Michaelia Cash compared being poor to something fun and it backfired ferociously

Senator Michaelia Cash has been slammed for comparing the struggles of poor people to… backpacking! “I started with nothing. When I backpacked

Senator Michaelia Cash has been slammed for comparing the struggles of poor people to… backpacking!

“I started with nothing. When I backpacked for three years, I practically had nothing,” claimed Cash.

The senator made the comment on ABC’s Kitchen Cabinet, after journalist Annabel Crabb asked whether people who are fortunate can understand issues faced by those in society who are poorer.

Ms Cash said, “I mean, there will always be some who are lucky enough to have wealthy parents, but, you know, the majority of people I know, they started with nothing and they worked really, really hard to make something of themselves,”

“So, you know, I think that you can empathise, and as a policymaker, that’s why it’s so important to go out and talk to people, get out of the Canberra bubble, get back to your home state, get out to the shopping centres, talk to people, because when you’re talking to people, you begin to better understand the issues that they face,” said Ms Cash whose father, George, is a former West Australian politician and President of the West Australian Legislative Council.

The Employment Minister explained she visited Israel, Egypt and Turkey during her travels after finishing university, reports Daily Mail.

Twitter erupted with angry comments:

Ms Cash also discussed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s upbringing in the interview where she said he is “a Prime Minister who started with nothing, who, through hard work and taking risks made something of himself and, in fact, has gone on to be very successful”.

What do you think of Senator Michaelia Cash’s comment? How does it make you feel?

  1. What an ass. Being poor myself i know how hard it is.This woman chose to go backpacking for three years, my children didn’t choose to not be able to go on holidays or go on expensive trips with their school. As a family we struggled but our rent was paid and there was always food on the table.I visited op shops for clothes for my children because our money didn’t stretch to new clothes often. That was back in the sixties and seventies. My husband and i are on the pension and life is still hard and i get angry when the haves in parliaments say they understand the have nots.

    • Dorothy Tristram  

      I agree with you there, been there done that and still go to op shops for clothes for myself.

  2. Neta Williams  

    I wish I had her wage to be able to eat meat and veggies every night. Backpackers always do it the hard way so they can afford to do the travel. Sometime soon I hope and pray reality comes to the minds of these stupid people. Being poor and doing it tough at our age is not funny and should not be happening in this country.

  3. max  

    Watched this episode last night. when will these people actually tell the truth about Turnbulls Mothers financial legacy and trust funds he inherited from her from her family

  4. Noel Baxendell  

    I am just a low-income retiree backpacking my way through life.

    I am just tired of politicians lucky enough to be born into wealthy and powerful families who are ashamed of their families.

    Anyone who knew the problems of raising and educating a family on a low income would never compare that to backpacking.

  5. Pam Nicholls  

    Find it hard to believe that Michaelia Cash started with nothing, same with Malcolm Turnbull. What a load of condescending nonsense.

  6. Michelle Forsythe  

    Until you walk in people’s shoes, you have no idea of the ongoing hardships they face. Talking to shoppers ( before Elections ) in shopping centres would not give an accurate picture of how struggling people are coping. Many people work hard but don’t have the breaks that others have had, for example, being fortunate enough to attendUniversity. Really tired of condescending Government views! Go and search for some compassion, then act on it for those Australians who deserve assistance.

  7. veronica cheeseman  

    She’s very false and remember when she was on Q&A. She wasn’t very popular then either.

  8. Peter Clarke  

    Poor people mostly live without a safety net. I’ll bet Michaela Cash has never been without a safety net in her life. I am a Liberal voter and you cannot say Michaela Cash is an idiot. She is a successful politician but that hasn’t stopped her from making ‘idiotic’ comments. Politicians should refrain from making comments about things they don’t understand. Malcolm Turnbull did not start his business career with nothing, he had a rather privileged start and good luck to him. Michaela Cash you have made the quote of the year so far…not somethingnto be proud of.

    • peter  

      His mother was earning 5000 pounds a year when the average wage was 750 pounds a year

    • Suzi webster  

      Might be time to change who you vote for?

    • marilyn  

      you just hit the nail on the head.The liberal party don’t understand anything but how to siphon money into they,re own pockets ,look after the top end of top end of town at the expense of the bottom end and most importantly brainwash a lot of people into believing that’s good for them . As for cash I don’t think she,s stupid either I think she,s power hungry

  9. Bert Geerdink  

    I watched the programme – She’s a fool and does not deserve re election.

    • Vladimir lenc  

      I sit and ponder does it require effort to become a moron is it something they actualy work hard to become an idiot. We had a saying in the engineering field. I can design and make a machine fool proof but I’m afraid I can’t make it idiot proof. So on this point I feel for you all but cinysism comes with age and I’m to old to give a ….. or as kevin blody wwilson said D.I.L.I.G.A.F.

  10. born with a silver spoon,now has nose in the trough,and the mouth full of silver cutlery.would not know how to do it tough.

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