Melania Trump breaks her social media silence

The First Lady has taken to social media for the first time since the inauguration.
Melania Trump is back in the spotlight.

First Lady Melania Trump has taken to social media to share photos of herself and the Japanese prime minister’s wife touring the Morikami Museum and Gardens in Florida, where she and President Trump were married.

It is the first time since the inauguration that Melania has used her official First Lady of the United States, or FLOTUS, account having shied away from the public eye since her husband took office.

Unlike former first lady Michelle Obama, who often used social media to engage with and get to know the public, Melania has stayed quiet on this front.

So it comes as no surprise that her pics caused somewhat of a frenzy overnight.

‪We are responsible for empowering our next generation with values #powerofeverychild #Powerofthefirstlady‬

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She posted two photos of herself walking through the stunning gardens with Akie Abe and one of the church where she and her husband said ‘I do’.

The photos quickly gained attention around the world and have already been shared thousands of times.

Thank you @morikamimuseum for the inspirational presentation of your sacred gardens & life & culture in Japan

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Melania is not expected to take on a large public role anytime soon, as she stays in New York to look after the couple’s young son Barron who is still attending school in the city.

Traditionally, the first lady heavily involved in charity work and showcases a softer side to life in the White House.

It is thought that Melania and Barron will move to Washington further down the track.

What are your thoughts on Melania as First Lady? Are you a fan?

  1. Phyllus  

    She wants the title then she needs to get of her rump and get to it

    • Sam Houstin  

      She will “get to it” when it’s the appropriate time. The child is ten years old. She’s doing what’s best for her son. I commend her for that. You need an attitude adjustment. Sour-apples!

      • Valerie Bush  

        Agree….some are just jealous 😒

  2. Margaret Wilkinson  

    I’m unlikely to be a fan of anyone who would chose that man as a husband. What was she thinking….. other than $ signs?

    • Kristin Brown  

      Give her a break, just because you don’t like the man, there are probably people out there who don’t like you or your partners but I am sure someone finds something nice about you.

  3. Diandra  

    She is beautiful! She looks a very caring, loving lady. The media have a lot to answer for when they try to discredit President Trump and his family. I never will become a sheep.
    It is time for common sense to make a come back , and this is common sense. The left ideology has nearly destroyed the western world.

    • I absolutely agree with you Diandra. Melania is a beautiful lady. I support President Trump and think he’ll do great things for America. Sad people can be so cruel with their words, just keyboard warriors!

    • Joan Marshall  

      Three cheers Diandra for your comment on Melania Trump and president Trump. I agree the media and the left have just about destroyed the world. It is time for a man like President Trump to lead with guts do as I say or I will kick your butt mentally. I am tired of carrying Laggards with my Taxes when I have worked so hard to have the comforts I have. I am disgusted with people who do not want to work and expect society to go on providing for them. A lot of these people are of the left mentality.

      • Rua  

        I’m sorry ladies, I’m not American but those semi naked photos of your first lady ……… hello…… How embarassing to have her as first lady of your country. Not a good look!!

    • robyn cok  

      The problem with your statement is that donald trump doesn’t possess common sense, he is a bully, a bigot,racist, sizist, sexist and any other ist you could think of. He twitters ridiculous statements when he doesn’t get his own way and thinks that by stampeding his way through the world that everyone will bow down to his greatness. I love that he blames Mexico and the muslim countries for all the bad things that go on in the us, as if the every american is perfect, without sin and without crime in their bones!! Once he has purged america of all but the perfect I wonder how full the jails still will be.My common sense tells me that they will still be overflowing. Melania Trump may look a very caring and loving lady but who knows, she certainly isn’t letting the public see her ‘first lady’ side yet.

      • Mary  

        I’m glad someone got balls calling him a bully you could be right but it bets having pussys like you tht are to scare to sort your country out sometimes people need to shut up give him a go and leave his family alone RU Perfect I bet not so so til u r try to have some postive thought

      • Joan Marshall  

        You Robyn are no doubt of the LEFT mentality which has nearly destroyed this earth but…along comes someone like Donald Trump highly successful and wants everyone who works hard to be successful even if he has to use harsh means. Hilllary Clinton and her Pussy footing cohorts would have sent America in to a flat spin. What great deed has she done in the 30 years in politics except be fraudlent and yet the blind and deaf LEFT will think she was going to do wonders. What a bunch of followers with not much brains between their ears.

    • lyn clark  

      Diandra, I totally agree with your comments.

      The political correctness of the left ideology has left our countries held hostage.

  4. Mary Canafay  

    Love the pictures and support her decision to stay in New York. She was a mom before being the FLOUS

  5. Lynne  

    She is every bit of a lady!!! I don’t know her personally though… I think it is wonderful that she is putting her son’s education and welfare first and that her husband is okay with it…

  6. Joan Marshall  

    Margaret Wilson. Allow me to remind you that Melania Trump was successful before she met Donald Trump. President Trump would not choose a dumb dependant woman like so women are dependant on their husbands. No wonder the male gender have so little respect for women because of women like you. Are you a success at what you do? I know it takes a woman to try and destroy a woman. Thank God most men do not behave like you.

  7. Heather_Herighty  

    Judging from the smiles on the ladies faces, they are really enjoying each other’s company. Nice to see.

  8. Penny  

    I can’t say I know much at all about the new First Lady, but from some of the expressions I,noticed,on her face during the campaign, she seemed to be very reluctant and sometimes even unhappy. As Trump has always had a short fuse, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he is unpleasant to be around. Having been married (long ago) to a control freak, I see the signs.

    • Joan Marshall  

      Penny. Do not assume anything about president Trump and Melania Trump. You may just be terribly wrong. His children think Melania is wonderful and I would believe them.

  9. Pamela  

    Robyn Cok, if you can’t see the problems caused by moslems and their evil barbaric ideology and illegal immigrants forcing their way into countries – YOU have a very big problem you need to wake up to!
    I presume you never lock your house doors or windows or your car and you are happy for anyone to walk in and avail themselves of what is yours, rape any females and steal your possessions! Because that is what you espouse for our countries where illegals including moslems are entering! 😛

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