Malcolm Turnbull is copping flack for agreeing to speak at a dinner

If you’re a monarchist, then you’ll probably be a bit frustrated at Malcolm Turnbull right now. We all know the

If you’re a monarchist, then you’ll probably be a bit frustrated at Malcolm Turnbull right now.

We all know the Prime Minister was a supporter of the republican movement back in the 90s, and now he’s being accused of aligning himself with the issue again.

Turnbull has agreed to speak at an Australian Republican Movement dinner on Saturday night – and the monarchists aren’t happy.

According to the ABC, they’re described the move as “provocative”.

The chair of the Australian Monarchist League Phillip Benwell described Turnbull’s move to attend the dinner as “thumbing his nose in the eyes” of the “majority of Liberals who support a monarchy”.

He said it’s a sign the Prime Minister was “actively supporting” a republic.

“This is something that we’ve been fearing because he’s obviously looking for issues that will establish his credibility and the republic is obviously one of them and we would caution him on proceeding along that pathway,” he said.

You could be forgiven for feeling like it’s the late-90s again now this republican talk has been scratched open again.

The Australian Republican Movement is headed by Peter Fitzsimmons, the husband of Today show host Lisa Wilkinson.

Fitzsimmons told the ABC he was “absolutely thrilled” about having the Prime Minister at the event.

“It is an occasion to honour those who’ve got us to this point and the Prime Minister is, of course, at the forefront of our founding fathers and mothers,” he said.

So, what do you think about this? Should the Prime Minister speak at the event? or does it send a bad message?


  1. Rob Ozanne  

    Why the fuss from the Monarckists ? We can be a republic a within the Commonwealth of Nations and still accept the Queen and her successors as head of said Commonwealth.

    • Guy Flavell  

      Fitzsimmons and Turnbull can spout their republican mantra as much as they like.
      A totally lost cause though as Wills, Catherine, Harry, Fred and Mary have ensured
      the republican debate in this country has been demolished for generations to come.

  2. Dianne Evans  

    Why is it such a big deal we would still be a part of the commonwealth only sensible thing he has done time we were grown up country.

  3. rikda  

    The monarchists are flat earth people.
    The Queen has been officially & legally declared the head of a foreign power.
    It’s only respect & decency that we don’t make an issue of it in her lifetime.
    As soon a she falls off the proverbial perch, the flat-earthers will have to find another mummy.

  4. There are so many countries that have Commonwealth ties , just look at the Commonwealth games and see those countries who are represented . Many are republics so what are the Monarchists up in arms about.
    Every time a member of the royal family goes overseas they are always awarded the respect of those nations they are visiting.
    All Monarchists should grow up and throw off this feeling of inferiority of not being able to stand tall as a proud nation.
    Long live Australia and all its peoples from many nations we share, cultures and beliefs.
    United we stand divided we fall

  5. David  

    No doubt the right wing will bring him to heel before this eventuates.

  6. Rosemary Lynch  

    “scratched open again” ? Republican Australia is an option for we citizens to discuss, not for ditzy monarchists to liken to a scab, thanks. Have more respect. Not for the PM, republicanism.

  7. Guy Flavell  

    All your bleating about a Republican Australia is just a complete waste of breath.
    Wills, Catherine, Harry, Fred and Mary have guaranteed the Republican debate in this country
    has been totally demolished for generations to come. Accept this fact and move on to a
    cause that might well do something positive for our country.

  8. Fenella  

    Fitzsimmons’, & Turnbull, a pair of nincompoops if ever there was.
    No time for a male who continuously wears a red bandana. What’s he trying to prove?
    Wonder if he’ll wear to the Dinner?

    And the ANU is giving an ‘honourary doctorate’ to krudd, & his missus.
    That’s right, totally f up the Country, & be rewarded.

    Apprentices’ get killed, on his watch, by poor legislation, & he gets awarded?

    Worst PM ever, & he gets rewarded?

    There’s something very, very wrong at the ANU!

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Fenella, your the nincompoop, just like Turnbull and Morrison. I am glad the ANU are giving an honorary doctorate to Kevin Rudd and his Wife. The Apprentices’ were not the responsibility of the PM Rudd but the responsibility of the Owner of the businesses that employed them. They should not have been left to install anything, unless they had a qualified electrician with them. Stop blaming everyone else.

      • Guy Flavell  

        Joy Anne, you are so right. How could anybody believe Mr. Rudd was not THE best PM this
        country has ever produced ?
        Hmmm, let’s think … 99.999% of all Australians be close to the mark?? Who’s the nincompoop??

  9. Fitzsimmon’s and Turnbull are both a pair of wankers.

    • Guy Flavell  

      Charming comments like these only reflect the mindless stupidity of the Writer.

  10. Joan Marshall  

    To say I am disappointed in Mr. Turnbull on this issue of a Republic and “The Great Barrier Reef” is an understatement.
    Coal Mining near the Reef? How could he even consider it? Climate change is affecting the Reef. Now Mr. Turnbull should stop this or he looses my vote in the next election. The election is 2 years away but before we know where we are it will be election time again. A vote to give Gay people their rights which would cost the tax payer millions of dollars. Mr. Turnbull give the Gay people their rights and get on with more important issues like getting the country out of debt.

  11. Wendy Burton  

    I am ashamed of Turnbull..what a two faced idiot he is. Get your finger out and run the country, stop pussy footing and get on with the job of PM (which you stole by the way) Australia will one day be independent but not right now show the Queen some respect you can talk about it when she has died not before.

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