Malcolm Turnbull tells rest of the world to act more like Australia

It’s the topic that divides many across the country, but Malcolm Turnbull has put his foot down in New York

It’s the topic that divides many across the country, but Malcolm Turnbull has put his foot down in New York saying the rest of the world needs to be more like us if they’re going to combat the refugee crisis.

Australia is facing harsh criticism from many for our tough border and immigration laws, but the PM has said it’s the only way forward.

Mr Turnbull is in New York for the United Nations Summit of refugee and migration and will give a speech later today calling on nations around the world to look to Australia has a shining example of how to deal with refugees.

“Addressing irregular migration, through secure borders, has been essential in creating confidence that the government can manage migration in a way that mitigates risks and focuses humanitarian assistance on those who need it the most,” he said earlier today.

“This has had a direct impact on our ability to provide generous and effective support to refugees. Without this confidence, we would not have been able to increase our intake of refugees – the world’s third-largest permanent resettlement program – by more than 35 per cent.

“And we would not have been able to commit to welcoming 12,000 additional Syrian and Iraqi refugees, on top of this.”

While many think we already take in enough refugees, others say Australia is not doing enough.

The government has also faced international condemnation for the detention of asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus Island.

But Mr Turnbull told a crowd in New York that Australia is “one of the most successful multicultural societies in the world.”

“Diversity is an investment against marginalisation and extremism. It helps our community unite against extremism, rather than be divided by it.”

“Australians are not defined by religion or race; we are defined by a common commitment to shared political values, democracy, freedom and the rule of law, underpinned by mutual respect.

Do you think Australia is doing enough to help refugees? Or are our immigration laws unfair and inhuman?

  1. Dianne Evans  

    We are paying a fortune for those people to be held in shocking conditions just so they are out of sight out of mind. Nothing to skite about should be ashamed.

    • For our population we are doing more for asylum seekers. THAN WE do for our own homeless.

  2. Chris  

    Look after our own – he cant even do that. But he must ensure our own are living in humane conditions before refugees. Why is there money for refugees in all countries but not enough to ensure homeless citizens have a roof over their heads? Why are refugees put before our own?

  3. Ian  

    Get out of the UN and lets get on with our own life

    • Margaret  

      Best idea yet Ian. I hardly feel Malcom Turnbull is the best person to advise the rest of the World.Too much money spent on overseas jaunts to tell the rest how they should run their countries. We don’t need the UN.

      • Greg Hills  

        Sorry Margaret and Ian, but regardless of what you think of Turnbull’s comments, the world does need the UN.
        One day, it needs to be the World Government, with all other governments answering to it. It won’t happen in our lifetime, but it will and should happen.

  4. Elaine Henderson  

    God help refugees if the rest of the world follows Australia’s “fine” example – what an embarrassment this man is.

    • John  

      I think your off track the refugees in Nauru are illegal boat people and the government has no way of knowing who they are and in a lot of cases where they come from these refugees are their own worst enemy and as such if you advocate that they should be in the Australian community then good luck with that. Our refugee intake is actually more than when Labor just opened the borders with all those boats lets look at some truths Labor record incoming 45,000 died at sea 1200 plus. Now regulated intake deaths at sea 0. So maybe you should rethink your comment.

    • John Byne  

      There not refugees but cult members, remember that when they cut your clit out and rape you and your family

  5. Anne Wolski  

    What a wanker. We are a country who act like spoiled children who don’t want to share. Quite happy to drop bombs on other countries but not help those who have fled those same countries looking for a safe haven. If everyone follows the lead of Australia, it will be the end of mankind

    • Judy  

      Thats a bit drastic! We are a small country in population so our ability to take on more refugees than we do would not be sustainable.
      Instead of bagging Australia why dont you open your eyes.
      Ask yourself why dont any of the middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia take ANY refugees. They have the room and these refugees are of the same religion, so why arent they?
      Refugees need to be vetted before permanent entry. God help us if we dont, we could end up like Europe, UK and even the USA.
      Its all well and good, but ignorant, to think we can take more than we do.

  6. Rosemary O'Meagher  

    Get out of the UN now would be the best thing for Australia and let the Middle East solve their own issues. Why isn’t anyone asking why the Middle East isn’t doing more for the refugees. We need to look after our own first and foremost, Our Health and Education systems are falling apart under the pressure of limited funding for a bigger population. We also need to protect the very small greenbelt we have left to assist in combating climate change which is warming of our continent. We don’t have enough water and we won’t have enough food, as we are selling it all to China.

  7. Mia Van Der Stam  

    He forgot to mention to Americans that he is paying for all this by financially strangling its loyal tax paying citizens- I liken it to a mother feeding the neighbourhood by taking food from her own children- no wonder we are losing respect for politicians- who have not lost a penny over this, and just got another pay rise- its all just so WRONG

  8. Janice  

    Turnbull’s effing useles, in every way!

    We shouldn’t become another ‘country’ eg little Syria, little Iran.
    These countries’, & citizens’, have nothing in common with the ‘Australian way of life’.
    It causes huge problems’ as evidenced by all the nut case Muslims here, wanting just to kill us, for being Australian!
    Look at what the creepy Muslim did to Wayne, his next door neighbour, just for the ‘hell of it’ being inspired by his crackpot cult!

    Sick of people coming into this Country, not honouring our traditions’, & wanting to enforce THEIR skewed way of life on us.

    Pauline Hanson is right, again, stop bee immigration, particularly of those who oppose our established western style of living.

    If they don’t like it, WHY come here in the first place, we’re a Catholic country, so preferably GBTWYCF! End of.

  9. Trevor  

    The country has a bad debt problem ,we have many people young and old living on the streets our hospitals are struggling we are selling off our productive farms to overseas interests,soon wont be able to feed ourselves.Now reducing the money paid to pensioners who paid tax all their working life.Now they want us to take in more refugees to go on the welfare system and send us further down the dunny.Our standard of living is going down lets fix Australia before its to late

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