Man reveals trick for getting supermarket trolley without paying

Ever been to the supermarket and realised when you got there you’d forgotten your dollar coin to access the trollies?

Ever been to the supermarket and realised when you got there you’d forgotten your dollar coin to access the trollies?

Well never fear! A man in Scotland has revealed his trick for getting around it and people everywhere are loving it.

Joe Heenan was at his local grocery store when he realised he didn’t have any change for the trolley. He did have a a packet of milk chocolate button with him though and decided to see if one of the little buttons would work instead of a coin.

He filmed the moment on his phone so that he would have proof if it worked.

When it did, the delighted man uploaded the video to social media where it quickly went viral with people saying they would try the same thing.

Sharing the video on his Twitter account, he write: “Couldn’t find a pound coin for the trolley so I used a Milky Bar Button instead. I’m a genius.”

The video has since been shared and liked thousands of times, with many people saying that he is indeed a “genius”.

Obviously the only conundrum with this trick is that you have to have a chocolate button with you at the time.

Many people commenting on the post though said they often had a packet in the house to use for cooking and would take a few with them next time they had to do the shopping just so they could try out the trick.

Of course some people commenting on the video weren’t impressed, saying it was effectively stealing from the supermarket.

Others were more forgiving though, with one commenter saying: “I think the supermarkets make enough money of us as it is. I’m all for a little win like this for the shopper!”

Take a look at the trolley hack and tell us if you would give it a go.

Would you try this supermarket trolley trick? Or, do you think it is stealing from the supermarket?

  1. gordon  

    if i did’nt have two dollars i would go to the desk and ask for one ,if they want to sell you your shopping they will give it too you , you dont pay for trollies at Coles anymore .

    • Stan  

      Sorry Gordon you still do at some Coles stores but if you ask for a plastic disk they will give you one I have one I got 10 years ago

  2. Valerie Collins  

    This guy is in Scotland – where the temps are usually low. Try using chocolate here in Australia – you would just end up with a squishy mess. My advise is – just buy a token only 99 cents !

  3. Rose  

    The whole point is here in OZ you get the coin back after you’ve returned the trolley… so what’s the problem? I have a token that I put in the trolley, and I get it back when I bring back the trolley.

  4. kp  

    You don’t pay for trolleys anyway.Your money is returned when the trolley is returned.Tokens work……sometimes!!!

  5. Disey  

    The only trolley I need a token for is Aldi. For all other trolleys I have what is known as a “Trolley Swan”, which was given to me as a gift by a relative, you push it into the $2 slot it releases the chain and you pull it back out again and the best part is you don’t have to worry about getting back your coin. It is a short piece of very hard plastic with the rounded shape of a swan’s back at the end of it. I believe they are available on Ebay.

    • The Woolies token will work in the Aldi trollies, and Coles does not require them any more.

  6. Trust a bloody Scotsman ………….. probably eats the chocolate button when he’s finished

  7. I carry an Aldi token on my key ring it fits all but leave the hole facing out or have a string on it

  8. Rob Ozanne  

    Never seen pay for trolleys, wouldn’t pay anyway

    • Well Ros Swan you migh well have a very heavy load to carry as here in Australia most if not all the supermarkets around me have pay tokens so if you don’t pay you carry the purchases yourself. Believe me you would certainly soon grow big muscles fast or start doing online grocery shopping.

  9. Jan Foley  

    Well if all you lazy people returned your trolleys to the trolley bay instead of leaving them scattered all over the carpark, then you would get your coin back.

  10. Sandra  

    You get your money back when you return the trolley to the correct bay
    Saves all the trolleys being left in car parks
    And you can also buy a disc from the supermarkets and put on your key ring. So you always have it with you
    We have them everywhere here

  11. Jan Foley  

    I have a plastic disc which I purchased from my Coles supermarket customer service desk for a cost of 50 cents. I insert it in the trolley coin slot and get it back when I return the trolley. I keep it in my coin purse for next time I visit the supermarket. Easy.

  12. I paid for a trolley and then when I got to the car park there was not a trolley in sight to get the coin out. I was too far away from taking it right back to the shop and had a sick friend with me.

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