come for him to move on.

“I have made clear from the beginning that I was in politics to make a difference and then move on. After 10 years in public life, this moment for me has arrived,” he said.

The move came as a shock to many, with no indication over the past few weeks that it was on the cards.

The statement gave little reason as to what exactly had prompted the move, only saying he felt the time had come.

“I’m retiring from politics. It’s been an honour to serve you, NSW,” he wrote.

“Next week there will be a Liberal party-room meeting and a spill of leadership positions.

“Following that meeting, I will resign from parliament, effective immediately.

“It has also been an immense honour to represent the people of Manly since 2007, and my retirement from politics will enable fresh leadership for my community.”

Mr Baird has been premier since 2014 and has remained largely popular throughout his time as leader.

He faced tough criticism last year though for his stance on new lockout laws in Sydney, which saw protests across the city.

What do you think of this news? Do you live in NSW?

  1. Keith Cashman  

    Stunned is all I can come up with.

  2. Pamela  

    Rat leaving the sinking ship! 😛

    So Mike Baird is quitting parliament so what is his legacy as I see it:
    1. Transport stuffed in Newcastle with the rail truncation.
    2. Newcastle harbour management not for the benefit of Newcastle because of the leasing deal.
    3. Pressure on skilled an semiskilled workers in Newcastle because of importing trains instead of building them here.
    4. A non family friendly development of the Newcastle CBD because the government has no good ideas.
    5. Degrading public transport with the proposed sale of Newcastle Buses.
    6. Theft from taxi owners by devaluation of taxi plates via the ill-conceived enabling of a poorly planned point to point transport

    And a lot more to come…

  3. Thank goodness I hope and pray we get someone to take his place who will consider the people of NSW and put them before all the other people he wants to help while we struggle. I have personally written to him several times but always the buck is passed to others who assure me they know what they are doing when obviously what they are doing is not the best only if you live in Sydney or are a refugee you will be looked after as for the rest of us well its a case of wait and see .

    • Faye Dapiran  

      Refugees looked after, in Australia, surely you jest?

      • Diandra  

        Refugees looked after in Australia! Is correct Faye.

        • Faye Dapiran  

          Please tell me how? And don’;t say they get a whole lot of money from the government as they don’t. Some people seem to think they do, but they don’t. I have worked in immigration and I can tell those that aren’t put in detention centres, get very very little

      • Caz.  

        Doing the best for Sydney? I don’t think so!!!

  4. Allan Roach  

    Mike Baird has been a very good Premier. He is building new infrastructure that NSW has desperately needed for many decades and the state’s economy is stronger than ever. I hope his predecessor steps up to the plate and continues with the hard work.

    • Mareela  

      He’s quitting cause he’s corrupt and my guess is he’s got wind of a corruption inquiry and he’s jumping a sinking ship.

  5. Diandra  

    Where?? Sydney ONLY! Stuffed everything else UP!

  6. Is he leaving today? Please let him be leaving today. And Mike, close the door behind you, lock and bolt it then throw the key away. I dont want you back. Ever!

  7. Anne Kennedy  

    He has sold off everything in the State, and will now join the enormous ranks of ex-politicians getting highly-paid jobs with the mining industry. The “revolving door” of politics. He will already have a lucrative job in the Minerals Council or the mining industry – just wait and see.

  8. Peter  

    Pathetic is all I can say. What about doing something for others and the Party rather than thinking only of himself? He stuffed up the Greyhound issue and I thought he may learn and move on from that, instead of leaving the Party in the lurch. He obviously has a plum job lined up somewhere. He is another conviction-less politician like 99% of them; on all sides. This will only help Pauline Hanson and good luck to her!

  9. Peter Fitness  

    I have read elsewhere that his father and mother have serious medical issues, and he has my sympathy for that. However, as the premier of NSW he has been a big disappointment, even an abject failure. We all know that NSW stands for Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong, and if you happen to live outside those cities, as I do, then expect very little from the state government, because very little is what we get.

  10. Caz.  

    Goodbye and good riddance!. Now , if only Jay Wetherill would resign also!

    • Jim Richardson  

      If only. And take Turbo Tom and Jack Snelling with him.

  11. Truth 13  

    When Mike Baird became the Premier of NSW, everyone expected him to revive the economy of the state. He is now leaving, with economy, revived, after selling all the balance assets of the people of NSW. It is like, me celebrating, “Debt Free”, after selling everything at home & the home too. Hey hey, we are debt free, but we have nothing left for us. Is that an achievement. I am sure, all Liberals will say so. They are all in the same boat. John Howard sold most of the assets of the country, and left a surplus, but nothing at “Home”. In short, Baird has left the House of NSW, without anything left. Is that an achievement ?. When our children reach the adulthood, what is left for them, to sell & make the state “Debt Free” ? NOTHING. Thanks, Mike Baird. You resigned suddenly, as you know, you can never win another election.

  12. Kim Hewett  

    The less said the better about another lying, thieving and inhuman politician, who’ll still be robbing the honest taxpayer with all the generous pension/travel perks he gets after ‘retiring’. People here in Europe are incredulous at the way he has destroyed social life in Sydney and how he supports cruelty to animals. May he rot in hell!!!!!!!

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