Malcolm Turnbull unleashes on air, refuses suggestions on superannuation

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and broadcaster Alan Jones have clashed on air during a fiery interview on 2GB radio. When asked about
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and broadcaster Alan Jones have clashed on air.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and broadcaster Alan Jones have clashed on air during a fiery interview on 2GB radio.

When asked about his planned changes to Australia’s superannuation system, including a $500,000 lifetime cap on non-concessional contributions, Mr Turnbull refused to entertain suggestions by broadcaster Mr Jones.

He only said once the changes announced in the budget were introduced, the Government would “be leaving (superannuation) alone”.

The pair also argued over the issue of the Racial Discrimination Act where despite growing pressure including from inside his own party, the PM rules out changes.

He said the Government had other more pressing priorities, while acknowledging there had been “strong arguments over a long period of time” to remove the words insult and offend.

The interview also discussed the wildly fluctuating petrol prices and this time, Mr Turnbull said he reach out to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.
“I’ll make it my business in the course of today to get in touch with Rod Simms myself.”

However, opposition Leader Bill Shorten was very skeptical about the PM’s abilities.

He said he did not expect Mr Turnbull’s call to the ACCC would amount to much, “He came out and asked for the banks to pass on the Reserve Bank interest rate cuts and they ignored him,” he said as quoted in

“So I don’t really expect the oil companies to change their practices.

“When Malcolm Turnbull says he will make a phone call, my advice is if you find a low price petrol station fill up today.
“I do concede it’s a vexed issue, I do think a lot of the media reporting has actually probably been as good as anything else to identify and put pressure on oil companies to stop profiteering.”

“This is a Government of first-class whingers and bunglers and they have to stop being unhappy since the election and get on and do their day job.

“They won the election. They now need to start acting like a Government, not a bunch of sort of movie critics.”

Members of the public say that it sounds like there is not much faith and that the PM does not appear to be taking in suggestions.

What do you think?

  1. Trevor  

    Most of my life I have been a supporter of the Liberal way of thinking. Malcolm Turnbull is as bad as Malcolm Frazier
    and our current Government both Liberal and Labour are destroying this country

    • Trevor  

      You have taken the words right out of my mouth. Excellent!

    • Destroying ? they have already destroyed it .Nothing short of a revolution to remove all of them and install a people’s Parliament .But Aussies are far too complacent for that they are more interested in how their Fooody team is going than how the government is destroying their country and their way of life .

  2. The Watcher  

    God forbid a nasty overpaid shock jock has any influence on policy. Malcolm is gone except for his fingernails clutching af the levers of power. He has failed himself, his principles and the country. He has no mandate, no direction, no policy and no influence.
    Alan Jones is overpaid, socially stunted and as nasty as any of the far right looney tunes masquerading as members of the liberal party. Maybe the headline should be ‘powerless pm savaged by irrelevant old git’

  3. John  

    It would seem that going by ScoMo yesterday and Mal that the answer to all the problems are the ppl on low income and ppl on welfare not the top end of town who do not pay their share of taxes.

  4. Stephen  

    Alan Jones has always been pro- Liberal since his days as a script writer for Malcolm Frasier, I believe he is responsible for the term “Dole Bludger”, plus he continued Howard and even Abbott. With this latest Coalition he seems to be disgusted with their continual game playing instead of just governing.
    The pointless Double Dissolution to get control of the Senate, Duh. This latest thing about an Omnibus Bill and slamming Labour for rejecting it before anyone has even seen it. And what is it all based on- we just had a budget going into an election and this bloody great bus is the changes they have already made to that budget; that is not management, that is a mindless reaction to every breeze that blows through.
    The Biblical consideration is “Double minded in all their ways”.

  5. Bruce Taylor  

    I really thought that with Turnbull in power at least we would have a man of principal. How wrong I was.

    • Yes Bruce, you and everyone else mate. You’re not alone. The fact that all politicians except for Nick and Pauline, have ducked their heads when all they have to do is acknowledge the recent rises they got should be passed up. I mean we know it’s not mandatory that they accept, but they say nothing. How can the constituents have ANY RESPECT FOR POLITICIANS.

  6. Pam  

    I agree with the Watcher I didn’t vote liberal but am still shocked by the ineptitude of the government.

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