Malcolm Turnbull says he’s not prepared to lose again

If there was anyone in the nation gunning for Australia to become a republic right now, you’d think it would

If there was anyone in the nation gunning for Australia to become a republic right now, you’d think it would be Malcolm Turnbull.

All bar one of the state and territory leaders have said they want the public to vote on the issue, and the newly crowned Australian of the Year David Morrison is committed to the cause. But Mr Turnbull, who previously led the charge for a republic in 1999 is holding back.

When pressed, Mr Turnbull insisted Australia wait until the Queen is no longer on the throne before becoming a republic.

In 1999, Mr Turnbull said John Howard had broken the nation’s hearts, but yesterday, on Australia Day, he found himself doing the same.

“I’ve led a ‘yes’ case for a republic into a ­heroic defeat once. I’ve got no ­desire to do so again,” he said, as reported in News Limited.

“If you don’t want to have ­another heroic defeat and you want it to be carried, the best time to do that will be after the end of the Queen’s reign.”

He also said that the republican shift should come from the bottom up, not the top down: “Frankly, there was more ­momentum in the late ’90s than there is now,’’ he said. “It needs to have grassroots support. It is not something that a government can just do, even if it wanted to.”

However supporters of the republic say the prime minister is copping out.

Tim Mayfield, national director of the Australian Republic Movement, said, “What would Malcolm have made of that in 1999 if that had been the excuse?’’

Meanwhile, ARM chairman, Peter FitzSimons, said Mr Turnbull needed to provide leadership.

Even Opposition Leader Bill Shorten showed unusual sympathy for the PM. “I recognise Mr Turnbull was badly bruised by the failure of his 1999 campaign,’’ he said. “But he needs to shed the ghosts of the past.”

Are you surprised by Malcolm Turnbull’s about face on the republican issue? Do you agree with his stance?

  1. No wonder then that he supports a republic. Could be our first dictator.

  2. Turnbull wants to keep everyone on side before the election but I bet it is a different story if he wins an election is his own right , if not to say the least he is a hypocrite

    • Gail Riley  

      and a Poser! If news posts are to be believed he struggled several times to get the PM job and ended up doing it in a sneaky underhanded way. He got what he was after so we now wait to see the results of his ambitions.

    • He is very suave, personable, and is a good communicator who can pull the wool over many people’s eyes. Alas, Bill Shorten is no competition even though he was absolved of wrong doing. He just carries too much baggage. He should resign and let someone else take over. Penny Wong may be?

  3. Well I think he is right in saying that the push should come from the bottom up rather than a push from the top.

    • He never said that when he was Chair of the Rebulican Comittee, the LNP have told so many lies , you just can’t believe them

    • Exactly. The politicians can want a republic all they want. In this instance the people have all the power.

    • He is still for the republic … just being honest in waiting for the right time. It’s not about politics or the failings of the LNP.

    • The longer they wait the more likely for a yes vote. Once we die off and refugee children reach voting age (Is this why they want to lower voting age?) they will have a huge majority.

    • Leone O’Sullivan Interestingly enough I belong to the Australian Monarchist League facebook page and I have been surprised at the number of non Caucasian young people who support the monarchy. I know that a lot of my childrens friends (mid 20s) support the monarchy. I think a referendum when it comes will be interesting.

  4. So do you really believe him? or is this just another Liberal lie to get votes?

  5. Just reminding people that it is an Election year, I don’t believe our Politicians anymore ( all ) after all it is all about protecting their own interests.

  6. TURDburger will swing with the wind if it serves his purpose. I’m sure he has a problem in the morning with even making decisions about which hand to use to wipe himself. He has always swung from one political belief to another it’s all about getting to the top and staying there. TURDburger if libs get in your going to be outed by Abbott again and if labor get in your going to be outed anyway. So it’s a loose loose all the way for you.

    • Name calling is very childish. You can make your point without resorting to such childish behaviour.

    • Patricia get a life I can and will say what I want so suck it up or move on. I could say a lot worse but FB would cut me off for life.

    • I never see you in here telling the people who call Bill Shorten names that they are childish Patricia Hewitt and there are many of those, don’t be a hypocrite

    • Bea Little – of course you can say what you want. Bealittling others must be a speciality of yours. Do you realise that constant name calling just loses its effect, and most of us then just ignore the rest of what you say.

    • Robert your a bit of a hypocrite condemning me for name calling yet you do the same. I just love my name have done all my life it certainly has people wondering about me. Now let’s come up with some other things that my name could stand for. Be little as in don’t get fat or be little as don’t get to big for yourself ( like I think you are). Personally I don’t give a rates if you do or don’t read what I have to say and obviously you didn’t ignore what I said because you’ve replied to this post. Or was that because you just had to belittle me

    • “Turdburger”. Are you kidding? Flipping hell, make your point without disintegrating into the bogan trash talk that the country is rapidly disintegrating into.

    • Rosalind Battles anyone who resorts to name calling I believe is childish this is a site for over 60’s not kindergarten. If I haven’t mentioned people who call me Bill Shorten childish names, means I haven’t seen the article. Because I do have a life and do not spend it all in Facebook.

    • Cheryl Holt I. Actually not a rude person but I could be very rude if you make accusations about me and why you cannot spell my name correctly is beyond my level of intelligence to understand. Go get a life and pick on someone else who won’t fight back. I haven’t even started on comebacks Bullies are always little people with n sense of humor.

    • Rosalind Battles I am not a hypocrite! I have a life Bea Little and I don’t spend it all on face book. So I do t see every post written, so I don’t comment on everything. My point is this is a site for 60+ year olds not 6 year old name callers. No matter what your political preferences are, it should not lead to childish name calling. Be articulate and get your point across then people might read the whole comment.

    • Lee Horrocks – am trying to behave, but sometimes the temptation is just too great 🙂

  7. He’s just trying to keep a lid on things and doesn’t want to jeopardise his election chances
    It’s all politics

  8. Mr Turd needs to concentrate on more important things – although he is hopeless at that too.

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