Malcolm Turnbull just made the biggest election blunder yet

The Liberal Party is scrambling to make up ground this morning after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made a startling admission

The Liberal Party is scrambling to make up ground this morning after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made a startling admission at a press conference yesterday.

Confirming something that most Aussies usually joke about, Mr Turnbull told a group of reporters that all politicians lie to get into government.

“What political parties say they will support and oppose at one time is not necessarily ultimately what they will do,” he said at a press conference in Banyo, Queensland on Tuesday.

The frank comment has been hailed a defining moment in the election campaign and one that could potentially cost the Liberal Party a win.

Labor immediately jumped on the comment, saying it proved the LNP can’t be trusted.billshorten

Bill Shorten was speaking at the National Press Club when he heard the news and used his chance to pounce.

“Today, Malcolm Turnbull’s mask finally slipped. It will go down as the defining moment in this campaign. The gaffe that marked the end of the Prime Minister’s credibility. He said, ‘what political parties say they will support and oppose at one time is not necessarily what they will do’,” Shorten said.

“Tony Abbott famously told us, “Don’t listen to what I say, get it in writing.” Mr Turnbull simply said, ‘Don’t bother, it’s a lie’.”

However, Mr Turnbull also pointed towards times when the Labor party had done a backflip on their election promises – further seeming to prove his point.

“You have seen the Labor Party has opposed many measures of ours at which they have subsequently supported or subsequently changed their position on,” Mr Turnbull said.

“The best-known of those is obviously the School Kids Bonus, which they made an iconic issue and launched petitions and campaigns and said they were going to fight all the way to election day to restore it and then did a very quick backflip on that.”

While some have called it just plain stupid and a huge blunder, others say it is just a sign of honesty and that Malcolm isn’t afraid to tell it how it is – even if he comes off worse off.

What are you thoughts?

Is this proof that the LNP can’t be trusted? Or is the PM just telling it how it is?

  1. Jen  

    All lies, What Mr Turnbull was talking about was Labors back flips. Mr Shorten took up a part of Mr Turnbulls sentence and then lied through his teeth.

    • Dianne Clarke  

      I agree Jen – it is Mr Shorten telling lies and it was about his party doing the back flips.

    • Barrry McKillop  

      You aren’t a Turnbull supporter are you, you only looking at it from an LNP view.

    • Chris  

      And Tony Abbott C didn’t lie in 2013 I suppose.

    • Alex  

      Yes. I’m sick of politicians, journalists and others misrepresenting what is being said. Why don’t Over 60 supply the full quote and put the statement into context? Disappointed!

    • Dennis Clark  

      Mr Shorten didn’t write this story and hasn’t changed it, Turnbull told the truth that he can’t be trusted as proven by his predecessors like Howard never ever a gst and Abbott never ever cut health or education. If you don’t care about education and don’t need medicare then vote coalition but otherwise LABOR is the only choice.

    • james steele.  

      They all lie, they all will tell you anything to get you to vote for them. They’re rich,, they have rich jobs,, they have everything done for or given to them and they get more money and or benefits out of their job than you will ever get out of yours. The greatest example was Julia Gilliard. She opened her mouth and lies fell out all over her clothes. Find me one politician over the past ten years who has told the public something and has stuck to their guns regardless. Its time for a change. Vote for smaller party’s and make a difference for Australia’s sake.

  2. val martin  

    I am rather disappointed that “Starts at 60” have chosen to run with this. Put it back into context and it points out how Labor chose to play politics by denying to pass certain legislation and has since recanted on many of those motherhood issues it was going to fight to the death. The real issue is can YOU trust a politician that is so keen to get the top job that he will willfully, fraudulently misrepresent his opposing number. What would he be capable of if he actually gets the top job??
    If this was just a one off, perhaps the voting public could forgive him BUT: Who do you think would buy a business that spends $20bn/year and only makes $10bn/year?? I don’t think you could give such a business away, let alone privatise it. Yes, this is Medicare. Clearly, Bill’s continued spray about Malcolm’s plans to privatise medicare is also willfully, fraudulently misrepresenting his opposing number. I expect ALL politicians to gild the lily BUT these two examples go to the heart of the issue – Can you trust him to look after our interests??

    • roy batkin  

      Definition of policy “selfinterest”

    • Allan Howard  

      Become a resist and get it through your thick lib head that the govt plans to sell Medicare through its affiliate/ owner/ bosses/facilitators the one and only IPA!!!!

  3. Helen  

    Have yet to meet an honest politician from any party they saw what they think we want to hear just to get votes,

  4. Rob  

    You can tell when a politician is lying. You can see their lips move

    • Daryl  

      Make that… They are breathing

      • Chris K  

        Actually they all oxygen thieved😊😊

  5. Anne Williams  

    I think that it would have been naive of us to think otherwise. History has proven that we cannot take most things either party says as truth.As pensioner it is becoming more obvious. Erosion of our standard of living is one result of previous untruths. We are promised the world and end up with minus of everything.

  6. Daniel baxter  

    Simple answer if a politician is caught out deliberately lying he should be removed from politics and loos all benefits if a prime minister is found deliberately lying he should be removed and an election held ASAP politicians would soon get the message the general public are sick f all their lies and false promises

  7. gerri  

    why is everyone is in an uproar? We all know this is how ALL politicians operate!

  8. Well, if they are both lying we must use common sense and give Pauline a go ,she did say pensioners would be one of her priorities.

    • Barbara Chapman  

      Yes but Pauline will also be a politician

    • Terry Embling  

      Sorry, but anyone who thinks that Pauline is the answer is an idiot of the first order and, for the safety of the nation, should be prevented from voting at all.

      For goodness sake, start thinking of the future you are leaving your kids and grandkids and don’t waste your vote on a simple minded racist like Hanson.

    • Julia Stockigt  

      You cannot use ‘common sense’ and Pauline Hanson in the same breath.
      Her jingoistic “we are all just fed up, we’re fed up” nonsense is simply meaningless.
      It is anathema to all logic and reason.

  9. stnc  

    priests , lawyers , aren’t they traditionally not to be trusted! Probably with good cause! these days you can add a myriad of others including teachers, doctors and day care. Malcom has already stated that despite the outcome of the plebiscite the MP’s will not be bound to it and will have a free vote. So don’t be surprised if it doesn’t get passed by the coalition. I dare say now, after the Brexit debacle any (if not most) Governments will be questioning the validity of following such action here since the coalition have been dead set against Same Sex Marriage. Time will tell…………face it who tells the truth these days!?

  10. Amanda  

    All lies – where is the fact check here? Where is the ongoing commentary? Even the opposition leader was caught by an ABC journo on this.
    You’ve lost me as a subscriber .

  11. ian stocks  

    Come on you guys, leftist bias is showing yet again. Put the bit you quoted into context with what Malcolm said. And then remember that one trusts any politicians anyway. So stop trying to beat up a storm. In fact be careful as the Media are almost level with politicians when it comes to trust.

    • Carolyn  

      I couldn’t agree more with you Ian, Taking things out of context is not what we expect from this site. As for journalists – I sometimes think they are the cause of a lot of problems in our society.

    • Norm in Ngunnawal country  

      Did you read the accompanying article?

  12. Siew Tuan Smith  

    Disappointed.Get the the context right. We get so much rubbish so please don’t sensationalized.

    • Norm in Ngunnawal country  

      Did you read the accompanying article?

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