Melania Trump breaks silence on her husband’s comments about women

You might remembering reading or hearing yesterday about the tape in which Donald Trump boasted about being able to grope

You might remembering reading or hearing yesterday about the tape in which Donald Trump boasted about being able to grope and kiss women because of his celebrity status?

What about his comment about grabbing women “by the p***y”?

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Well, his wife Melania has broken her silence on his comments – and she’s not happy about it.

Mrs Trump has released an official statement lashing her husband for what he said.

“The words my husband used are unacceptable and offensive to me,” she wrote.

But that’s not all she said.

Mrs Trump went on to defend her husband, stating “this does not represent the man that I know.”

“He has the heart and mind of a leader,” she wrote.

“I hope people will accept his apology, as I have, and focus on the important issues facing our nation and the world.”

So, what makes Mrs Trump’s comments so newsworthy?

Well, she’s been keeping out of the spotlight since her speech at Republican National Convention in July when she was accused of ┬áplagiarising Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech.

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Her comments about Trump comes as he dismisses calls from Republicans for him to stand aside for vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence.

Trump himself has even apologised for the comments, something has has reportedly refused to do for any of his other controversies.

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What do you think? Are you surprised by Melania Trump’s response to her husband’s comments?


  1. Joann  

    Obviously she is well trained. Only saying what he tells her to.

    • Tim Janes  

      She is judging by her own experience. I wish more us us did instead of lustening to heresay. A good wife will be a good influence and change a man.

    • Be careful what you say you maybe EX Mrs trump. How would you vote him in and let him be in charge of the key to set the missiles off. OMG what a thought……

  2. Maria Evans  

    Soooooo, you know something you didn’t know before right x???

  3. Gail browning  

    Love has blinded her in a big way.

    • elena  

      Love has blinded her…? I would think that it is money no love…who could love a full of inferiority complexes as is that man…My experience has made me aware of those men who pretend to be super that the opposite is true. He is weak as p……!

  4. Raewyn Adair  

    Obviously she’s not going to bite the silver spoon that feeds her

  5. Drene  

    His wife is not going to rock the boat as its packed with $$$$$. And a lifestyle to go with it.. So “Zip it up Buttercup” Id reckon hed say. D.­čĹ▒

  6. Tim Janes  

    Not surprised at all. Don Trump has had two unsuccessful marriages that he has spoken openly about. Both women seem to respect him; they just didn’t get along. That happens and most people get over it. We all change as a result of experience and hopefully increasing wisdom. This event being raked up, is twelve years ago. I hope I have chaned for the better in the last twelve years!

  7. Elizabeth Gardner  

    There is not a woman in her right mind that would accept Donald Trumps attitude toward women; a business man and proposed leader of the free world does not a man make. A man is made from good upbringing respect for women and the ability to communicate. Not from the ability to make ( and lose ) money and make yourself a billionaire on paper. Donald Trump is not only not good for America he is not good for the people; he says things that many fans and the vulnerable take on board as par for course and acceptable. If the Republicans are so desperate for a leader then let it be someone who has their interests at heart and is able to convey confidence of running a country like the US. Not someone who at the drop of a hat denigrates women and makes ridiculous sweeping statements that you just know will never ever come to fruition. The people need to turn their back on this man and let Pence take the lead role, better still bring Carson back at least his ideas were within range of what the voters expect he is liked and has no gender bias. Vote trump into office and god help you USA for no one else will.

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