Mariah Carey releases breakup song about James Packer

It seems Mariah Carey had some unresolved feelings to get off her chest.
Burn, baby, burn. Mariah set fire to her dress in the video.

It was a fairytale romance that soured faster than you can say “where’s the prenup” and it appears Mariah Carey still hasn’t forgiven James Packer for breaking her heart.

The songstress has put pen to paper and released a heartfelt song about the demise of their relationship, saying it hurt too much to go on.

While the lyrics are quite soppy, it’s the video that really has people talking!

In the clip, Mariah is seen writhing around the backseat of a car in her bridal lingerie before running to a fire pit and burning her wedding dress to a smouldering pile of ash.

The couple’s relationship reportedly came to a screeching halt when James ended their engagement suddenly after a spat on their Greek island holiday last year.

Reports from Mariah’s camp said she was completely blindsided and had changed her whole life to accomodate him before he dumped her.

However, other media claimed Mariah had refused to sign a prenuptial agreement, which was the breaking point for James.

In her song, Mariah says “it hurts too much to stay around.”

“Once again we sit in silence
After all is said and done
Only emptiness inside us
Baby look what we’ve become
We can make a million promises
But we still won’t change
It isn’t right to stay together
When you only bring each other pain.”

The video has already wracked up nearly 200,000 views and is still climbing.

While most of us have been through relationship breakdowns that left us wanting to vent our rage and frustration, we have to wonder if Mariah perhaps took it a little too far.

What do you think? Take a look and let us know!

Do you think James be feeling pangs of regret after seeing this or counting his lucky stars?

  1. Joan Tisdell  

    Counting his lucky stars! Maybe James, you should stick to lower profile girls and forget the divas! They are very high maintenance at best!

  2. Karen  

    James has to be embarrassed by this pathetic attempt to discredit him. She is a has been.

    • Julie  

      I totally agree. She is pathetic.

  3. Diandra  

    I reckon they were meant to be together. They should try again.

  4. Glenys  

    With a voice like that why does feel the need to embarrass herself with a video like that , I enjoy her music as long as I dont have to see her degrade herself with such antics.

  5. Marion Armstrong  

    James you are lucky, video in bad taste and she is acting tarty. Should have stayed with your last wife ten times better than Mariah!

  6. Chris Terry  

    Both Media Tarts – they were made for each other. Never mind there are plenty more to choose from in their world of High Rollers

  7. Gayle  

    Definitely counting his lucky stars. She does have a great voice, but, no morals and far too flashy and narcissistic.

  8. Gail Gordon  

    Hes better off without her he needs a real women not a pretentious diva!

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