Malcolm Turnbull smugly insults Bill Shorten at a press conference

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s message to Opposition Leader Bill Shorten was quite clear, and rather smug, as he rubbished away

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s message to Opposition Leader Bill Shorten was quite clear, and rather smug, as he rubbished away Mr Shorten’s ‘victory lap’ speech.

The Prime Minister held a press conference yesterday to confirm that after winning the North Queensland seat of Herbert, he is able to claim a majority of 77 MPs, over the 68 MPs of Labour, in the 150-seat Lower House to form a Liberal government.

He was quite confident that this slender lead would be enough to confirm his mandate to implement priorities, saying, “It’s the first time since 2004 that a government has been returned with a majority”, and on the basis of an unofficial count, he was still “confident and optimistic” his lead would grow.

After what Bill Shorten described to be the “longest campaign in 50 years”, having these results officially confirmed will allow the country to move ahead with some semblance of a government. However, Mr Turnbull was not going to let Bill Shorten disappear into the background quite easily. He had a one-line sledge to the Opposition Leader for doing a “victory lap” during the vote count, saying, “Mr Shorten’s attempted victory lap might have misled you but we have actually won the election. That’s the mandate. We have a majority in the House of Representatives.”

The fight between the two parties has now become a running joke throughout the nation. There has been constant sledging and lies from both sides in the midst of all the election promises, and this latest display of smugness, coupled with his post-election speech, does raise the question – how nasty are we going to get with our politics?

Government MPs will meet in Canberra on Monday and Mr Turnbull is expected to announce his new ministry soon after. Whether he’ll be as smug is yet to be seen.

David Sharaz of SBS News tweeted the following clip from the press conference:

What do you think: Should the Prime Minister have been more gracious about claiming election victory?

  1. Turnbull has always been a smug creep, much given to snide remarks. This event is traditional where he is concerned. Shorten is not much better, quite frankly and I’ve had a gut full of them both.

    • Les Wellins  

      Wont be long tony will pull the Mat from under him and then the fight between Tony and the Foreign affairs minister begins.

  2. Anne Wolski  

    If the kiwis were allowed to vote, Turdballs would and his lousy libs would have been outed

  3. Robyn  

    Turnbull’s speech such as it was at Sunday 3 July at 12.20 a.m. was that of s spoilt little rich boy stamping his feet as he hadn’t received the shiny prize he believes is his right.

  4. karl stumpfoll  

    What has he to be smug about, the way the election reads. Lab-68 seats. libs-54.nats-22. others-6.

  5. Maree Adams  

    I am a Lib voter, but not a Turnbull supporter. My grave concern is the vindictiveness of the man to leave colleagues with many years of experience and devotion sitting on the backbench whilst he pretends to elevate younger people. This decision is not about supporting the young: it is clearly selfish spite over riding what is best for the country, a country which is in its’ most precarious position it has been in for decades. Turnbull is not a politician, he is not a leader. He is an autocratic and selfish business man and should bugger off before we lose all global credibility. Can I also say,, I am very concerned about Bishop and Turnbull s ability to guide us through the debacle in the South China Sea. That is going to take great skill and diplomacy, and I believe these 2 leaders are more concerned with personal image then Australia’s future. ask not what your country can do for you , but what you can do for your country (didnt someone great say that once)

  6. PM (Pathetic Malcolm) Turnbull, You didn’t win … Labor lost! You did nothing and fell over the line after riding on the back of the achievements of Tony Abbott.

    • p davis  

      Well said but very true as he stabbed him in the back very un australian

  7. Turnbull and the Libs would be nowhere on their own without the National party, at Least the labour seats were on their own, worst PM ever, smug, self opiniated little rich boy !!! Couldn’t give a rats about the working man he is so far removed from the Aussie battlers it’s pathetic!!

  8. Im dammed if i know why it takes so long to count votes .Libs/nats were behind in a couple of seats then a week later they win postal votes. not posted why 9 or 10 days after the election date.I know they reckon AUST. POST is going down the gurgler but seriously if not posted before or on election they should not be counted .what it takes over seven days to arrive,I just dont get it.

  9. Lance  

    His comment: “First time since 2004 a government was elected with a majority” seems to conveniently overlook Tony Abbott’s massive win in 2013. That’s a majority the Libs will never achieve again while the Wentworth Waffler reigns as PM.

    • John  

      I am an Abbott fan but to be fair Lance, Turnbull did say selected with a majority. Tony Abbott was elected not reelected.

  10. Michael  

    The PM should get on with job of being Prime Minister. If he doesn’t he will get done by the party room who do not trust him.

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