Michelle Obama thinks Americans have no “hope”

US First Lady Michelle Obama didn’t mince words in her final interview as First Lady with Oprah Winfrey. The battle

US First Lady Michelle Obama didn’t mince words in her final interview as First Lady with Oprah Winfrey.

The battle of words has already sparked as the transition to a Trump Presidency starts, but Michelle may have silenced it with what she said to Oprah. “Now we’re feeling what not having hope feels like. Hope is necessary” Michele said.

When the discussion changed to the role of the President has over the country, Michelle stated, “Our children respond to crisis the way they see us respond. You know, it’s like the toddler bumps his head on the table and they look up at you to figure out whether it hurts and if you’re like (gasp) “oh my god” they’re crying but if you’re like ‘you know what, babe it’s OK’.

“And I feel that way about the nation, I feel that Barack has been that for the nation in ways that people will come to appreciate.

“Having a grown up in the White House who can say to you in times of crisis and turmoil: ‘hey, it’s gonna be ok, let’s remember the good things that we have, let’s look to the future, let’s look at what we’re building’. All of this is important for our kids to stay focused and to feel like their work isn’t in vain and their lives aren’t in vain.”

It has been part of the public discussion on how President-elect Trump will handle the tough situations as Trump tends to lash out on social media when he has a problem with something. This could hurt public relations and even political talks if officials think Trump is going to take to social media to vent about it.

What do you think about what Michelle said? Is she correct in her thoughts on being President?


  1. Cath  

    She is undermining her own country, a totally inappropriate comment.

    • Kat  

      She is dead right, and the comment was TOTALLY appropriate. Unlike YOURS.

    • John Brants  

      You are so wrong. Guess you bumped your head one time too many.

    • I agree, i really thought she would be gracious about leaving her position as First Lady. I thought more highly of her than this.

  2. Moyra B  

    Classy lady.

    • Jean Walker  

      I despair for Australia if people can’t see that Trump is not a normal balanced human being. He so obviously has a personality disorder and that alone makes him unsuitable and dangerous.

      Did you know that “a large and authoritative study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, confirms that there is more mental illness and insanity, far more, in America than you find in other advanced societies. The study, led by a Harvard Medical School researcher, found evidence of mental problems in 26.4 % of people in the United States, versus, for example, 8.2% of people in Italy.”

      Perhaps that explains why so many voted for Trump.

  3. Dieter  

    Michelle is a classy lady, no question but she sounds like a looser who lost her game and can’t get over it.
    I feel sorry for her.
    As for the new president we will see.
    Clinton would have been at least the same percentage dangerous if not higher.
    Either way we have to wait and see.

    • Michelle is no loser. she is just stating the obvious……America has a president in waiting who tends to lose it when confronted with anything he does not agree with. Don’t feel sorry for her, she has a future far more profound than you ever will.

  4. There is no point in cutting him down before he has a chance, he may be great, I doubt if he could be worse than the past few presidents. No one is perfect. Mr Trump is not a career politition, he has to learn as he goes along and he is a good business man. He is not taking this position to boost his ego, I believe he will do what he sets out to do, to make America great again. God knows it is in a mess! There is so much poverty so bringing back manufacturing to USA can only be better for everyone. He has a tough job because there will be resistance as is already showing, before he even begins. It would be the proper thing to do, for people to be respectful of The new President and let him get on with the job.

    • zzblooz  

      You are obviously uneducated and incredibly naive. Really: he is a good businessman??? He has been repeatedly caught not paying his contractors, and everything he does is to boost his ego. I lived in NYC and saw the garish, vulgar Trump Towers first hand, and it’s all about his EGO. It’s already been reported that he has no intention of bringing mfg’g back, and that the Carrier deal was all smoke and mirrors. I hope you’re right, but you’re not.

  5. Joan Marshall  

    Michelle OBama’s comment is so negative. How arrogant to feel only the Socialists have the answer to everything and every problem. Hillary Clinton is a far worse danger than President elect Donald Trump could ever be. Finger on the nuclear button? what a stupid remark because Donald Trump has a successful family he would consider them and us before he did anything stupid. The Socialists will try anything to frighten people. I cannot think of anyone who has done more damage than Hillary Clinton. America and the world needs a man with guts to right the wrong. Be fair and give the man a chance. Realise that with out the rich companies there will not be jobs. The Socialist view is we are all alike really who are they fooling?

    • Mareela  

      Joan you must be deluded if you think Trump will help the working poor in America. He and his ilk are the problem not the solution. He can’t even remove himself from being accused of potential corruption due to his business interests. Rest assured he and his family will get richer whilst he is in office. Nothing will change. The rich will get richer and the poor, well they can’t get poorer but I have no doubt Trump will give it his best shot to keep the masses poor. Can you really see him increasing the basic wage? That would upset all his rich friends, so that won’t happen. Likewise bringing back manufacturing to America won’t happen either as, like Australia it was doomed due to free trade agreements. Australia is now importing more than it is exporting. Trump is now in a unique position to increase his wealth and I have no doubt he will make hay while the sun shines. He has made promises he simply won’t keep. I despair of what will happen to America and have accepted that thanks to the conservative government in Australia the recession we have will only get much worse next year.

      • Joan Marshall  

        Mareela. Hillary Clinton followers will never see her corrupt ways or how she protected a womaniser such as her Bubba Bill only to further her own ambitions. The fact she always blames the woman Bill ha an affair with is indicative of the woman she is. Donald Trump is no Saint but a Saint in comparison to Hillary. Julian Assange is a HERO for exposing her. Loosing an election twice and all the scandal attached to her lost her the election. E-mailgate, mobilegate, taking crockery from the White House which she had to return. People she and Bill know just disappearing, Clinton Foundation fraud, bad tempered, foul mouthed, terrible woman. Thousands of Americans have said America is ready for a woman President BUT… NOT THIS ONE.

    • Who America votes into office is their business but the rest of the world certainly does not need or want the likes of Donald Trump. Arrogant, narcissistic, a liar (he has proven that) If he trades only with USA then they are certainly going for a downfall. China will be the first to penalize them as USA purchases so much from them. Taxes and penalties to name a one. When USA does need anything it cannot produce they would find it very expensive. I certainly hope he grows up a little and takes advice if his swearing in does go through

  6. Susan Bell  

    Joan, you have no idea what a Socialist is, learn something about politics before you use terminology.
    Christine, why should anyone who is a misogynist, sexist, moronic, racist bastard who has made violence against women and racism acceptable. He has not paid workers and contractors for work, he only wants to make money for himself, he is wanting to make nepotism acceptable. And yes he did start out only wanting to boost his ego. He is a fraud and a dreadful businessman and he is filling his advisor positions with misogynist, racist, climate change deniers.
    So I am left thinking, that if you find Trump acceptable as a president, are you also sexist, racist and ignorant?

    • Bill Weston  

      Susan Bell I was going to comment on what you said , but it’s not worth the effort to deal with this level of stupidity.

      • Joan Marshall  

        Bill I agree with you wholeheartedly about Susan Bell and her stupidity. I have told her she is a blind deaf moron. How dare she tell me I am ignorant, racist and sexist. Hillary Clinton was exposed by our HERO Julian Assange and what is more I believe him. I took a keen interest in the JFK Assassination and the man who exposed the grime in Washington was the District Attorney Jim Garrison. Once Jim Garrison exposed the cover up of the assassination the scum could not kill him because then the public would say Jim was right but what they did try to do was discredit him so it is with Julian Assange the whistle blower. All whistle blowers suffer just as Julian is suffering. I hope someday he will be free to enjoy his life and keep exposing the TRUTH. Jim Garrison risked his life, his career and his marriage to expose the TRUTH. Thank God Donald Trump won he is no Saint but…he is a Saint in comparison to Hillary Clinton.

  7. I really do feel sorry for America. They seem to be in total delusion. The rest of the western world feel very sorry for them. In the millions of peoples who live there this is all they can come up with. That is sad.

  8. Joan Marshall  

    Susan I am fully aware of Socialism and people who follow Socialism are Socialists. You can call Donald Trump all the names you want. I will still say thousands of Americans have said America is ready for a woman president but…
    NOT THIS ONE. All the scandal attached to her lost her the election. Julian Assange is a HERO for exposing her and not you or anyone like you will change my opinion. You can call me racist and ignorant I can call you a blind and deaf moron.

  9. She is so offensive. We have hope that we have not had in eight years. I hope CBS pulls this interview. Cuba beckons, Michelle.

    • Joan Marshall  

      Yes David Michelle Obama is offensive. Fancy saying Americans have no hope totally inappropriate. America now has hope with Donald Trump. NOT CORRUPT HILLARY CLINTON after all the exposure of Hillary people still feel she is the right one for the job as President. Some of us do use our brains and as Americans have proved in voting in Donald Trump that Hillary a two time looser and corrupt is not the one for the job.

  10. Mike Merrill  

    Her comments show how detached the ruling elite are from us middle class working folks. Children who bumped their head, really? She has really lost hope because BO’s ineffective policies are about to be erases while at the same time the 10 mil vacations & taxpayer funded gravy train go away. Her comments definitely confirmed the nation made the right choice.

    • Joan Marshall  

      The Americans made the right choice with Donald Trump. The two time looser Hillary is corrupt and has got away with it for years so is her Bubba Bill. Power and money come first for Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is the true patriot let us pray God guides him to success.

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