Mariah Carey slams James Packer as settlement talks break down

How quickly things have turned sour in the bust up between Mariah Carey and James Packer. The couple split in

How quickly things have turned sour in the bust up between Mariah Carey and James Packer.

The couple split in October amid rumours the pop princess had some excessive spending habits.

Now though, it appears the settlement talks between the pair have broken down and the mother-of-two has supposedly accused the billionaire of being ‘an opportunist’ who used ‘her celebrity status to secure more business deals’.

Carey, 46, and Packer, 48, enjoyed an extravagant and somewhat hasty romance before things came to a dramatic end last month. However, it appears they were engaged in negotiations for a financial settlement for Carey, who TMZ reports is requesting $50 million because she had to ‘uproot her life and move to Los Angeles’ for Packer.

It’s reported Packer doesn’t think he should have to pay Carey anything as they were not married.

However, Carey is said to have been left ‘blindsided’ when he called off their engagement.

“The split has been devastating for Mariah. She loved James and was planning to marry him,” one source says.

Carey, who has five-year-old twins with her former husband Nick Cannon, is determined to get more than just the 35-carat engagement ring Packer presented her with in January, but whether she’ll get that $50 million remains to be seen.

What do you think of Mariah Carey’s claims about James Packer? Do you think the singer is deserving of compensation now that the relationship is over? Have you ever been involved in a relationship breakdown? Was is amicable?

  1. Diana  

    This silly man would be even stupider if he pays this shallow, grasping woman for breaking off their relationship.

    Anyway we really don’t need to hear about their rubbish. Far more important things going on in the world without their histrionics.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      I agree but I also think that Mariah is a greedy so and so, very extravagant because he had money.


    • Heather  

      How greedy can you get and by what I hear she wasn’t even divorced from her previous husband, correct me if I am wrong. What is wrong with these people?? There is so much misery in this world & all they can think of is more & more money.

  2. Like, we should care? What possible teensy-weensy bit of a difference does it make to you, me or the gate post? Leave it up to the totally believable women’s rags … and they’ll give you at least two different (or more) versions.

  3. K. Worth  

    If she gets what she wants than that means anyone in a relationship is entitled to a payment of sorts being heaps or just $1 after they spilt up …..They ARE NOT married just going out together…Come on get real as if she needs the money anyways…Rich greedy person she is tha’ts all i am saying ….

  4. Pamela  

    Gold-digger out for what she could get.

    Her character shows now!

  5. Sue  

    Maybe he had a lucky escape, why should he have to pay. She was the one who moved her and her children not him. She is so childish herself then to expect him to pay for her lifestyle bit much. Also to you Mr Packer money doesn’t buy you everything you are making a bit of a dill out of yourself carrying on the way you are they shall come out of the wood work, why because you are flaughting yourself and money like a teen age boy.

  6. Marrcia  

    This ‘relationship’ was doomed from the get-go!

    Both of them have oodles’ of money, but NO, repeat NO, maturity.

    He ‘dumped’ a good wife in Erica, & now is ‘trolling’ the world for a replacement!
    And look what he chose…..’trailer trash’!

    Serves him right!
    Best thing he can do now is ‘pay her off’, & get rid of her.

    He’s going to have to make sure that those documents’ are tighter than a fish’s a@&$, so she doesn’t keep coming back for ‘more’, because she’s the ‘type’ ie ‘goldigger’, who will!

    • Hey Marrcia its not a@&$ its ass don’t you know

      • Marrcia  

        Thanks, John, but I’ll stick with English spelling, not yankee! Lol!

  7. Jan  

    Neither person is on my favourites list, but they weren’t legally married so she deserves nothing from him. There is no child to support (Miracle if there was one !). She doesn’t need any more money, she has enough to Indulge herself. I think she must be the type that likes to spend someone else’s money to indulge herself. She lives in a publicity driven world and is manipulating this situation to her advantage,

  8. Wiso  

    disgusting woman !! Just another gold-digger !!

    Run James, Run !!!

    • Southwestga80  

      Oh he better run as fast as he can and she’s running after him, calling him an “opportunist” smh

  9. Annette Morgan  

    Wasn’t he the one who did not want publicity?? Just another gold digger who wanted a rich husband.

  10. Ray Edmondson  

    This is a trash story ! Who really cares ! Let the lawyers sort it out ! Please write about real stories that affect us or concern us.Not this Gossip trash stuff !!

  11. Josephine B  

    She’s only another “gold digging HIGH priced prostitute” as far as I can say. They both need to step up to the plate and take stock of their lives and GROW UP.

  12. Michael cole  

    Youre kidding me….They didn’t even have sex…Believe that and you’d believe anything…..Think he may have dodged a big bullet

    • Beverley  

      What on earth does that have to do with it?????

      • That’s probably one of the “truth”ful things the women’s rags like the No Idea pump out … believe it or not. They’re probably waiting for clarification from a “friend” or an “insider”.

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