Mercedes Corby says Schapelle is heading home soon

Convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby will be moving back to Australia next year after spending more than 10 years in
Mercedes Corby says Schapelle could be heading home soon.

Convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby will be moving back to Australia next year after spending more than 10 years in Indonesia, her sister Mercedes has revealed.

Schapelle spent nine years in a Bali prison after being found guilty of bringing 4.2 kilograms of cannabis into the country. She was released in 2014, but has had to remain in Indonesia as part of her parole conditions.

Mercedes says she expects her sister to return to the Gold Coast “before August” next year. She told News Corp Schapelle will most likely spend time at her tapas bar business when she returns and make the most of her newfound freedom.

“She will come and sit here and drink beer, probably,” she said.

Mercedes indicated Schapelle may also work in the bar, but said she was going to leave that decision up to her sister.

“We’ll wait to see what happens,” she said.

“For now it’s just nice to wait and see what happens when it gets closer to her coming home.”

Mercedes has been a steadfast supporter of her sister since she was first arrested and moved to Indonesia to console her while she was in prison.

While the family is no doubt looking forward to Schapelle’s return, it has been more of divisive issue for the rest of the country with many still arguing over whether or not they believe she was guilty of the crime.

There have been numerous books and television shows made about Schapelle’s story with people laying blame on other members of the family as well as airport officials in Indonesia and Australia.

What are your thoughts? Will you be welcoming Schapelle home?

  1. guilty or not she served her time she should be left alone to get on with her life

    • Rom  

      exactly. She has paid the penalty wither it was for herself or her bother it is done

  2. don  

    i still think she was screwed ///

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Yes I agree, someone put those drugs in her bag whilst it was out of her sight. I think the FBI know and blamed her.
      Shapelle has served her time for a crime she did not commit. Let her live her life and not be hounded by media about lies.

      • Melanie  

        Her family’s got much to answer for………

  3. Liz  

    She’s done the crime and done the time, hopefully she has learnt a lesson and appreciates the wonderful life she can now enjoy if she is sensible. Let her lead a quiet peaceful life away from publicity because I for one do not want to know anything more about this person.

  4. Guy Flavell  

    This criminal drug-dealer has done her time but I’m certainly not welcoming her home.
    No doubt this woman will try to make a fortune from a book deal, but trust that the average Australian reader will reject same out of hand and it’ll wind up on the ‘nothing over $2’ tables out the front of our bookshops.

    • Geraldine  

      Couldn’t agree more, Guy!

  5. Janine  

    You jest!
    Welcome her home?

    She’s a convicted drug criminal.
    The less I see, & hear about her, the better, IMHO!

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Janine your wrong. She was never guilty. They were not her drugs and is not a drug dealer. I will welcome her home after what she has been through. I think the police and FBI know they were not her drugs. I wish the person who put them in her bodybag would come forward.

      • gwendoline cooney  

        I think she has suffered enough. She has served her time and in conditions that few of us could imagine. It’s also possible that she is innocent. I would welcome her to a new life.

  6. Val  

    Shes served more time than some rapists and killers. Leave her alone

  7. Denise Anderfsen  

    I am pleased she will be home shes had a hard time wether guilty or not, not for me to judge. I wish for her happiness back in the arms of her loving family, who have also been to hell and back

  8. Audrey Jackson  

    Yes Denise, i completely agree as i dont think she wws guilty but was used.

  9. Audrey Jackson  

    Yes Denise, i completely agree as i dont think she wws guilty but was used.

  10. Sharon Butcher  

    Guilty or not, she served her time, leave her alone to get on with her life…

  11. Warwick Stephenson  

    I think she is innocent. I believe another member of her family planted the dope.

    • Diane  

      If you want to know the real truth about what happened on the day Schapelle Corby flew to Bali visit this web page don’t be a sheep.

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