Malcolm Turnbull shocked by ‘sweet’ senior woman’s harsh words

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull got a little more than he bargained for while visiting a Canberra suburb at the weekend.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull got a little more than he bargained for while visiting a Canberra suburb at the weekend.

The PM was meeting with locals and enjoying a chat with voters when an unassuming elderly lady approached him for a photo.

After fumbling with her phone for a few seconds the PM offered to take the picture for her.

“How can I take it with you and me together?” she asked, clearly not wanting to miss her opportunity.

The PM reportedly placed his arm around her and crouched down so they could both fit in the shot and kindly said “you watch, there you go,” before taking the snap.

It was then the hilarious senior seized her moment.

“Thank you. I said ‘I’m going to Canberra, I’m going to give Malcolm some advice’,” she said.

“Good! What’s the advice?” replied Turnbull earnestly leaning in hoping for some words of wisdom.

malcolm advice 1

“Don’t f**k it up,” she told him bluntly.

Luckily the PM saw the funny side to the exchange and was able to have a laugh about it.

“Right, okay! That’s very good advice,” he said with a chuckle and a thumbs up.

MT advice

The news about the exchange quickly made the rounds on social media with many people applauding the woman for her harsh but true words.

What do you think about her advice? What would you say to the PM if you met him?

  1. lmao good on her, but what she should have said is f**ck off and take the whole Liberal Party with you

    • Judith Hancock
      That’s what I was saying
      “Don’t f……up” because does the country need another lot of Rudd/Gillard/Abbot drama, I don’t think so, we need somebody run the joint
      The old girl/old

    • The ALP had more class than this, they never attacked pensioners or the disabled or the poor , I agree with Rosliand am only sorry I never said it first and you can bet many around this country are thinking it

    • I will be voting ALP Judith Hancock I won’t be voting for the deceitful party that lied to get elected. NOT that it is any of your business to be asking people who they are voting for

      • HS  

        Rosalind, you are ignoring a historical fact that a Labor candidate for the role of Australia’s prime minister , Julia Gillard stated on national television this infamous promise”…there will be no carbon tax under my leadership…” and long before her what did Bob Hawke state about children in poverty?

    • time will tell Phil Smith but the Liberal Party should have thought of that before that first budget, and before they lied to get elected

    • You think people have forgotten this Phil Smith? and Turnbull still has Abbott’s Policy’s.. just new head on the snake

    • Hey I agree they are all as bad as one another , I will be voting for an independent , keep the bastards honest

    • Judith and Phil, I think you have obviously have forgotten that the Libs have more than doubled the deficit so why do you say that Labor will send us down the gurgler. The way I see it we’re already there thanks to all the LIB’S.

    • Yes I’m interested in your answer to that question Rosalind battles ! Always knocking any who try to fix the financial mess we are in , who would you suggest do it ??

    • Yes we are in a mess . why mainly because a certain party was in power and now another party is trying to fix their fuck ups , have a look wot Daniel Andrews has done to Victoria , cancelling the contract to make travel in the city easier is going to cost us millions , won’t start the desal plant even though we are desperate for water , people in the city turn their tap on and there is water, try that in the bush and you get bugger all , Australia does not exist past the city limits in Victoria according to Dan

    • It’s pretty simple if you follow politics Trish , when the Libs handed over to the Rudd – Gillard fiasco , they had money in the bank and small credit running ( as we always do ) WHAT happened to the money in the bank ???
      Agh , don’t remember Gillard gave it away , every working person got $ 600 cash back ! Great , but she didn’t budget then , she threw more away and had to borrow more and more .
      I saw her interviewed last year, where her answer to the question about the deficit was ‘ i actually didn’t realise it was so high at the time ‘ WHAT ??? And yes , if you go back over history you will find , LABOUR ( as they were called and spelt early years) / LABOR have always drowned us in debt . Taxed the big companies so high that they left the country , > no jobs > high unemployment > but hey that’s probably the Libs fault too.
      45 years ago I voted labor . Till i started to take more notice if of what my employees were actually doing in government , ( since I was helping to pay their wages )
      Bugger me !! They were screwing us and wasting our money .
      We got nothing for it .

    • Carolyn Brown, I think the Libs have proven they are not the ones to FIX THE FINANCIAL MESS, in fact they have MORE THAN DOUBLED IT.

    • So Trish who the fuck is going to fix it , no one wants a rise in the GST , every one wants lower tax , pensioners want on raise in their pensions ,(warrented )

    • Trish Daley of course ! how do you expect a government to run with NO money . They were not left with any choice .
      ( Could call bankruptcy like Greece , very desperate measure ) but we have money coming in and have options .
      When your bank is empty and you desperately need cash what would YOU do ? Sir bank and cry , or fight your way out .
      Just because we didn’t have cash or ninety to spare , didn’t stop ALL government employees wanting their wages , ALL welfare wanting their freebies , all do gooders would be up in arms in a pinch if they stopped spending . Why do you think it’s so hard to bring in cut back measures , because NO ONE is prepared to give up anything to get us out of debt .
      I find it quite frustrating that people don’t mind everyone else giving up something so long as they don’t have to.

    • So where is this money going to come from ? Not a money tree , they all died in the drought , if something is not done soon us older people may not have a pension to collect , did you have super ,most people in the bush didn’t even know wot it meant up until a few years ago , so like I said I will be voting for someone who will keep who ever is in government honest

    • good luck with that Phil but just be careful who they give their preferences to or we could have this Liberal Government back again

    • Carolyn Brown if we are so broke how can we send billions overseas, i believe charity begins at home and look after our own, lots of unemployment at the moment & still they bring so called regugees in to make it worse especially on the health system ( diseases we know nothing about ) the medicare system is in deep s*** at the moment with a lot of changes happening no gaps for mri and the likes and the most disgusting thing of all is the leader of our beloved country has offshore accounts sets a fine example, he was not voted in by the people of australia, same crap in the labour party, have never heard of before as being a voter how is this possible????

    • I agree with Sharyn and Libbi, at the moment there is not 1 POLITICIAN who stands out in my mind. Their all interested in one thing only and that is feathering their own nests, if it wasn’t compulsory to vote in Australia I would not be voting at the next election because there is no party I feel comfortable voting for, they are a bloody disgrace.

    • You are so right Libbi Elliot , they get their money no matter wot happens , I’m still paying a mortgage ,very hard in today’s environment, but I guess I’m lucky , a lot cannot afford a roof over their heads , any way good luck every one , and best wishes

    • We do not have a choice, maybe Dick Smith will do the right thing for Australian people who would know, if only we had a crystal ball lol

    • Our debt to GDP ratio is small, we are a long way from being broke. The Liberals are on their way to changing that though

    • Thanks mate
      Entirely unplanned
      Straight from the heart

      And I answered another post with:
      What I was saying
      “Don’t f……up” because does the country need another lot of Rudd/Gillard/Abbot drama, I don’t think so, we need somebody run the joint
      The old girl/old

    • Kerri Lynne Clark Redding well if that was you, you have made the news and given the ALP a good laugh

  2. I actually saw that on the TV and had a good laugh at the time, I’m glad I’m not the only one to frighten to give them a serve because I think they deserve everything they get from people.

  3. Just as well it was not some of us girls giving him what we think of him and his idiots – think we would hv made headlines for sure 😂😂

  4. Are people sure she didn’t say ” you’ve f—ed up”

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