Malcolm Turnbull says it’s your job to help your kids buy a house

The Opposition has lashed out a Malcolm Turnbull for suggesting that baby boomer parents should help their children to buy

The Opposition has lashed out a Malcolm Turnbull for suggesting that baby boomer parents should help their children to buy houses since they can’t afford it themselves.

Labor has accused the wealthy prime minister of being out of touch with everyday Australians, saying that unlike him, they can’t afford to “shell out” a few hundred thousand dollars to buy their kids a house.

Mr Turnbull made the off-the-cuff remark in a radio interview with ABC host Jon Faine while they were talking about negative gearing and the high cost of housing.

“[Negative gearing’s] created conflict with effectively the kids of your and my generation who can’t get into the market and they’re saying ‘for goodness sake, you baby boomers, you just want everything and you’re locking us out,’ ” Mr Faine said.

“Are your kids locked out of the housing market?” Mr Turnbull responded.

“Yes,” said Mr Faine.

“Well you should shell out for them. You should support them, a wealthy man like you,” Mr Turnbull told the radio host.

“That’s what they say,” Mr Faine responded, laughing.

“Yeah exactly, see you’ve got the solution in your own hands… you can provide a bit of inter-generational equity in the Faine family,” Mr Turnbull said.

However, while some people have accused the PM of putting his foot in his mouth with the comments, others say it has all been blown out of proportion and that Mr Turnbull was clearly joking.

They say the comment was made in jest and that the PM and Mr Faine had a chuckle over it before moving on to more serious issues.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten wasn’t having any of it though, jumping on the PM’s comments.

“Can the Prime Minister confirm that in the past two weeks his advice to young Australians struggling to buy their first home was to have rich parents or to have parents who buy you a home when you turn one.”

“Prime Minister, just how out of touch are you?” Mr Shorten said.

The ‘gaffe’ is reminiscent of the blunders Joe Hockey made when he was Treasurer, suggesting that people trying to afford a good home should simply get a good job.

He also suggested that “poor people don’t drive cars”.

Both Mr Hockey and Mr Turnbull are self-made millionaires, with some suggesting this has made them oblivious to how everyday Australians live.

What do you think about Malcolm Turnbull’s comments?

Do you think he is out of touch? Or was he simply joking?

  1. Ian wright  

    Make negative gearing only apply to repairs and maintenance not refurbishing and redesigning and building new houses at the back

  2. liz tant  

    Most parents will help if they can.unfortunately most can’t help.stop negative gearing now!

  3. Cynthia  

    If I earn’t what he and the others earn I could help or even buy all three of my children homes.

  4. He said help them out – not give them hundreds of thousands of dollars. Every person I’ve ever known has given their kids a leg up into the property market. Just topped up their savings so they had a decent deposit. So stop all this ill-informed garbage. Incidentally, we are strugglers, not in the least affluent.

  5. Brian Lee  

    I agree with Turnbull on this one, help should come from the family of the purchaser, if it is required at all, NOT the taxpayer. People of whatever age have GOT to take responsibility for themselves sometime, after all, most people complain about this country becoming a ‘granny-state’, and this would be a prime example of it! If the government is to do anything, it should be to find a way to stabilize house prices, instead of allowing them to sour away to impossible heights, as they are now. That is what stops young people from being able to afford their own home.

  6. Rudy  

    Do any of them have any BRAINS ??

  7. Faye Dapiran  

    I am a single parent, and have 3 children. I have helped them a bit, but I can’t afford to do much more, AND they wouldn’t expect it. I raised them, made sure they all had a good education, as my parents did, but there comes a time when they have to stand on their own 2 feet. But most parents I know just couldn’t afford to, only if you are very wealthy and maybe only have 1 child.

  8. Hilary  

    Completely out of touch. Stupid comments like that just shows that Turnbull and co are incapable of actually introducing and implementing worthwhile policies. Shows what a mismanaging bunch they are when their economic policy consists of …buy your kids all the stuff they need …

    • Andrew Hammond  

      And you think the other mob are better? It was obviously a flippant remark.

  9. Robyn Bell  

    Just another comment taken out of context. We’ve lost our Aussie sense of humour. Let’s just all become Americans although they seem to be lighter than us a lot of the time. If I had the money I’d certainly help my kids buy a house…. and you wouldn’t !!??!

  10. Jo  

    My parents helped us, and that is what families do.

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