Man tows piano on bike to play in Paris while violinist haunts Trafalgar square

The haunting moments are being shared across the Internet, and these are the two that grabbed our attention.  A man

The haunting moments are being shared across the Internet, and these are the two that grabbed our attention.  A man who brought his piano by bike to the Balaclan to play Imagine, and a solo violinist who played mournfully in Trafalgar square before disappearing.

Last night this German man pulled a grand piano down the road behind his bike, and stopped 10 metres away from the Bataclan, the scene of the horrible concert-massacre in central Paris.  Then he started playing Lennon’s Imagine in front of a gathering on-street audience to create a moment everyone is sharing online.



In a similar moment in a vigil in London, a man played a single violin to the crowds gathered at Trafalgar Square.  His music was emotional and captivating, causing people to hold up their phones as vigil-flashlights.

Simple, memorable moments of people and music coming together to mourn.

Have you seen other moments like this?

  1. So singing a song about a Marxist single world government with a slave, culture-less and incapable of free thought population is appropriate right now? I think not.

    • Every song has a different meaning to many different people, I think we can understand the sentiment behind this performance, I think it was a lovely idea.

    • not Marxist – not a slave culture – that’s not the world I imagine when I hear these words – I see total equality love and peace and kindness – not people living in fancy mansions while people live just outside their doors in abject poverty – which is what we have now and people killing each other because their God has a different name – If we didn’t have so many different names for God this wouldn’t be happening – neither would the nazi death camps have happened – I understand it’s a dream but then I’m not the only one ….

    • I cannot understand ,how the lyrics of this song calling for peace ,harmony equality,tolerance can be perceived as Marxist. I think you have a very negative and defeatist attitude and that you cannot IMAGiNE that one day the world will become as one.humanity will defeat EVIL……

    • Mum Jarden: For what it is worth, John Lennon lived the life of a billionaire while there were the homeless people on the streets of N.Y. He earned his money and had the right to spend it whichever way he chose. That said, the homeless, not so far from his lofty abode, could have done with a bit of his facile philosophy being translated into philanthropic charity on the ground. And BTW, what do the Nazi death camps have to do with the different names for god/s? Seems far fetched reasoning to me. Godwin’s Law being demonstrated, methinks.

  2. We should be mourning all the people who have died in atrocities across the world, not just Paris. Too much hatred atm.

  3. It’s so heartening to see how the world has come together over this tragedy, these terrorist groups may feel they had a victory yesterday, but all they have accomplished is to unite the whole world against their evil & send a clear message that we will not let them intimidate us.

    • Unfortunately not the whole world. The whole of the western world. I haven’t seen any muslim countries supporting Paris or condemning the actions of these terrorists.

    • I agree makes me wonder. Are all the Muslims in it together ????? Don’t know ( don’t really want to point the finger)

    • A group of Muslims in Auckland have also publicly protested the terrorism in Paris today. Will repost the pics if I can find them again..

  4. I look behind to the spirit of these beautiful gestures and I hear soothing sounds and peace resonating from them. Music soothes the savage breast. The last thing we need at this moment is fuelling the fire of violence. Come in peace to honour the dead. Love and Light and Blessings to the people in Paris.

  5. People feel helpless at the moment wondering what on earth can we do to help others in these sad times.
    Again like the people at the Lindt. Cafe they were going about their daily business, or as it was on Friday night in Paris, they were out to enjoy themselves.

  6. If everyone all around the world would sing “Imagine” throughout the next three days, I believe the love and energy from a united group focused on Solidarity and love and peace will be a great help to allow the healing to begin.

  7. Thank you to those musicians for expressing so eloquently what we were all feeling, but couldn’t put into words.

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