Malcolm Turnbull’s stern warning to Pauline Hanson

In an interview this morning on 3AW, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull shared his feelings on the controversial comments made by

In an interview this morning on 3AW, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull shared his feelings on the controversial comments made by Pauline Hanson and his own backbencher George Christensen.

The comments made by Pauline and George are viewed by many as demonising all Muslims which is something the PM feels is playing into the hand of extremist groups. Malcolm said, “Tagging all Muslims with the crimes of a few is fundamentally wrong, and it’s also counter-productive”.

The Prime Minister added, “Seeking to demonise or denigrate all Muslims or seek to alienate all Muslims and suggest they’re somehow not part of Australia or shouldn’t be in Australia, that is exactly what the extremists and terrorists are saying to the Muslim community.”

While delivering her first speech in Parliament this week, Pauline said that Australia was “in danger of being swamped by Muslims, who bear a culture and ideology that is incompatible with our own”. A feeling not shared by Malcolm as he was quick to answer “I was asked about her views on migration and obviously everybody knows I don’t agree with them”.

Comments made by Coalition’s own backbencher George Christensen claiming that people are coming to Australia are not embracing Australian values. George stated, “It is not necessary to travel halfway around the world to come to Australia and demand that Australians change their culture, their society and their laws to match those of their former homeland.” Malcolm’s answer to these comments was George “was talking about, as I heard it, Islamist terrorist ideology, and that is absolutely the focus of so much of our counterterrorism work”.

Malcolm added that Australia is the “most successful multi-cultural society in the world, Australian Muslims are part of that successful multicultural society”.

Do you agree with Malcolm’s view?

  1. Denise Gillespie  

    You certainly have your head in the sand, Malcolm Turnbull. We do not have a successful multi-cultural society because the Government is only too happy to bow down to demands by groups who do not want to and have no intention of assimilating with our society. You are allowing our culture to be taken away bit by bit instead of insisting that immigrants abide by our beliefs and our cultures. I am frightened as to where it is all headed in Australia because people are becoming angry over what is happening.
    People immigrate to other countries for various reasons but the main reason is for a better life. What I don’t understand is if they are wanting a better life why do they want to change our way of life to their own standards.
    I believe we are a very accepting nation as far as immigrants are concerned providing they want to become one of us. While ever we have a Government who is not prepared to stand up for the rights of its own people it will continue to breed more and more contempt for these immigrant groups rather than acceptance.

    • Ross Edwards  

      Yes well said, if they dont want to conform to Australian life & fit in, get rid of them.

    • Win Newman  

      I fully agree with Denise Gillespie. Our multi-cultural society is not that successful. This last group of immigrants are so demanding. Over the years there have been immigrants from all over the world. They didn’t demand us to change things. gradually they integrated. Even Pauline Hansons asians that were suppose to over run us have settled in nicely. Some immigrants have even been Muslim and they too settled. This last group are said to be refugees. Why mostly men. Why so many demands and why do they want to make Australia as bad as what they left. It’s no wonder many Australians are getting worried. Sometimes I think our ministers have blinkers on. Look what is happening over sees.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Very well said. You are so right. Turnbull has more then his head in the sand, he is not listening to the Australian people.

    • Alan Millican  

      Your views are totally correct Denise and the government refuses to accept the fact that 85% of Australians do not want Muslim immigrants or refugees being allowed into this country. We should be given an immediate referendum on this issue and the people given the right to decide. The major political parties have shown nothing but contempt for the overwhelming percentage of Australians by refusing to recognize this fact.

    • graham  

      I don’t care what Malcolm thinks the fact here is that he was elected to represent all Australians and it is the people that he represents views that matter. Untill refugees become Australian citizens, and i don’t think a lot will swear allegiance to Australia or respect our flag then they should not be demanding change to our culture.

    • Dorothy Hughes  

      The truth is denied by those who fear appearing weak – our Politicians are appearing weak in denial of truth!

  2. Janice  

    Well said Denise, I couldn’t agree with you more.

  3. When two or three apples are bad in a box you do not through out the whole darn box, you get rid of the bad apples. This is what Pauline is tryibg to tell us, Beware the Bad Apple..

  4. And what is the evidence, Denise, that immigrants are changing our way of life. I was born and bred in this country and I haven’t been forced to change anything because of immigration. I’m interested to know just how your life has been changed.

    • Roy Bridges  

      Maybe you should have a good look , country has not changed but suggest you go to some areas in Sydney or Melbourne then say things have not change . Believe everyone has the right to a fair go but they do need to fit into the culture of the country they are in .Also one of our basic right is to be safe.

    • Rene Out  

      I was born and bred in an other country, but I did my homework before I went to Australia. I decided that I could accept Australian values. If I were not able to assimilate I would have stayed at home. How simple!

    • The evidence is vast – Hala taxes on food for one. Muslims praying in streets and closing them to traffic is another. Muslims demanding Christmas Carols offend them in shops so they stop. Christianity offends them so no more prayers in schools etc. No more signs of Christ anywhere Muslims are. Our National Anthem offends Muslims so there is no respect for our flag or National Anthem. They walk off the parade grounds when any sign of pride in our country. The list can keep going. It is people like you that have their head in the hole and cannot forecast how the muslims are eroding our society and culture. I bet you have not even lived in a different country that has similar cultural traits as these muslims, I have and I would not want my granddaughters living under their laws. Oh I have even started on their Sharia Law and how they mistreat women. I wonder if you want to be subservient to a male the way they expect their women to be, or be one of four wives or get circumcised the way they mutilate their women. I could keep going but I am getting fed up with people like you.

  5. zane howard  

    I agree with Denise. She is spot on.

  6. Greg Hills  

    Jason Clare of the ALP virtually echoed Turnbull’s comments. Jason should know, as he is the member for a very mult-cultural electorate in Sydney.
    Fact: there have been no changes in our laws to accomodate the wishes of minorities (The Muslim community comprises just 2% of our population).
    Granted, a few so called “politically correct” misguided people have changed their school way of doing things such as no longer celebrating Xmas or Easter publicly. That is wrong.
    As for Hanson’s comments they do more harm than good. What is needed is tolerance and understanding – by both us and these new immigrants.

    • Ian Russell  

      Exactly Greg and Denise “Please Explain” what “our” culture and beliefs are??

    • You obviously aren’t aware that Liverpool public pool is open to muslim only patrons once a week.

      • Stefan Friedel  

        Oh, really? Or did you mean female only?

  7. Thanks Malcolm! I admire your strength of character and righteousness.The very few ignorant and misinformed are trying to ‘hijack’ (eg PH) OZ value system for their own greedy and selfserving ends. Pauline is a very dangerous element.She has to be discredited with facts.Stand up, stand up for the OZ’s ‘fair go’ ethos!

  8. Susan Burdock  

    What an extremely & highly dangerous comment to garner the Muslim vote!
    You need to go back to your office, secure your crime statistics & see first hand what your dangerous mind, uncontrolled, irresponsible & unfiltered comments could levy against this woman.

    As holding the highest Political office in the land, it appears he refuses to hear the voice of the people, perhaps he feels The Liberal Party is now above that?
    Who is doing your speech making? or was this expressed from the heart, behcause the brain certainly was not working!

    Mr. Howard, one of the greatest Prime Ministers of this nation & as having one of the longest terms in office, commented responsibly words to the effect that whilst some may not like her politics the Australian people should understand she ( Pauline Hanson) was voted to office by the people of Australia.

    How gracious & how very true.

  9. Cathy Howat  

    Denise, I immigrated here in 1982 from NZ and became a citizen a few years later. There is no need to be frightened. The majority of migrants, Including the Muslims come here because they actually want more freedom and opportunity

  10. Noel Wright  

    Denise Gillespie, you are spot on, just disregard all the pooh, poohing of people who don’t want our country to stay OUR country. I fair dinkum, cannot believe some of the comments against your post and the anti Pauline ravings.
    Turnbull, you are a fool, the Muslims will not assimilate in to our way of life. I am yet to find any that change their ways to parallel our Western cultures and societies. They insist we let them have their ways and build mosques and temples to worship that child molesting, pedophile, so called and revered, “prophet”. These poor people get brainwashed as children, and do not accept any different way of life. They ALL should shut up, pull their bloody heads in and accept OUR way of life and stop this ranting and raving for us to change to allow that horrid so called religion, “Islam”. They follow the Law of Islam, an do not recognize our Laws. To hell with the lot of them, we should bulldoze all the mosques. If these whinging, pain in the neck Muslims don’t like our ways, then by all means get out of my country.
    NOW, I will sit back and wait for all the lefties to wax lyrical and condemn me to hell. Keep up the pressure, Pauline, and good onya. Respect our Flag, respect our laws, respect our Western ways. That’s not too much to ask, now, is it? Love it and can’t wait for comments.

    • Jill Edmonds  

      I feel sorry for you Noel Wright – a true armchair warrior. How can you lump all these people into one category? Have you ever travelled beyond your chair?

  11. Lynne May  

    There has been a change in law. Did it slip by everyone? Tony Abbot would not have it but our little Malcolm allowed Sharia Law for business . I grew up with Greek and Italian immigrants. Marvellous and hard working people who were so inclusive with Australians and only added to our culture. The next wave of immigrants, Vietnamese etc did not want to change our cultural norms and again, appreciated our country. Indeed, the old Afgans and Chinese did not seek to change us. I am aware of the legion of do gooders who, for some unknown reason, seek to assuage 2% of the population by changing Merry Xmas, Xmas holidays etc. They infuriate me. What these politicians don’t want to accept is that many people agree with Pauline Hansen because they are fed up with bowing to the few. There is no choice…we have to buy Halal and pay the price for certification. The list goes on… As far as I am concerned, anyone is welcome here if they accept and practice our cultural and social norms, equality for women being one of them. If I go to a Muslim country I am expected to accept their culture (and fair enough) but somehow it does not seem to apply here. BTW I am a first Australian and I can see our culture being subsumed by the Muslim world view. Glad I will not be around to see the results.

  12. Dieter  

    Its pretty easy to understand, whoever comes into our country needs first and foremost assimilate and integrate and leave their problems behind.
    We don’t need people here who honour kill their daughters when they walk and befriend one of us non beliefers. They will never be one of us and they don’t want it anyway.
    Also if one wears a sack from top bottom the one will stick out of the common people and doesn’t fit in our country at all.
    Go Pauline I am with you all the way.

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