Man makes it his mission to get rid of red light cameras

A man has been arrested for tampering with red light cameras at a busy intersection in his town. Bryan Valentine

A man has been arrested for tampering with red light cameras at a busy intersection in his town.

Bryan Valentine put a plastic bag over the camera to stop people from getting caught driving through the red light.

Valentine is part of a group called ‘Red Light Robin Hoods’ who believe that cameras are a money grab by the government to get more money from tax-payers.

The group is based in America and has been causing quite a bit of trouble in their local area.

They have found huge support from hundreds of locals who agree that the government is unfairly targeting people on the road and fining them outrageous amounts for ‘small infractions’.

Stephen Ruth is the leader of the group and says people should show their support for the initiative.

“All I can do is give the guy respect,” Ruth said of Valentine’s arrest. “He believes in what he is doing. He told me [Saturday] he tried to get attention to the issue because it’s being ignored.”

Ruth was arrested on similar charges eight months ago and on wrote a call-out on his Facebook page in support of Valentine: “People should go down to the courthouse and express their support and concern for Bryan and their discontent for the red-light-camera program.”

Soon after his arrest in August, Ruth made a video which he posted on Facebook explaining to followers how to put red-light cameras out of commission.

“You only need a pair of balls and a painter’s extension rod [in order to point the cameras away from motorists] . . . It doesn’t take more than a minute to do this, and the satisfaction is huge,” Ruth said in the video. “I’m gonna show you how easy this is to take the power back.”

The video shows Ruth using the painter’s extension to turn the lens of a camera away from the roadway. “I just saved people about $10,000 today with this camera,” he boasted. “This is government taking advantage, and it’s going to stop!”

The idea has garnered some support in Australia too, with many people saying they would tamper with red-light cameras here if they could.

Others though have pointed out that these cameras prevent people from having accidents and can actually save lives.

What do you think?

Take the power back!

Posted by Stephen Ruth on Friday, August 21, 2015

Would you support the Red Light Robin Hoods? Or, do we need red-light cameras for our own safety?

  1. This bloke is a moron. Red light cameras and speed cameras are essential equipment for maintaining safety on our roads, simple as that. Obey the lights and stay under the speed limit and guess what? You won’t get ticketed.

  2. Peter Warren  

    The man is a complete goose. It’s like those claiming speed cameras are revenue raisers. It’s true…..they are indeed revenue raisers, but only if you are arrogant and self centred enough to believe you are special, and laws don’t apply to you. If you follow the laws, there would be no revenue raised, and the bloody cameras would disappear as the cost of maintaining them would outweigh the income from them. Get the law changed, by all means, but obey it until you do.

  3. Peter  

    What a dipstick. Going through a red light is a minor infringement is it. Tell that to the poor person that he collides with

  4. bruce taylor  

    As usual it is the people who are caught breaking the law who complain loudest about it. Simple DONT BREAK THE LAW.

  5. Brian Hughes  

    Those who feel that red light cameras are revenue raisers are obviously “red light runners”, They should, “A” get caught, charged with the offence, “B” on going to court, the magistrate should impose a sentence commiserate with the offence, as nine out of ten cases, the offender walks away from the accident, leaving the innocent party requiring urgent medical treatment, they should be banned from driving life, that way red light runners may think twice about what they do.

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