McDonald’s reinvents the wheel again, but is this too far?

McDonald’s is facing a global slump in sales, and lately it seems like they’ll try anything to get customers back

McDonald’s is facing a global slump in sales, and lately it seems like they’ll try anything to get customers back in-store. The company has released a flamboyant range of new menu items, but it remains to be seen whether these will improve profits in Australia and abroad.

With over 36,000 restaurants worldwide, McDonald’ss is still the biggest name in fast food. However, the golden arches lost their shine this year, with global profits falling by 15% and share prices plummeting.

The company fired its chief executive and instead promoted brand officer Steve Eastbrook, who has brought with him a range of new ideas. Since March, Eastbrook has overseen the rollout of all-day breakfast menus and Maccas home delivery.

In May, the ‘very unMcDonalds’ campaign was launched. This aims to give customers a premium selection of burger fillings, which are chosen on a touchscreen computer, and then served on a special bread-board.

In its latest effort this month, McDonald’s has begun serving ‘loaded fries’ with guacamole and salsa, or bacon and cheese sauce. McDonalds in America has also announced it will soon offer ‘fried mozzarella’, which is essentially deep-fried cheese.

It’s a lot to stomach, and Australians haven’t been adoring the loaded fries so far. Facebook user Phillip Still wrote, “love my cheesy bacon fries, but Macca’s effort is putrid”. Whilst Kayla Trevare wrote online, “I tried these yesterday. Hardly any cheese and I wouldn’t call it bacon. Won’t be buying it again”.

Will you be trying the new McDonalds menu? Do you think McDonalds is trying too hard to impress?

  1. It’s very rare for me to eat McDonald’s, only if I’m with someone that’s desperate for it. Maybe once in the last two years which was more than enough for me, the new menu sounds disgusting I won’t be trying it any time soon that’s for sure!

  2. I go about once a year for breakfast otherwise there’d have to be no alternative! But I love a real burger from my local chip shop as a treat!

  3. Don’t eat it now (although I might try a build your own burger one day) but nothing else I read here sounded tempting.

  4. Seems like if you are going to do it do it right not on the cheap !!!!! Lost cause I would say

  5. I can boast that I have never had one of there Burgers and I’m past 60. I did buy one for my dogs once while traveling but even they wouldn’t eat it.

  6. We have plenty of take away to choose from if we want it, and I don’t want McDonald’s. Plastic buns and rubber thanks

  7. Not a question of computer choices for me, or breakfast menu, but food quality and corporate behaviour. I Don’t eat Mac Donald food.

  8. Only when traveling by car. I appreciated the healthier options in previous years, do not appreciate the latest fat laden new offerings. I must admit that my guilty pleasure on the once or twice a year is their fries

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