Michael Buble makes difficult decision for son Noah

Hearts around the world went out to Michael Buble and his family last year when he announced his three-year-old son
The singer is focussing on his little boy Noah's health.

Hearts around the world went out to Michael Buble and his family last year when he announced his three-year-old son Noah was suffering from liver cancer.

Michael understandably decided to immediately cancel all of his work commitments and focus instead on helping little Noah get better.

Now, Michael has announced he will also be stepping down from his much-anticipated appearance at the upcoming BRIT awards (Britain’s most prestigious music awards) as Noah is still not well enough.

While some fans were devastated to hear the news, most understood that his family must come first.

Celebrating this birthday with my favorite people !! Memories are made of this. #family #41 #starwars

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Noah received his first round of chemotherapy in the weeks leading up to Christmas before being allowed to go home for the holiday and enjoy the special day just like every child should be able to.

While the family is trying to work through the difficult time, they have also been open about it all, with Michael making it clear their “little warrior” was their top priority.

Anyone who has watched their child suffer though illness will understand just how difficult it is to deal with this situation, with many saying the overwhelming feeling is one of helplessness.

For many, it’s hard to imagine how they would cope if they were in Michael’s situation.

Doctors have given Noah a 90 per cent survival rate – the saving grace throughout the whole ordeal.

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Anyone who has been through, or watched someone, go through chemo knows just how tough it can be on the body though, especially on one so young.

Michael and his wife Luisana have thank people for all the well wishes they continue to receive from around the world.

Are you a fan of Michael’s music? Do you have a message of support for little Noah?

  1. Tina  

    To Michael and family,
    Michael you are an inspiration in every way and your son Noah will get through this , with you by his side that’s all he needs.
    Love and wish’s, Tina xxxx

    • Christie  

      Michael, I love how you said you define yourself by being a father and a dad, not by your job. That is WONDERFUL! Not many stars can say that. You must have had a good upbringing. I pray that you and Lu will come to a personal faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, during this time. He will help and comfort you, no matter what. I wish you ALL the best!

  2. Susan Talsma  

    HANG IN THERE! ASK JESUS PERSONALLY TO MAKE YOU BETTER AND HE WILL DO IT,thats all you have to do and he will make it happen and it wouldnt hurt to get a lot of people praying for you!! Just ask on Facebook and millions of people will pray for you. Do it it works! SUSAN TALSMA ONE WHO KNOWS FOR SURE NOAH CALL ME WHEN YOUR BETTER 708-389-9096

    • June Heinz  

      Prayers for little Noah…hope all is going ok for him. Love ❤️ to Noah and the family. X

  3. Gail Banks  

    Michael you are an amazing Dad putting your little boy first is the exact right thing God bless you and may he improve soon

  4. Kay Balnaves  

    Prayers for Noah and all of you. Hope all goes well.

  5. Lesley Hotchkin  

    Thinking of you all and especially Noah during this time.🙏💙

  6. June noney  

    Thoughts and prayers with the family, stay strong. June

  7. Jill McMahon  

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Michael. You will get through testing time. I enjoy listening to your CD’s.

  8. Susan  

    Loved Michael since he began in show business. So very sorry that this has happened to his darling boy. We can only hope and pray that Noah will respond to treatment. God Bless him and all his family xxxx

  9. Janet Delaney  

    Noah will always be more important than any concert, anywhere. Michael’s decision to be there for his Family makes me love him even more. Get well little one, we all are praying for you. xxxx

    • Robyn Evans  

      I think we tend to forget that Michael and his wife are normal parents. The only difference being the type of job Michael has. My thoughts are with the family but more so with his son xxx

  10. Now just what you are feeling. Going through it for the second time in two years with my husband. Tough going watching someone with cancer. Positive attitude is the best way.

    • Aileen Mills  

      I. Know someone who is fighting bone cancer. I t is very hard to watch anyone suffer with this disease

    • Fiorella  

      No one knows how another individual feels when someone they love battles this illness, even when they are under going similar circumstances.
      Every person is different.
      Life can be so cruel and unfair but it is how we handle the tough times that make us who we are.

  11. Thinking of your dear little boy and wishing him a full recovery. My thoughts are also with you, your wife and your other little boy as this is such a trying time for the whole family. Hang in there and God Bless.

  12. I know this is a terrible time for Noah, Michael and family but who on earth is Susan Talsma to give people false hope. If it were so easy as praying why the hell do so many people die from cancer. I’m sure the Buble family will never receive these massages so Susan don’t hold your breath on a phone call.

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