Mariah Carey demands huge payout from James Packer

Their breakup made headlines around the world and it looks like things are only getting messier for singer Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey and James Packer in happier times.

Their breakup made headlines around the world and it looks like things are only getting messier for singer Mariah Carey and billionaire James Packer as she tells him to pay up.

Mariah is said to have ended things after James demanded she sign a $30 million prenuptial agreement, which she branded as “tacky and insulting”.

Now though, she is demanding an “inconvenience fee” of $US50 million, claiming their breakup left her depressed and put a dent in her bank balance, reports The Australian.

Mariah says James disrupted her family by making her relocate with her young twins and now she wants him to pay.


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“He moved her across the country and relocated her and her kids,” one of Mariah’s staff members told the E! channel. “He made promises that weren’t fulfilled. She wants an inconvenience fee.”

The exact reason for the breakup is not yet clear as both Mariah and James’ camps claim different tensions lead to their demise.

Sources from James’ side have said he was annoyed with her spending habits and how her new reality show exposed private parts of their life together.

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The show follows the singer around as she tours and also gets up close and personal in her home life, showing her children and James before the split.

However, Mariah’s team has disputed the claims, instead saying it was the prenup and James’ interest in controversial religion Scientology that caused the split.

James is said to have been spurred on by his business partner Tommy Davis, who also tried to intervene over Mariah’s spending.

“Mariah was stunned,” a source said. “To see the man you are going to marry change overnight – it was like he was a different person.

“She became very concerned and didn’t know how to deal with his sudden change of heart. It is heartbreaking for her.”

Whatever the reasons for the breakup though, it looks like Mariah is coming after James for a significant amount of money to cover the costs of uprooting her life for him.

Do you think this is fair? Were you surprised to hear about their break up?

  1. wendy  

    They both have to much money.they carry on like spoiled brats,and she has come off with a ten million engagement ring ,and she looks very tacky on her show.

  2. Peter Greer  

    Not worth talking about rubbish

  3. Noelene Davey  


  4. Mary Kellogg  

    Settle with her. Consider yourself lucky!

  5. Jean Walker  

    It’s disgusting that we even have to read about people like this. No-one should have that sort of money to throw around about broken engagements. How many homeless people would it house??

    • Kay Feain  

      Agree Jean…….if more showed a wee bit of philanthropy a solution and support for homelessness could be on the horizon.
      Our Rotary District is raising money to fund a free mobile laundry service for the homeless……a very small step but an important one

  6. Jill Rowland  

    She’s nothing but a gold digger in fact it wouldn’t surprise me if she planned this from the start as she is completely different to what he normally dates, he is intelligent while she is a money hungry bimbo, why she needs his money when she has her own gets me, maybe James should ive her the money to be rid of her and move on .

  7. Anita  

    She is just money hungry she has more than enough of her own

  8. Truth 13  

    She is a despicably greedy, over sexed PIG. Trying to get another cool $65 million & the engagement ring $10 million, probably sleeping with Packer, few times. How many men, she had in her life. A woman starving for sex, knows very well, she will never find a rich man, but only find a cheap man, only for a very short time. I think is in her family, wanting more & more men. That may be the reason, her sister is an Aids sufferer. MORE THE MERRIER, TO MAKE MONEY. Her back up dancer may be up for a windfall. James Packer may need to visit an optometrist & a Physiologist, to check his eye sight & mental status.

    • Jemima  


      Don’t you mean ‘Psychologist’, or even, ‘Psychiatrist’, to check his ‘mental health’? ‘

  9. Annette  

    Why the hell he got mixed up with this yank ‘trailer trash’ to begin with, is very curious!
    She must’ve been good at something!

    Get her out of your life, James.
    It may well cost, but you can afford it.

    Hopefully, he’s learnt a valuable lesson, when it comes to ‘that’ sort of person.
    He should be extremely grateful the marriage never went ahead!

    • Liz  

      This is his third messed up relationship that we are aware of. Ooops four if you count in Miranda Kerr. Nah … I don’t think he has learnt any lessons. Will just keep bumbling through life and relationships, I feel. There is a pattern developing and it is easy to see. At least Mariah Carey will be over her heartbreak quickly once she has received financial compensation I’m sure

      • Annette  

        Yes, Liz, it’s amazing how some men, & women, just can’t settle down, & be at peace with one another, for a long time!

        He seems to have ‘problems’ which have never been ‘addressed’ throughout his life.
        Maybe ‘money isn’t everything’ is a truism, in his case!

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