Mick Jagger’s son weds in star-studded ceremony complete with Mick, Jerry and Rupert

He’s one of the world’s biggest rock stars’ sons and she’s a beautiful artist from Birmingham. Overnight, at a star-studded
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He’s one of the world’s biggest rock stars’ sons and she’s a beautiful artist from Birmingham. Overnight, at a star-studded bash, James Jagger and Anoushka Sharma married and they couldn’t have looked happier.

There to celebrate the nuptials were the groom’s parents Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger, as well as all of James’ brothers and sisters, members of the Rolling Stones and new step dad Rupert Murdoch.

The couple were actually already officially married last September however decided to have a second ceremony with family, reports the Telegraph.

Anoushka met James while working at Jade Jagger’s luxury jewellery shop in London, and have been together for over seven years.

The wedding comes just a couple of months after James attended his mother Jerry’s wedding to media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, and shows just how supportive the entire Jagger/Hall family are.

On the topic of Murdoch and Jagger, both were seen smiling as they chatted with guests, but were not seen talking with each other.

Despite that, it seems Jerry and Mick are on good terms, as they smiled happily for an official family photo with their son and new daughter-in-law.

Take a look at the photos and tell us your thoughts.


  1. The bride looks like the only one dressed for a wedding the men looked like they got their clothes from vinnies and Jerry looks like she didnt know what to wear so wore every thing that didn’t match

    • Robyn Baillie  

      Very glad that I am not the only one who has that impression

  2. Rich and famous …. You expect them to dress well. Just want to know if they got their clothes from Opshop.

  3. margot  

    ..and Jerry is wearing a tea cosy on her head

  4. Carol  

    What a rag-trade looking group, as if they didn’t have two bob to rub together!
    I suppose when you’re a multi-millionaire you can wear what you want, even if it’s shabby looking!

    Why’s the woman in white? She got married 7 months’ ago. She should be in a pastel shade of dress.

  5. Marianne Kempnich  

    I think Mick looks great and very trendy for an old guy. His suit probably cost a bomb! This vintage look is all the go and I love it!

  6. Joan  

    I can’t believe how some people supposed to have everything can look like that for a wedding the bride was the only normal looking girl there need some good advice on how to dress ?????.

  7. Linda  

    Are her flowers from their original wedding ? Or left overs from the Murdocks wedding…..

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