Meet Australia’s oldest new mum

You hear a lot of about movie stars and musicians becomes parents again at a later age. Most recently Ronnie

You hear a lot of about movie stars and musicians becomes parents again at a later age. Most recently Ronnie Wood of The Rolling Stones became a father of twins at age 68. Now an over 60s Australian woman has given the boys a run for their money.

A 63-year-old Tasmanian woman and her 78-year-old partner have welcomed their first child. This makes her the oldest Australian woman to give birth. The baby was born via caesarian section in Melbourne on Monday. While the baby was premature, the baby girl is making good progress.

The couple became pregnant via IVF and an overseas donor embryo. Because of this, a Gold Coast woman who gave birth to her first child at 50 is still the oldest woman in Australia to have a naturally conceived child. In 2007 and 2010 respectively two women in their late 50s also gave birth to IVF children. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare say that a third of women that give birth are between 30 and 34-years-old but at the same time reporting that 0.2-percent of the births recorded were from women 45 years and older. Advancements in pregnancy technology mean that theoretically women could regularly become pregnant much later than previously anticipated.

While people of the same age regularly take care of children, it begs the question of the future of the child. Many enjoy having their parents around well into their adult lives; it could prove difficult with a 63-year-old mother and 78-year-old father who is going to be 99-years-old by his daughter’s 21st birthday. Is that fair to the child?

What do you think could be the problems facing this growing family in the future? Do you think that it’s only a perception of age problem, and they are doing the right thing? How old were you when you had your first child?

  1. I don’t think it is anyone else’s businesses to say whether it is right or wrong. The joy of becoming parents at this late stage in life is worth it for any couple. The sheer joy and happiness this couple is experiencing should not be denied. Good luck to them!!!

    • I don’t agree at all with you! I think they are very selfish. Only thinking about themselves. What about the child?
      Apart of some other issues, is she going to cope well with loosing her parents when still young?

  2. Dianne Evans  

    Who knows what will happen they have as good a chance as any one else in life’s lottery

  3. Dianne Evans  

    Who knows what will happen they have as good a chance as any one else in life’s lottery

  4. Ruth STOKES  

    I think these people are totally irresponsible and selfish, this poor child has little chance of having her parents alive when she is a teenager. I really feel that to have no other siblings and such old parents is really sad, it is not like she can be reared by her Aunties cos they would be too old to take care of her, as for Grandparents they sure would be “pushing up daisies” Totally Wrong Selfish and should be against the law.!!! After all why did God create Menopause if this was what was supposed to be….

    • Maureen Chellis  

      I don’t think it’s anyone’s business, many children lose their parents through death or divorce at a young age. Many grandparents are raising their grandchildren , so I imagine things would be put in place for the child if someone else has to step in. At my age now 65 I couldn’t do it , so good luck to them

      • Marlane Millar  

        My mother was 60 years old when she chose to raise a baby girl from 2 months of age. This child grew to be a responsible well adjusted intelligent adult and my mother took pride of place at her wedding 25 years later. Best wishes to the parents, and love to a little girl

    • Joanna galea  

      Totally agree with you Ruth. These old (that is what they are) parents do not care for the child they bring into this world. They only think of themselves.

  5. E J Brady  

    My father was 76 and when I was born. I remember him clearly and he loved me dearly, as I did him.
    I’m grateful for the time we had together.

    • You make me feel so much better. My twins are 8 and I’m 72, and I constantly question whether I didn’t leave it too late.

  6. Sheryl  

    My child was conceived by IVF at 38. As he turns 21years old I am now 59years old, working & an active woman. Although I have been very ill over the past 5 years, became a single mother when he was 2, nursed my mother with Motor Nuerone Disease & lived on a very low income although before his birth had a well paid position in Banking & with no assistance from his Father, I cannot even comtemplate how this couple will have the stamina or longevity to bring this little girl up in a productive family unit.
    I cannot understand how this is legally & morally allowed.
    This girl is to be brought up with parents who will be reliant upon welfare & health issues will be paramount.
    I wish them all the best although for the future of little lives there needs to be some form of legislation to protect these children.

    • margaret reid  

      i think people should mind their own business this child will be well cared for i worrie more for children born to addicts and alcoholics and live in poverty

    • Lorraine  

      Children who have two loving stable parents packed with life’s lessons and wisdom, are blessed so much. Who is to say there should be legislation against it. What if there was legislation against teenage pregnancy, or unmarried Mum’s. It is too easy to Judge. But I know who I would prefer to have as parents, even if it was for a short time.
      There is an Island where a community live off Italy, who are the longest living humans on earth. Who are being studied with longitivity on average of 100-104 years old. The women are having babies naturally in their 50’s.
      So to say that nature makes us go through the menopause in their 50’s may not be natural at all. Sarah in the bible was a Mum way in her autumn years.
      This community have an amazing sense of community where they embrace the old and the young, grow their own food, and celebrate everything. Very happy people. So do not judge. This wee girl may turn out to be very special, and make a profound difference to this civilisation. Who knows?

  7. who are we to say how old awomen should have a baby at least we know she is going to love and cherish this baby and she will be home looking after her not out working .how many years has this lady been trying to have a child yes her age let them enjoy this little bub and stop making such an issue out of it

    • Suzanne  

      Horribly irresponsible by all concerned. And the Nazis’ were held in disrepute for that they did to start all this off. I hope they have good extended family support.

  8. Karinrubenach  

    Their people out in this big wide world of ours that abuse their children from the time they are born some. Survived but others pass away so let this couple enjoy their little girl as long as they are on this earth and no doubt they have something in place should any thing happens to either of them and it can happen at any age so congratulations and enjoy this beautiful bundle of joy.

  9. Hella  

    This child was grown from an embryo donation and is thus not genetically related to its “mother” or “father”. Why such an embryo should be permitted to be “adopted” (or bought?) and grown in the artificially re-activated womb of a long-time, post-menopausal 63 year old woman defeats all logic and common sense, IMHO.

  10. I agree that they are far too old to be having children. It’s so possible that either or both of them may not live until the child reaches teen years and is then left with NO ONE. How cruel. I also agree that the child wasn’t naturally conceived by either parents so it shouldn’t have happened. It might not be anyone’s business but if the child goes into the system if they pass away then it sure is!

  11. Julie  

    Well, I say good luck to them, I think for all of the people who are saying let’s make it legislation and be against the law well if we are going to do that, then we better do the exact same thing for all of the 14 – 17 year old mothers. Some of which are absolutely great mother’s. Who is to judge what and when a woman can have a baby, they may have been trying for their entire married life, let them enjoy there time together. I don’t know if they will have the physical stamina required to raise a child of today but at least let them have a go and if it doesn’t work out then hopefully they will ask for the help they need, and who knows what sort of family support they have. I wish them all the best.

  12. Zululander  

    They were clearly desperate for a child, an emotion that is ageless. One wonders if adopting a baby that would benefit so immensely from loving parents, might not have been an option. There are so many orphaned babies, especially here in Africa.
    Nevertheless how wonderful that the baby is healthy. I wish them all the best. I am a fit 62 year old and find looking after my grandchildren for any length of time exhausting!!

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